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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stop Saying Crazy, please! 10+ Better Expressions in Conversation

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hello welcome back we're here to give

you some phrases to describe those crazy

people in your life because we all know

them don't we and we really like to talk

about them so we've got some fantastic

phrases to do just that let's get into

it the first one on my fate my personal

favorite Charlie said he doesn't use it

but I use it when I really come across

somebody who I think is really really

mad really mad so you could say he's a

fruitcake or she's a fruitcake and the

original expression is nutty as a

fruitcake but people don't really say

that anymore we want some real English

current English so a fruitcake he's a

fruitcake an absolute fruitcake we might

want to just disclaimer this have a

little disclaimer we understand mental

illness is out there and we're not

having having a go yeah we're not

laughing at mental illnesses if you

think someone's reaction or behavior is

just crazy we use these expressions

don't we it doesn't necessarily mean

they've got mental problems if they do

you know don't use these expressions

just say I think they need help

something like that I think they need

they need help but let's carry on with

the phrases that we're gonna help you

describe the the people in your life

that are temporarily acting crazy how

about that another really really common

one very British and people definitely

wouldn't say this in America a nutter or

a nutcase oh he is a nutter

he's a nutcase yeah yeah I use this one

I like it he's a nutter yeah and we've

noticed when we made these lists it

seems more appropriate to put a he in

front of some of them and then a she in

front of the others will show you more

for example not this one this one's

gender-neutral I would say he's either

Mentalist or she's a Mentalist

yeah I'd say hmm either way if we're

talking gender neutral we could say ZZZ


internists Zi have you heard that that

gender-neutral pronoun no tell me more

he/she Z so this is gender-neutral if

you don't identify with being a man or

with being a woman you are Z so the next

one a lunatic again you could use it

with both and you can say Looney

balloony would you ever yes yeah I would

say that a Looney yeah this is like

insane isn't it if you are a lunatic

it's kind of comes from medical insanity

but we do use it casually to describe

someone whose behavior is a little bit

strange or very strange wow he's a

lunatic and the next one is barmy barmy

this sounds a bit like it's come from

Essex or London is that is that right

maybe yeah it does sound I can it just

would sound better with a very like

working-class British accent a very

light and casual Oh mommy is boring you

can hear it coming from the pub Tanya

yeah as where is the eastern sort of

privileged background doesn't quite do

it he's barmy it's not quite right is it

no no balmy no I'd say oh he's an

absolute lunatic he's a bloody Mentalist

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get on with the the mental phrases so

the next one and this one we used to

describe a crazy woman

normally at least that's how when I

think of someone who is bat crazy you

know this is I know me think of a crazy

woman that's not because I'm sexist it's

just because that's how we use it I

agree I would I'd be more inclined to

call a woman back crazy than a man thank

you my shorter friend changed on to the

next one again this one normally use it

to work crazy good crazy girl but you

could say about man as well he is

barking mad or she is barking mad so

she's so crazy she's barking what he's

barking Charlie give us a bark oh that

is so mad they behave like a dog not not

literally but that's kind of

idiomatically why we're saying it it's

suggesting that dogs are crazy or maybe

they're stupid but they're not and you

could also say he's bananas

he's been honest yeah he's crazy he's

bananas a lot of them have been quite

quite rude like batch crazy is fairly

rude bananas is the one that I think

like children would use yeah yeah maybe

kids use this as a bit more bananas all

right next one bonkers he's bonkers and

I again I feel like a a more London

accent is coming through on this one

Uncas he's absolutely bonkers any oh my


any bonkers really good one really nice

when it's got a funny sound to it are


I like I really like that word bonkers

yeah you can really emphasize it bonkers

next one she's Loco she's Loco now this

is borrowed from the the language that

Harry speaks oh so well and we say oh

the nice British accent so we're not

saying local like the Spaniards weeds

we're saying loco loco she is absolutely

loco next one we've got she is

loopy so similar to she's a loony loopy

loopy the previous owner of my flat

Charlie she was absolutely loopy she

still is

loopy but I'm saying that it was because

it's like she's dead to me she is a

horrible piece of work and what I mean

by that a really nasty person a horrible

piece of work she moved she moved away

and she already tormented my parents

life lamented tormented made their lives

very difficult and stressful so she

moved away and she still finds a way to

make trouble via Facebook

she is loopy could also say this about

her she's off her head or her nut she's

off her head yeah or he's off his head

or nut any nut see any any people in

your life who are off they're not you

can say no no okay good well Australians

are often off they know aren't they

haven't met many yet though they've just

been lovely

it's been great out here what about

Steve Irwin the crazy guy who used to

rest dead yeah he is dead but he was off

his nut wasn't he yeah I mean he

probably got quite rich off that

behavior so he might have been quite

intelligent until he went a step too far

there's a very fine line between

intelligence and being off your nut

isn't it yeah and that is a stingrays

tail yeah that is the line

yeah all right so the next one this is a

little bit comical it's somebody or she

should be inch this is quite a long one

isn't it

institutionalized she should be

institutionalized institutionalized what

does that mean if you are

institutionalized what do they do with

you you should be given to an

institution and an institution is a

governed or controlled environment I

guess if you have serious mental

problems they will put you in an

institution a mental institution and

yeah so yeah it's a funny funny way to

say it my god she is crazy she should be

in institutionalized institution

institutionalized God is so many

philosophers and the next one similar

kind of thing he should be put in a home

so a home meaning Ament a mental home a

mental institution or like an old

person's home as well hi like they're

really forgetting things he should be

put in a home Shinya it's really


these are all very heartless in fact if

you want to be nice just don't use these

phrases and if you've got this far in

the video then this has been a waste of

time for you that if you if you do like

these phrases and then they could be

useful and they they might make your

your recipient chuckle have a laugh with

you yeah that's what these are about

having having a laugh having fun with

the language and then the last one we

got today is he is off his trolley he's

off his trolley what is a trolley

charlie a trolley is usually something

that you put food in in a supermarket

big metal moving object a trolley if

you're off your toy you're really crazy

and it's a bit of a funny one isn't it

it's a funny one you don't really he's

off his trolley yeah there you go so we

hope you enjoyed that make sure so use

them in the right way and

see if you get a laugh that's all for

now yeah let us know in the comments

which one's your favorites were please

write us some examples as well we love

to read your comments we do read all the

comments and we'll give them a like if

you write a good example so do that and

we'll see you very soon in the next

video remember to like this one

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