Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TinEye with Barry Scott

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No one likes them

Hi I'm Barry Scott!

Do you, like 99% of Americans,

despise the contents of your upper face holes?

...and wish you could just have something more practical there instead?

...Introducing TinEye!

Now for only twelve pence... can transform your useless occuli...

into fantastic,

easily oxidisable


That's right!

Why have organic matter when you could have PURE TIN?

You can have a look that dynamically*


with the seasons*!

Stay ahead of the trends...

...and get the rusty eye look before it's cool.

But wait!

If you thought we could only turn eyes into metal...


Here's a satisfied recipient of the Tin Vocal Chords(tm)

[walrus noise]

(no i don't know what a walrus sounds like but isaac told me to subtitle it as that)


And just for twelve pennies this could be yours!

Order today and recieve a free copy of Sega Bass Fishing for the Google Podcast.

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