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According to numerous reports and stories which they have been published through the

years Among the many secrets relatives who

the Vatican there is a device chronovisor called the device

It allows the user to observe events past and future

Many believe that this device is one of the greatest kept secrets

that humanity has ever had Some even believe it is a

crucial tool that has allowed the vatican preserve their influence and power

through the centuries since hg Wells

He composed his novel The Time Machine many people have been fascinated

the idea of ​​time travel and even dreams of theoretical physics

the ability to make it work someday everything related to the

time travel today is related to science fiction or

so it seems Curiously on May 2, 1972, a

Italian newspaper shocked the world when they published an article with

a machine holder provocative photography last

It has finally been invented the news article indicated that

dozens of scientists created a device that allowed them to photograph

the Passat and even testify important historical accounts

directly related to Jesus Christ

assuming device according many is no more than science fiction

It was built in the early fifty by a team of scientists

led by Father pellegrini take hernet and an Italian physicist

which eventually became priest believes the team received

the important aid Nobel Prize fermín doctor and the famous scientist

werner rocket bombau

the viewers chrono an object relatively small is equipped with a

antenna array and is composed entirely of metal alloys

Precious and some vials and tubes words

Reports suggest hernet father that whoever uses the

device is capable of capturing and register specific locations events

important and follow the story notables

area observed among others the historical events

crucifixion of Christ and had also photographed the image

currently it displayed was obtained using visual chrono allegedly

the right is a similar picture located in a church

Bellucci even said that in the perfect condition

the device offers users the ability to foresee what would happen

In the near future

But the father and followed hernet being reserved indicated that he was not

Free to reveal more details about the chrono display the arnet father

however revealed that the viewer time trial radiation processing work

remaining residual electromagnetic by numerous processes according to some

reports the father and used Erneta chrono viewer to witness important

historical events being most notably the crucifixion of Christ

However the father and revealed Erneta thanks to this invention had

I managed to witness the destruction Sodom and Gomorrah and other events

important historical as founding of Rome in 753 before

of Christ

also thanks to the father chronovisor hernet and could compose the work

piaste missing or written by eni fifth and represented in Rome in 1069

BC original version the text of the two stone tablets

exodus god written on December 24 were given to Moses on Mount Sinai

Apart from witnessing people as a the Roman philosopher portion made and

other great and momentous historical and biblical episodes

French father and char saint francois brun was one of the first to

learn the chronovisor according to Father francois hernet father met in

60s when traveling through the great Venice channel as the two were

experts in ancient languages ​​began to talk about the Bible and its

interpretation through the years

supposedly these are the planes chronovisor the bruno father was very

intrigued when the father and hernet revealed that there was a machine that

I could answer all the questions related to the Bible when

francois father asked by the machine

Erneta described the father and the clock visor saying it was a device

which it functioned as a TV but Instead of receiving transmissions

local stations could display the clock tune the past and allow the

viewers see and hear events that had occurred if the


Erne told you brown the machine It worked by detecting images and

It sounds that mankind was created and they were floating in space

It is said that this intriguing device and the project behind him were

canceled by the Vatican but not destroyed

Some believe that the teacher located somewhere in the Vatican

hidden in one of the many cameras secret

however there are other versions suggest that the father and his team hernet

they decided to dismantle voluntarily device because since it could

tune anywhere, any time in the past if he fell into

wrong hands could create the most frightful dictatorship the world has ever

have been seen

curiously before the father hernet and died in April 1994

He wrote a letter in which he insisted that the artifact was real and not a

deception as many believed the father said the alleged remedy

the clock display photograph was captured Christ on the cross

showing the sad face of a man Bearded looking skyward was rea

although some critics argued the picture was a reproduction of

a statue of Jesus in the church Critics also say peruzzi

that the alleged text that the device He managed to observe you're included

Latin words that did not exist in the time was in 1994 the father

hernet and Padre Pio told us He banned disclose any detail

this device because the It was very dangerous machine can

contain human freedom However in 1988 the Vatican issued

a decree warning that anyone using an instrument of

such characteristics would be excommunicated

according to many this was a warning unnecessary as they say the clock

viewer never existed then why issue a warning

if it was just another hoax

io psoe documentarian and this was the clock

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