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Hey guys today I'm gonna go over five things you need to know before visiting Japan

Number 1. Trash cans - taken away in 1995 after the Tokyo subway nerve gas

attacks these can be harder to find than gold. Your best bet for a garbage can is

a convenience store but try to be respectful and recycle in the appropriate bin

Number 2. No tipping - even if you get incredible service and you probably will

don't tip. Leaving money on the table will only confuse them and in some cases

its viewed as not appropriate. They will chase after you trying to give the money

back because it would be viewed as stealing to take the money you forgot

Number 3. Electricity - Japanese outlets produce a hundred volts and use

the type a plug with two pins similar to the north american outlets but not to be

confused with the type B plugs. If your device has two vertical prongs and as long

as it's rated 100 volts, it should say somewhere, it will work in Japan but

devices that have three prongs like my laptop cord still require an adapter

since there's no hole for the ground pin in Japan so keep that in mind

Number 4. Surgical masks

once you land in Japan and even on the plane ride over you're going to see

people wearing surgical masks. This is not because of any air quality issues

or doomsday prepping as many people imagine but it's because themselves are

sick and are being courteous so they do not infect others on the crowded trains and

streets so the next time you're in japan and catch a cold

be respectful and pick up a few masks. Number 5. Daisos and a hundred

yen shops. Everyone is familiar with dollar shops but for some reason hundred yen

shops are on another level and it's not like some things are 200 yen and

some things are 300 yen. Everything is 100 yen and they carry everything! It

almost feels like you're stealing so if you forget anything on your trip or need

some cheap souvenirs with Japanese writing on them Daiso is the place to go

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