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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 24 Hour Home Alone NO PARENTS! Teens Babysit / That YouTub3 Family

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(upbeat music)

- Hi guys, welcome back to...

- [All] That Youtub3 Family!

- Minus two!

- Yeah!

- Because today, for 24 hours,

we're gonna be spending the day without our parents!

(all cheering)

- No parents! - So,

mom and dad actually went to New York

and they're actually gonna be gone for a whole week,

but we're gonna show you what 24 hours

is like without our parents.

And if you wanna see the whole week,

check out my channel at AllAroundAudrey.

- (laughs) Yep!

There's actually also gonna be a video coming up

of 24 hours without kids, so you'll see the parents' version

of what they did on the trip.

But we're making popcorn right now!

- I think it's smoking. - Look at this!

We're gonna have an epic movie party.

- Watch this.

- [Audrey] No Jake, don't!

- [Jordan] Yeah don't open it.

- Yeah we've got some treats, we've got popcorn,

and we're gonna have an awesome movie party.

- [Jordan] Yes.

- Right Logie?

- [Jordan] Logan's excited, I'm excited, are you excited?

- I am so excited.

- [Jordan] Yes!

Popcorn, we have some candy, and pretzels.

And raisins too!

- Chocolate covered raisins.

- Yeah, chocolate covered raisins.

No parents!

- [Girls] Woo!

(all screaming)

- Yay!

No parents!

No parents!

- [Girls] No parents!

- [All] No parents!


- [Jordan] (laughs) Belly flop!

Yes! - No parents!

Alright, let's pick out our movie!

We gotta decide on what we want to watch.

We're still thinking.

It's very hard for us to decide on a movie

because we all have a different taste in movies.

But we will find one!

And we are going to have an epic movie party tonight.

And then, we'll spend the rest of the 24 hours tomorrow.

We'll wake up, I don't know what we're gonna do,

probably just chill 'cause tomorrow is Saturday.

So, we'll probably chill, play some games,

maybe make slime...

Oh, that would be my perfect 24 hours, to make slime.

I don't know.

We're gonna come up with an awesome plan

and we'll have a fun day.

Let's go!

- Okay, we're trying to decide on a movie.

This is the movie we decided on.



- I'll show you the beginning, it's the best.

Okay, let's go. - No!

- [Audrey] I think the boys are highly enjoying this movie.

- [Jordan] Yeah the boys... (laughs)

The boys love this show.

- [Ty] No!

- [Jordan] Look at that!

- [Audrey] Yes!

Yes! - Yay!

The elephant is my favorite.

I said that the elephant's Audrey

and I'm the little blue guy, like wee!

Here's the elephant! Woo!

- Yeah we're watching a baby movie.

Just because we can't decide on what movie to watch.

So, this one makes like, hardly any noises.

Like it just makes sounds,

it doesn't make words. - It's just music.

- Friday night party!

- Yeah!

Okay guys, we just finished the movie and now we are

deciding to play on the Nintendo Switch.

So we're gonna start off with Mario Kart

and then 1-2-Switch.

Who do you think is gonna win?

- [Ty] Me! - [Audrey] Me.

- Ty, Audrey, Jake...

or myself? - I'm the best at racing.

We're doing racing, right?

- No, we're doing battling!

- [Ty] No!

- No. Racing, racing. - You guys are smaller and we

get one... - I know!

We get one little controller and then the boys get like...

- This is all we get? - Yeah (laughs).

- [Jordan] (laughing) These big controllers, yep.

- [Ty] We're doing racing!

- [Jordan] Tiny bit of a disadvantage, but you know, works.

Okay guys, what are we gonna start off with?

- [All] Racing!

- It's the middle one.

- [Jordan] Oh yes, let's race!

I'm gonna win.

- [Ty] I'm gonna win.

- [Jordan] No, I'm gonna win.

- [Audrey] I'm gonna lose!

- [Jordan] Ah, yay!

- Okay. How about we do... - Okay, this is gonna

be difficult with one hand, but I got this for the win.


Oh man. - Which one am I?

- [Jordan] I don't even know.

I'm gonna wait till everybody's done.

(boy shouting)

So wait, who's the one in the upper corner?

The black, shy guy. - Me!

I'm black, shy guy.

- So, this one is Ty.

- I'm blue. - Oh! You are the...

- [Jordan] So this one is Ty, this one is Jake,

this one is Audrey, and this one's me.

I'm gonna choose Daisy

because that's who I usually am (laughs).

- I'm Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

- [Jordan] Isabelle...ah yes!

- Okay!

- [Jordan] Okay, we're getting the race started.

- [Ty] I'm not gonna use that.

- [Jordan] I'm probably not gonna go very fast

'cause I'm gonna be one-handed, but that's okay.

Oh I like this parachute!

I'm gonna use this little pink airplane.

Are you guys ready to go?

- It is like 9 o'clock p.m.,

but we're staying up all night, bro.

- [Jordan] Oh yes! 24 hours without parents,

I mean, yeah.

- Duh.

- [Jordan] It's a party.

What's your strategy Audrey?

- Just trying to figure out the controls

of this tiny little controller.

- [Jordan] Yes. What about you Ty?

- Um...wait what?

- [Jordan] What's your strategy?

- Just race.

- I think I'm at least gonna get second place

because the girls don't know how to drive!

- [Audrey] No!


- My strategy is to just have Daisy power,

and as long as I beat the boys,

then it's a plus for me, so... (giggles)

Sabotage the boys game!

- [Ty] Wait!

- Let's go!

We're gonna go on teams.

We're gonna have the girls on the red team,

the boys on the blue team, and we'll see who wins.

Audrey, we got this for the win.

Like a boss.

- We got this, Ty!

- [Jordan] No! (laughs)

- Well, we got the big controllers!

- [Jordan] What!

- Go!


- [Jordan] Sorry if the camera's a bit shaky.

It's really hard to play!


- [Ty] I'm in first!

- [Audrey] Hey, stop it!

I was in first!

- [Ty] I'm first.

- [Jordan] Like a boss!

I'm gonna beat the boys!

Let's go! - I'm first!

- [Audrey] How do I let go of my trap

- [Jake] Ow, I've just been--

- [Jordan] I'm in first place!

- [Ty] Not for long! I'm coming!

- Ow! - Which one?

- I don't know! - Jake! Jake!

We need to be first! - Wait, how do you let go

of your trapdoor?

Have you figured it out?

- [Jordan] How do you let go of your trap?

- [Ty] Ah you don't know?

- [Jordan] I have no idea...

- Speed up!

Woo! - I'm in first!

I'm in first! - Oh whoa.

- Oh no.

- I don't even have any p-- - No, I'm in first!


- No Jake! Get her!

It's about the coins, by the way.

- [Jordan] I'm in last place.

- I'm in third place.

- [Jordan] Go Audrey! Go Audrey!

(dog barking) - It's all about the coins.

- [Jordan] Wow, Logan does not like this game.

Logan! - Ah stop it!

- I hit her!

I hit Audrey!

- I'm in first place! (kids screaming)

(dog barking) - Logan's barking

at his reflection!


You don't like your reflection?

It's okay, it's okay.

He does not like his reflection.

(kids screaming) What is it?


See, you're okay.

(dog barks)

Oh you silly puppy.

- [Ty] Jake!

- [Jake] Hello.

- [Jordan] Stop!

Logan, it's okay.

I am definitely in last place now

because I just had to go film that real fast.

Logan was barking at his own reflection.

- [Audrey] Really?

- That was super funny.

He just, he was staring at the little window,

and he was like (barks)!

Super funny.

But I am currently in last place,

Audrey is in third place,

Ty's in second place,

and Jake's in first place.

Go Audrey, you gotta carry this team.

- I'm in third now.

- [Jordan] Oh no!

'Cause I'm in fourth.

- And I'm in first!

Finished. - And I'm in second.

(Jake cheering) - Jo's just randomly playing?

- [Jordan] Yeah, I keep falling off of the world.

(Audrey groaning)

- Have you even done a lap?

- [Jordan] No. (laughs)

- Well, this is gonna be a long time.

- Yeah. - Alright guys.

- Blue is winning! Blue has--

- [Jordan] I say we play 1-2-Switch!

(all cheering)

- Now we're gonna play on our 1-2-Switch.

Basically what we're gonna do is that we're gonna go

in order of the games, so round one is gonna be Jake and Ty.

Winner gets to move on to the next game versus Jordan.

Then that winner gets to move on.... to me.

So, let's go!

K, boys.

- [Jake] K.

Karate first! - Alright guys, you got this!

- [Ty] Karate! Karate!

- [Jordan] Alright, this is what's the boys gonna play!


Gorilla! Oo!

- [Ty] No!

(boys grunting) - Alright.

Let's see who wins!

Jacob, how do you play this game?

- Oh you play it by going huh.

- Alright, so you're gonna have to move your arms...

(boys shouting)

like a Gorilla, and whoever can do the best...

(boys shouting)

- I think this is a fitting first round.

- [Jordan] Yep, whoever can do it the best wins.

- [Audrey] You have to match the rhythm.

- [Jordan] Yep. Match the rhythm like a Gorilla.

So match the rhythm guys!

(game chirping)

Oo oo oo!


The boys are just like, what...

Let's see...

- I can't hear it!

- Hoo hoo, hoo hoo.

- [Jordan] Jake kind of has an ear infection

so he can't hear very well.

- [Audrey] He's like, I don't know what!

- He's like, ah! - No!

- [Jordan] Jake's winning though.

- Ah!

- [Audrey] Go wild!

(boys shouting) - Go wild! Go go go go go!


Go boys!

Alright, let's see who won! - Who won?

- [Jordan] Oh no...

Oh, Ty?

Who is it?

(gasps) Oh!

Jake won!

- [Audrey] So Jake gets to go up against Jordan.

- Yeah! (boys shouting)

Let's go!

- K, let's see what's next.

Oh, you and Jordan table tennis.

- No, I'm the best at it!

I'm the best at it!

- [Audrey] Can't do it.

- Okay, we're playing table tennis.

That's the game that it chose for us.

So we're gonna have to like, be like,

yeah, pro table tennis!

- [Game Voiceover] Right player serves.

- [Audrey] K, you serve.

(game clacking)

- Ha! No!



- [Jake] Aw, too slow.

- [Jordan] K.

- [Game Voiceover] Left player serves.

(game clacking)

- No!

I'm losing, guys!

- [Game Voiceover] Right player serves.

(game clacking)

- [Audrey] Go Jake!

- [Jordan] No!

What! It went below the thing!

- Hey, Jake's winning! - Left player serves.

(game clacking)

- Yeah! I got a point!

- [Jake] No!


Monkey most win!

- Yeah! I got a point!

- [Jake] I am--

- Five points for me!

Five to three. - When do you win?

- I don't know.

- I lost again.

- [Audrey] Oh!

Looks like you're going up against me!

- Okay!

Yes, yes, yes!

Let's see what we get to do. - No, not again!

- [Jordan] K. Do random...shuffle!

What's the game?

Oh no...


Oh! Samurai Training!

- You're going down!

- Oh, nah uh!

I'm gonna win!

Let's go Samurai Training!

- [Game Voiceover] Start.

- Start!

(game clacking)

- No!

- Like a boss! I caught it.


Yes, okay.

Switch, my turn.

- [Game Voiceover] Start.

- Oh yeah?

- (mumbles) catch it.

(game clacks) - Too shallow.

Swing with enthusiasm.

- [Audrey] Swing with enthusiasm.


- You caught it! No!


- [Game Voiceover] Wait.


(game clacks)

(laughter) (screaming)


(game clacks)

- No!


- [Audrey] Tie.

- We're both tying.

- [Game Voiceover] Ready...

- [Jake] Eventually it's just gonna end up as a tie.

- [Game Voiceover] Start.

(game crashing)

- Yeah!

- No!

- Audrey won!

I lost.


That was really fun.

Audrey, you are the overall winner.

Well, for that round, but that was super tricky.

We're gonna keep playing and then we're gonna head to bed.

Okay you guys, it is literally 11 o'clock.

We are getting ready for bed now

and we will see you guys in the morning.

That was a super fun day so far.

I really enjoyed the movie party

and playing on the Nintendo Switch.

So, we'll see you guys tomorrow.

Okay you guys, it is the next day.

It is lunchtime now.

We have just been filming videos.

As you can tell, I may look a little bit different.

Check out Audrey's channel at AllAroundAudrey

and look for that video.

But, it's time to eat lunch now

and we're gonna have chicken pot pies, which is so good.

I'm so excited.

Audrey is going to be the master chef for us today.

- [Audrey] Well, everyday.

- And everyday for the rest of this week.

But she is making the lunch and then we're gonna eat it.

And we'll probably, maybe...

Oh! We should have Minecraft party!

Yes. - Oh, yeah.

- I think we should have a Minecraft party

and then also I have these face masks,

I have this charcoal peel-off face mask that's like,

supposedly it feels really weird when you peel it off.

So I think we're gonna try that today.

And I also have this like gingerbread face mask,

so we may try some face masks.

It's gonna be a fun day.

- This is what's up!

This is gonna take a while because they each

have to cook for 10 minutes.

That's 40 minutes I have to stand here cooking.

- [Jordan] Yay! Woo hoo!

- I don't like being a mom (laughs).

- [Jordan] You have to be the mom for the week!

- [Audrey] Smash, smash, smash, smash, smash.

- [Jordan] Audrey's professional way of making food.

- [Audrey] Now I gotta see if it's 165.

- [Jordan] I don't know what type of

temperature thingy this is...

- [Audrey] Oh, oh, oh, okay.

- [Jordan] 155. One, oh!

- [Audrey] Yeah, it's good.

- [Jordan] And it looks plenty cooked.

Oh! It's almost 200!


- [Audrey] Well, I was supposed to

let it sit for five minutes.

- [Jordan] The boys are here!

Jake's looking at this food (laughs)

and he's not looking so content.

- [Audrey] Why don't you like it?

- What happened to it?

- [Audrey] You have to mix it around--

- [Jordan] She had to check the temperature for some reason.

- Okay. I want a new pie that is not... mush.

- [Audrey] Give it to Ty, then.

- Ty Ty, will you eat it? - No, it's gonna be mushed

anyways. - No.

- [Jordan] That's true.

It's all going down the same place.

- [Audrey] Just eat it.

I'm mushing everyone's.

- No, can I have (mumbles). - That's how you eat it.

- No, I don't want one. - I want a different one.

- I eat by piece by piece, don't mush it.

- Same!

- [Audrey] Fine, then it's mine.

- [Jordan] Oh that's yours, Audrey.

- I eat my pie piece by piece!

- [Jordan] So, what happens when mom and dad are gone?

The boys, well, Ty's kind of not in PJs

but comfy clothes, but Jake's in PJs.

Yep, that's what we do. - Half PJs, half... shirt.

- [Jordan] We just chill in PJs.

But that's okay.

Ty, what's your favorite food?

- [Audrey] It's your pot pie?

- [Jordan] Yes, I know it. (laughs)

Ty Ty? Ty Ty.

- Um, I'm thinking again.

Chicken noodle soup.

- [Jordan] Chicken noodle soup?

Go Jake. Favorite food.

- My favorite chicken is mom's way,

but it has to cooked all the way.

- [Jordan] Your favorite chicken?

That's like, sweet and sour chicken.

- Yeah.

- [Jordan] Let's look at Logie.


I also kind of want to make it a Logan day.

Aw! He's so tired.

We should play...

We're probably gonna chill with Logan for a bit

because he's been so good this entire time, huh Logan?


We'll do some tricks with him and give him treats.

Good job, Audrey, on making lunch.

- Thanks. - Yes!


We're kind of bored, so Audrey, I challenge you

to a Yeah Boy contest.

- What?

- Ready? Ready for my turn?

Okay. I'm sorry headphone users.

That's your warning.


Yeah Boy!

- That was not that long.

(boys screaming and laughing)

- Okay go.

That's 'cause they're laughing.

Okay, your turn, ready?


- I'm gonna clear my throat.


Got that out.

Oh, Jake's turn, Jake's turn.

- [Jordan] Wait no, your turn Audrey.

- No, Jake's turn. - To do what?

- Yeah Boy.

- [Jordan] Yeah Boy contest.

Ready? Go Jake.

- Yeah Boy! - Why's his voice so

much more high-pitched?

(high-pitched singing)

- Ow!

- Oh, my!

- That one took the cake by far so far.

- Take the cake by--

(Jake squealing)

- [Jordan] Okay, Audrey's turn.

Go Audrey!

- Yeah Boy! - Ee!

- Whoa!


- Okay, ready?

- Okay, I don't know who won...


I kind of started laughing so I did not win.

- Yeah boy! - But Jake and Audrey,

they're pretty close.

So this 24 hours has been really fun so far.

It is actually almost done.

We just have...

Hi Jake.

We just have dinner and then the 24 hours is up.

So we're gonna eat dinner and then

the 24 hours will be over, yay!

- Yee! - Yeah Boy!

- [Audrey] We are airing out the house.

We are airing out the house! - Yeah we're literally trying

to air out the house, I'm like,

just pushing air in the house.

'Cause it smells so not good.

- [Audrey] We have the microwave open,

we have the windows open.

- [Jordan] And don't mind the stuff in back room...

- That's our food for the week (laughs).

- [Jordan] Yeah, so don't mind all of that,

that's just piled on the couch there.

- We are airing out the house!

We are airing out the house!

We are airing out the house!

We are airing out the house!

- This is not a good idea!

What did we do?

- [Audrey] We were doing

a science experiment. - I'm missing my cat ears.

- Oh no!

- Alright guys, it has been officially 24 hours!


- [Jordan] 24 hours without parents!

- What have you guys realized during this 24 hours,

like, what has been your experience?

- I think it was really fun, except for there was one fail

where we microwaved the slime, but that was okay.

We fixed it, everything's okay.

Otherwise it was really fun.

We had a

grand old time. - Really good time.

I realized during this experience how much mom and dad do

for us in a day. - Yes.

- Because I've had to do everything (laughs).

- Well me too.

- You've helped me.

- Yeah. - Jordan's been the mother

and the father alongside me.

- Yeah, I-- - So if you're the mom,

you're the dad?


- Your the dad!

- Okay?

- With cat ears.

(meowing) - Or is Jordan mom,

and you're the dad?

- Well...

- It doesn't matter.

- Either way.

- So, I am ready for mom and dad to come back home.

- Me too, but we still have a few more days.

So if you wanna know how that's gonna go,

check out my channel 'cause I'm gonna be blogging everyday.

- Yes, it should be interesting.

- But it's time for

mail! Woo! - Mail time!

- This first letter comes from Megan in Canada

and look how colorful her letter is.

That is awesome, I love seeing letters like this.

In her letter, she drew a picture for us of her,

and she said that she is watching our

Life Inside a Giant Balloon video, which is so fun!

And she says that we totally deserve

the 1 million subs, woo!

Thank you guys so much!

She says that we inspire her to follow her dreams

and one day when she's older she wants to create her own

YouTube channel, which is awesome.

I totally suggest it.

Thank you so much, Megan!

And she also drew us some Gertie and Therma pictures.

I love the glitter.

And she made us some snowflakes for each person.

- [Jordan] Whoa!

- Thanks Megan!

- So this is from Jada, and she's from...

- Colorado!

- And she gave us so many pictures!

- [Jordan] Look at all of this amazing artwork, you guys!

I see some mermaids...

A unicorn emoji which I love.

And Minions!

And there's so many more pictures, you guys.

Thank you so much!

- They also want us to do more Prank Week.

- [Jordan] Oh yes!

- Thank you so much for this letter!

- And the pictures!

- This next letter is from Candice in Connecticut

who is 10 years old.

They're a big fan and they hope to meet us one day.

Thank you so much for your letter, Candice!

- Alright this next package is from Abigail.

- [Jordan] Whoa!

- Woo!

- What's inside?

Whoa! Oh my goodness!

Candy galore!

Aww it's a little puppy!

- [Jake] It's a puppy!

- Puppy! - It's so cute!





- [Jordan] Aw, thank you.

- Mom.


- [Jordan] We'll save that for when they get back.

- Oh let's see what's inside our packages.

She gave me some cinnamon candles!

- Whoa! - I love the scent

of cinnamon, thank you so much!

- I got cars!

- Same!

- [Jordan] Cars!

That is so awesome, boys!

- Gave us some letters, too.

- [Jordan] Whoa that is awesome!

I am also twinning with Audrey,

I got some cinnamon candles that smell amazing!

Thank you so much!

- Thank you!

- I'm gonna open up Logan's letter, just because,

I wanna read what she wrote to Logan.

- [Jordan] Logan our doggy! He's...

- Right there.

- [Jordan] Logan's right there.

Logan, listen up!

- This is for you Logan, this is for you!

Dear Logan, you are my second favorite.


I cannot tell you who's my first

but you can ask your family if they know.

- [Jordan] Aww.

- You're a hairy dog, a cute dog, and she wish she had

the chance to pet you because she bets your soft

and the fluffiest dog ever.

- [Jordan] He is super fluffy!

- Thank you so much, Abigail,

for this amazing package and for the letters.

You are so sweet, we love you.

- Thank you guys for your packages and your letters

and for watching this video.

If you enjoyed it, make sure to give a big thumbs up,

subscribe turn it from red to gray, and...

- Hit the ball!

- Wow. - Yeah!

- We'll see you all next time.

- [All] Bye!

(upbeat music)

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