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[Jun Young Jeon]

Do any of you have questions about Kyochon Chicken?

Today is 'The myths and truths of Kyochon Chicken part 5'

at Unanswered Questions about Kyochon.

Kyochon Chicken

is famous for selling menus with a specific combination of chicken parts.

But I, the K, wondered

if the original menu

which is supposed to be an entire chicken

actually contains all the body parts

of a whole chicken.

[The truth of the Kyochon original(a whole chicken) menu] [Is Kyochon Chicken really truthful?]

I believe that many are curious about

whether or not the original menu is an entire chicken.

In order to find out the truth together with our viewers,

we will be piecing together this box of chicken.

Before that,

I want to briefly bring up the hit song "Gang".

"Gang" has recently become very popular in Korea.

I don't know if it's because of my ball cap but

YouTube's algorithm

seems to think that "Gang" and Kyochon Chicken are relevant to each other.

Since "one 'Gang' a day" is going viral in Korea,

I guess we might see a "one "Kyo" a day" trend too.

Can you dance to "Gang"?

No. I'm a bad dancer...

This is the only move I know.

[The original(one chicken) menu consists of a combination of various chicken parts that you can enjoy]

[The K figures out how many pieces are in a box]

This is how much is in a box.

[A total of 21 pieces] It's quite a lot.


How do I put this together?

You can see the different parts. I should be able to put it together.

Here are the wings.

Here are the ribs.

This look like the lower rungs of the rib cage.

[The K is starting to get confused]

Something is off...

This is really difficult everyone.

[Checking the answer key]

I got it right!

[Mission no. 1 complete] [The Kyochon Chicken original menu. A menu that you can enjoy eating various parts of chicken]

With this layout

let's try to make it more 3 dimensional...

Let's start with the wings.

I'm going to try to put these together.

These are chicken breasts...the dry part.

This is funnier than it looks.

Let's start the surgery(?)

Now we'll quickly skim through this part.

It's almost done everyone.

It's somewhat complete.

[Looks like it's going to break any second]

I finished putting together a fried chicken.

As you can see, I built this

in order to show you all

whether Kyochon uses an entire chicken or not.

[Enjoy the taste and texture your chicken!] All the parts are in here.

I, the K, am here to

answer whatever questions

you may have about anything.

I am here to

unveil the truth

and tell it to you as it is.

This is the end of rebuilding an entire fried chicken.

Totally nailed it!

Today we put together

pieces of a fried chicken to find out

if Kyochon really uses an entire chicken for their menu.

Other than successfully carrying out the mission,

I hope this video helped answer your questions.

At Unanswered Questions about Kyochon

we look forward to

receiving submissions from our viewers

and answering your questions.

That's a wrap for today's Unanswered Questions about Kyochon.

[A while ago] "One 'gang' a day" is going viral.

Can you dance to "Gang"?

No. Sorry. I can't dance.

I'm a bad dancer...

[Do you wear caps with your name on it?]


[Are the flashy lights surrounding me?]

[Flashy lights]

[Do I look mischievous?]

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