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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Home Buying 101

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Looking At Buying A House?

Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Make The Process Smoother

If Your Credit Needs Work, Get After It!

How Much Can You Afford To Pay On A House?

Getting Pre-Qualified For A Mortgage Loan Will Help Determine What You Can Qualify For

Work Hard To Put Money Aside

The Optimal Down Payment Is 20% Of What You Want To Borrow

Make A List Of Your Must-HavesAnd Determine

Which Of Them Are Within Your Budget

Learn The Neighborhoods And Real Estate Market

Where You Want To Move

You Need A Negotiator And Expert On Your Side

A Good Real Estate Agent Is That Person

Get Out There And Find That Home That Checks

Off All The Boxes!

The Majority Of Buyers Start Their Search For A New Home Online Using Sites Like:

Have Your Realtor Help You Make A Competitive,

Realistic Offer That You Can Afford

An Inspection Is A Must!

This Protects You In Case The Inspector Finds Unresolvable Issues

Get Final Loan Approval, Close The Loan And Move In!

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