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Hi, this is all about our yacht Soon Come.

So we're Richard and Sarah, and where the crew on Soon Come.

We've actually been on the boat since the first of December last year.

And that's when the boat started to Charter as well.

She's a Sunreef 62 and so she 62 feet long and has four Queen cabins.

So we take 8 guests on board at any one time.

We enjoy Soon Come, we just fell in love with her she's a beautiful boat.

We've been working in the BVI for nearly three years doing charters.

But when Timothy the owner offered us a chance to come on board Soon Come it was an offer

we couldn't refuse.

Our background is mainly chartering, we've also done a season on a flotilla in Croatia.

With regard to culinary background I think the first thing I'd say, being the chef on

board is that I come from loving food and loving eating.

But then, since then I am professionally trained, I just completed a course at the world renowned

Ashburton School which is in Devon in the UK.

I think we're a little bit different to some other crews, we haven't been yachting all of

our lives, so previously I was a director at an advertising agency based in London.

And Sara was the Global HR director at the world's biggest Law Firm. The name of the

boat is Soon Come, which I have to say does sometimes raises a few eyebrows.

But it does actually have a great meaning.

It's a Jamaican phrase and it's kind of translates as mañana, so it's like Soon Come, we're

in the Caribbean everything's laid back and relaxed.

As I've already mentioned I think Soon Come is a beautiful yacht, but what makes us different

is our knowledge and understanding at the pressures of the work you under yourselves

and how important the time is, quality time and how we can work with you to make sure

you have the best holiday of your life.

But if you're thinking about specifically what makes a yacht different to lots of other yachts

out there.

I think there are a couple of things, the outdoor space on Soon Come is amazing we have

a fabulous cockpit area with sun lounges and a shade, but then we have the fly bridge

where we can have Sunset cocktails.

On special occasions we'll do champagne breakfast for the people up there, or if we have families

with teenagers then we can do teenage dinner upstairs and an adult dinner downstairs.

And then inside the boat is immaculate, she has this fabulous Cherrywood in all of the


And then white sofas, everyone who steps on board falls in love with her.

It's actually very difficult to pick one memorable charter out of the 80 plus that we've done

in the British Virgin Islands.

We're still in contact with a lot of our previous guests, but one does spring to mind when

asked this question.

And that was actually two families coming together, so it's a sort of second marriage

for the husband and the wife.

And they brought their three children each who are in their mid-twenties. And they were

using the holiday to sort of have the families to get to know each other, and so at the beginning

of the holiday it was all a bit sort of people weren't sure about each other and how this

was going to work.

And by the end we had such a ball, it was just fantastic these people coming together

and getting to know each other and having a brilliant charter.

It was amazing and they went away with these memories which they'll keep for the rest of

their lives.

And I think the bit that really kind of I don't know did it for me was when they got

off the boat we all cried, they cried about not seeing each other again and we were like

oh it's been such it was just such a sort of emotional week of people really coming


I'd say that the reason people should pick Soon Come over other boats, definitely about

the boat herself.

Every Anchorage we go into she turns heads, people want to be on board.

And everyone who comes on board just feels completely at home but in a super luxurious


But really if I'm honest, I hope we make a bit of a difference too and the reason that

is, is that we gave up jobs at London where we were working pretty hard and stuff.

And, but for other people making money.

And now we get to do the best job in the world which is giving people memories that they

can take away forever, and having the best holiday they've ever had.

So come on board Soon Come, and hopefully we can do that for you too.

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