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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The CHEAPEST Couple Ever..

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We share our toothbrush so we don't have to buy another toothbrush. Okay, really that's frickin disgusting

What's going on guys its infinite lists here back with another video

now today were going to be looking at some the cheapest people in the freaking world

O Man, these people are frickin cheap. It's too much. I'm kind of a cheap person myself. But like this is just insane

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Anyways, guys, let's just jump right into this video. Oh, it's gonna be weird likely gonna cringe a ton. So that's great

but uh, yeah, let's just press play on the first one but cheap since I was probably a little kid that

had a small business and he had to find ways to get through a lot of hard times and

He showed me how to think outside the box. Why did she just dump her clothes in the pool?

Is she gonna wash her clothes in the pool? Is that what she's doing? What why why are you doing that pools are expensive

I feel like she's washing her clothes in just a really really expensive washer late. Look, I don't get it

Okay, maybe she has like this genius plan of how this could work. Okay, let's just continue

so im doing my laundry in the pool because the chemicals in the pool are

similar to the ones that are found in laundry deturgent

Running the washing machine

Cause money running the washing machine costs money

Running a pool costs money a lot more money actually like a heck of a lot more money. What do you mean?

Why are you washing your clothes at the pool? She's like come on kids time to wash some clothes in the pool

Get your swim trunks on likewise. So the chemicals in a pool are the same as chemicals in laundry detergent

I feel like that's not true. I don't really know though, but I'm guessing one of your kids is probably peed in that pool

So you're probably cleaning your clothes with kid pee and that doesn't sound too clean. Does it great. Good job

Did you ever think about that Lisa? Probably not disgusting!

Clothes in the pool is weird. I bet you shock them in 1912. Even your kids think it's weird. It is weird

It's freaking weird their kids tell all their friends. Hey guys, we're having a pool party want to come over

We got a huge pool for all you guys so it's gonna be great. Come to my birthday party

Yay, and then they get there their mom's just washing her clothes in the pool. Like mom my friends are here

Can you not do that now, please that's freaking embarrassing. No, it'd be weird. Alright your kids

Just wanted to live a normal life. All right, don't freak. It'd be weird and wash all their clothes in the pool

It's very expensive to maintain this pool and I've done a lot of research to find ways to save money on it

The cleaners and everything cost a lot of money

the average pool owner spends about

$3,200 a year to maintain their pool instead of using a regular pool cleaners to clean our pool

We use baking soda baking soda. Just listen to yourself

Baking soda. It's for baking not for cleaning your clothes or for the pool

Just just I just stop so she's not cleaning her pool correctly

She's putting in stuff that you would not normally put in a pool to clean

And then also she's cleaning her clothes with that stuff. So her clothes probably smell freaking weird

All of her kids clothes probably smell freaking weird. Like what? What are you doing Lisa? What are you freakin doing?

I don't know if that's her actual name. I'm just calling her that but Lisa just be a normal person

I just don't get it because like pools are very expensive and why doesn't she just use the washer and dryer that'll probably less

Expensive in the long run I don't baking soda is like 40 cents a pound and the chemicals are like a dollar Tanner Pam

Uh, hold up one second. Can we just like rewind Oh, what what is all that stuff in the pool?

Why is there a bunch of black stuff in the pool? What what is this?

Are they gonna talk about that like what is what's going on?


This is what I'm guessing what I think they put all of their clothes

black garbage bag and then they put weights on the garbage bags so that they stay under water to clean their clothes and I'm guessing

They didn't have enough weights because she literally had to put her kid just sitting on it. Like what?

Her kid just has to sit there for an hour little Billy just has to be the way so the clothes won't float up to

The top like like what are you doing? You're torturing your kids because you don't want to pay the extra

$100 to use a washer and dryer like

Lisa what do you do little Billy's like is my turn done yet?

I don't want to sit here all day in the pool sitting on my clothes. Like what are we doing?

It's super frickin weird. Okay, it's so weird

Stretched it over the top and

There you go. Pool. Skimmer ain't bonhomie

She stretched a pair of pantyhose for the pool skimmer to like get leaves and stuff out of the pool. She used panty hose

Right there like five dollars probably really you really can't spend five dollars to get a new one. Okay babes were approximately

$100 a year on her water bill

$100 secure oh, wow, that's so much. So worth it to do all of this stuff save


What are you doing Lisa you Frank it crazy

Okay, we're done with this one guys on to the next crazy cheap person. We got a couple more to watch

So let's just check out this next guy those people consider paper towels

Disposable like reuse him. I just

Hear that correctly. He said he reuses paper towels. Are you kidding? Are you freaking kidding No, who does that?

Yeah, okay. I'm interested. Let's see what happens

I just spruce it up

Could reuse these paper towels three to five times. Oh

God, that's so gross. Okay, guys, I just want to show you a little example of what he's talking about

So say you accidentally spill something on the counter right like that. Whoops. Oh, oh, oh, it's all over

I got it all over I freaking spelled high whoops my bad. So this guy gets a paper towel and literally wipes it

Okay. Oh great. It's it's all good and then reuses this he literally reused this. What do you read?

I guess he cleans it off with waters and then literally hangs it up

He hangs back up his paper towels. Oh, I

Just grab a new one. This is gross. This is dirty. Do not reuse it. Dude. That's freaking cool. Ooh, I'm throwing this away

I just wasted this just to show you guys how crazy this guy is

Just freakin disgusting. Okay, let's continue

Roy estimates that over the last ten years he saved nearly

$2,000 just by reusing paper towels. Okay, if that's true, that's pretty good. But that's over the last ten years

Is it really worth it to reuse all your paper towels ten years just to save a couple of thousand dollars

Probably not. That's disgusting. Okay, just imagine wiping up like ketchup and mustard just off the counter shoots

And then it's all frickin ketchup and mustard II and then oh, oh I can reuse this. I'm not gonna throw this away

Just wipe it off pour some water on it and you're good to go. It's just like no. No, it's not worth it

That's freaky. Ah, people are crazy. You can't squeeze any more out and it appears to be empty

That's the end then they just toss it away wrong cut you tube and

There's a week's worth still left in there, okay? All right, Ron

I see you doing some life hacks doing some YouTube life hacks guys

If you want to get another week's worth of tooth pain just cut your tube in half. Don't don't buy a new one

Don't buy another one for $1. It's only $1, but don't do it. Do not do that

You're wasting your money you freaking idiot now. Obviously, this guy is just ultra ultra cheap

so if you want to be a super ultra Frick cheap person

I guess cut your tube in half but no one really does that so let's just move on why she to play

Toilet paper and I get two rolls out of one I get twice as much as anybody else does for the same price

Yeah, but do you really want to use one ply toilet paper for the rest of your life? No, it's fricking terrible

I've done that. It's the worst thing ever. It doesn't work. It rips. It's terrible. Don't do it. No rod, you're stupid

Ah, even two-ply toilet paper isn't the best you got to get like 30 plot?

All right, that's the good stuff rod like you and your frickin cheap life eggs, man

Like go buy just just be a normal person. I do not enjoy two-ply toilet paper being separated

I just kind of refold it so that it's a little thicker even his wife is like yeah, my husband's crazy

He's literally way too cheap. We have a solid amount of money

Like we make good money, but he's just super frickin cheap for no reason Ron even your wife thinks you're crazy

Maybe you should stop being a freakin cheapo Ron. Okay, so that's it for Ron

We got another video to watch us some more cheap people. So let's check that out. Can it be worse than that?

Okay, that's not too crazy just sharing their shower, you know, it's not too badly

I mean, I would do that if I was married not all the time, but just you know

Just sometimes I would share a shower. You know, it's kind of a normal thing right? Not too crazy. Let's continue

im ready for the massage

Rick uses the suds from my hair on his beard. So

That it's like two-for-one on the shampoo

Okay, that's yeah, that's a little weak so she just grabs all the soap from her dirty hair and just goes yeet

There you go husband. I love you. Take my dirty hair bubbles. It did use them. Freaky gross, dude

Use your own shampoo

One bottle of shampoo glasses like eight months between the both of us Jesus eight months for one

Bottle one bottle probably last me like a month. So they're multiplying that by eight somehow

I mean it makes sense because he doesn't even use his own shampoo

He literally grabs the soap off your head like Oh, Rick it grow. Oh

our first real shave oh

Wait what Oh God. Okay so much just happened in that clip in the very first part of that clip

They said we only have a minute left. That means they're literally timing themselves in the shower

They're literally dying themselves. And then apparently they used the same razor

So she shaves her armpits like oh great to shave that real quick

Here you go, honey, use it on your face you on your face. Are you kidding me? Oh my

I stood

By keeping the joint speed shower to just two minutes the parents have sliced their monthly water bills in half

They legit have an alarm

ah ha hes gay aha ha he ray he has an alarm

he has an alarm why

Time's up spent two minutes. We have to get out quick quick quick turn off the shower quick wasting water quick

Why would you do that to yourself? That's gotta be freaking stressful. I haven't cleaned my armpits. Ah, hold on, man

Hold on, uh, just use that side on you each year for cotton swabs

Chris will use one end and then when she's done I'll use the other

Okay, it's getting a little weirder you use the same cotton swabs

Just use two really frickin

Weird we share our toothbrush so we don't have to buy another toothbrush toothbrush

We're so cheap that we share our tooth loss

Yeah, oh

This got instantly a thousand times worse. Oh my god

They share their toothbrush

They share their toothbrush and their floss floss is like a dollar cheaper than that. Sometimes like 70 said that is so gross

That is so gross - please stop doing that immediately. Oh, I think that's quite gross actually

I think it's sloths. It's probably 99 cents

Yes, that's exactly what I said. It's a probably 99 cents or less

For a floss even their friend thinks it's gross. It is gross. All right, it is freaking gross you weirdos

Just use your own toothbrush. Seriously, why wouldn't they just buy two?

Toothbrushes literally you can find the toothbrush for one dollar and then they oh, they would both have toothbrushes like why?

I another toothbrush I understood the first part where they're like

Oh, we shared showers because I get that like water bills can be pretty expensive

So sharing water in a shower is not to crazy. But sharing your frekin floss Falah. Are you crazy? Yes, you are

I'm just gonna answer that for you. Yeah, you're you're crazy. Okay. Well, this is just terrible. Please never be this cheap

This is just yeah insane

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