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The problems I encountered to be fair

was my confidence.

That was a major, major blow to my confidence.

and, erm, I found that...

I found myself wearing hats more often,

you know, and growing up, being a lot younger

I always use to put hair products in my hair, like gel, wax, things like that,

I used to play about with my hair all the time.

And when that started going - and I'm not saying it's due to the products.

I know it's in my genes, it's hereditary

Erm, my confidence was going I felt like my mojo was being taken away from me

to be blunt

and it was a really bad experience and

it's just something now that I'm glad is

behind me, I can look in the mirror

with a lot of joy.

The reason why I chose GetHair was

because, more or less, basically what did I I done a lot of homework.

It wasn't one week worth of homework that I done - it was a good couple years

I knew my hair was going...

So, erm, and I inquired to a lot of different companies

but with GetHair I found that they were so helpful, so friendly.

Any questions I had they always made time for me

They always answered questions, not with one or two word answers

like some of the companies did.

They really put their heart out and their efforts to explain to me

and to reassure me of the procedure,

of, erm, what to expect.

You know, what sort of density I'm looking at individually

for me, erm, and that's why I chose them.

I didn't come across anyone as helpful as them

I went on their website.

I was impressed with how the hospital looked. I was impressed

with the price package, you know, with the hospital

and the airport transfers - everything.

Just more or less it blew me away and

that's, that's exactly why I chose them.

As soon as I had the operation,

the following day I remember waking up

I looked in the mirror and I kept looking from side to side like that

I couldn't believe I had a frontal hairline, like,

it blew me away, like, I just had a big smile and

and I knew from then on out that I had a lot to look forward to.

And since then I've never looked back. I've only looked forward

so, yeah, it was nice, it was a good feeling.

My whole experience with GetHair

I'd say, for me personally, was

rating out of ten, I'd give it a ten out of ten easy.

And the reason being is because everything's made simple

they don't complicate nothing,

the pricing is very straight forward.

Erm, you get your

airport transfers to the hospital and back to the airport.

You know, if you have even any problems

with booking your flight for instance

they'll even help you on that side...

like anything - even things they don't have to help you with. They still

help and it's just so straight forward. You even get medication

after your transplant, your after-care advice.

It's all straight forward, it's all simple. You don't have to think about

nothing. All you have to do is

go for the operation, get your transplant done.

And kind of just wait on your results.

I mean, you know, that's it, it's just made so easy.

You've got no worries.

Erm, yes, I would

recommend GetHair to anyone. I always do.

To this day, since the day of the operation, it's been six months.

And there are a few people now who are considering - there are some people I know,

who have inquired so...

cos I've got no regrets, I don't like to...

I don't look back on being bald anymore, I've only got a lot to look forward to

thanks to GetHair, so, yeah, I would recommend them highly.


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