Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ellen Scares Her Employee Mackenzie... Again!

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All right, so last week on Halloween,

I scared a whole bunch of my staff backstage.

Our Integrations Assistant, Mackenzie,

had one of the best reactions we've ever seen.

Take a look.





She actually got air.



Hi, Mackenzie, how are you?


Your reaction was so good that BuzzFeed broke down

the entire thing.

Come up here, let's go through it together.


Come sit here.


All right.

So you didn't know I was going to bring you out here, did you?



This is a surprise?


Did you know that BuzzFeed posted the freeze frame?

I did.

You saw this?



Her legs are off the ground.

Call Idina Menzel, because she's defying gravity.

And then they posted this.

She's not OK, people, and neither am I.


So you're OK, right?

I'm OK.

Did you hurt your knees in any way?

You know, I fell hard but we're good, we recovered.

Good, good.


Because you've signed something, you can't sue us.


Is that your normal reaction-- you jump and bend

your legs back up in the air?

You know, I honestly don't even remember jumping.

I saw the clip and I was like, oh, that's different.

Yeah, it's a weird thing to jump and your legs

go back like that.


So Halloween is over but your reaction

was so good that I want--

I like to scare people year round, you know that.

So you know how I send Andy Lassner to haunted houses?


OK, we're going to send you to one.

You're going to walk through the Walking Dead Maze at Universal

Studios right now.

Are you excited?

Like right now you're going to--

Right now?


Does that make you excited?

I mean, a little nervous.

Like really nervous?



I should have known.

I know, you know this box.

I know the box--

You know the box.

I just didn't even look that way.

No, no.

Oh, this is unfortunate.


And you're going to go, right now, to go through that.

Like actually?


Look, let's take a look at your wonderful reaction.

That's why we're sending you, because you're wonderful.


- I mean, a little nervous.

- Like really nervous?



So you're going to go.

All right.

And then we're going to show that tomorrow because we want

to see your reaction there.

Oh boy.

I was actually scared you were going to throw this,

I really didn't want you to throw this.


I was gripping on for dear life.

All right.

Go have fun, Mackenzie, we'll be back.

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