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My name is Nol, and I'm an artist living in my self build van

and this is a short story about my adventure.

The last years off my life I felt stuck.

I had no energy, felt depressed and overwhelmed by life.

So I spended a lot of time in nature writing, walking and meditating.

I knew live had a deeper meaning, I knew that I needed change in my live.

I wanted to live close to nature to feel connected again.

just to find my happiness and create my own reality, thoughts and beliefs.

So I gave everything up I had, my house my cats.

I started to build my own van, from scratch and I'm living in my van full-time now.

photography, filming and creating art is what I love to do.

This live has also its ups- and downs of course, you will see that I'm honest about it.

On my channel im sharing my live and road-stories with you to encourage you to create the live

that you want to live.

To create your own reality thoughts and beliefs about this wonderful world.

Hope to see you soon.

Love from me: Nol

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