Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GATEAU DU NOUVEL AN 2020 : NUMBER CAKE 3 CHOCOLATS

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Hi the pastry chefs, it's Christelle. Welcome to "Once upon a time there was pastry".

See you today for the last recipe of the year.

This recipe will be for the evening New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve.

It's a Number Cake 3 chocolates obviously with the number 20.

I made white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate,

but I explain in the recipe how to make variations if you feel like it.

Let's go for the recipe!

We will start with the ganaches, so you place the gelatin in a bowl of cold water

Gelatin is not compulsory.

Frankly, it's to have a better hold, but we can also do without.

We start by cutting dark chocolate in small pieces.

You place it in a container.

You do the same with milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate, you can replace it for example with praline

or caramel chocolate keeping exactly the same amounts.

You also place it in a container and then we finish with white chocolate.

Always the same, we cut it into small pieces.

In fact, I preferred to make the 3 ganaches at the same time

rather than one after the other, heat the cream, etc.

This saves time.

You also place the white chocolate in a container.

You heat the liquid cream.

So very important to take whole liquid cream.

Especially not light cream otherwise it will not work.

You bring it to a boil.

Remove from the heat and add the dried gelatin.

You melt it then you pour 10 cl liquid cream on each chocolate.

I put a scale underneath to be sure not to be mistaken.

So it's 100 g in each container,

100 g of hot cream.

You mix each chocolate until it is well melted.

Dark, milk and white chocolate.

And then add 10 cl again 100 g

cold cream this time in each ganache.

You film on contact and you place in the refrigerator for 2 hours minimum.

If you have time, you can leave it overnight

so you are quiet, it will be really cold.

If you don't have time, you can place an hour in the freezer will be fine too.

I left two hours in the fridge, it's perfect.

You film well on contact, it's to avoid a crust is formed on top of the ganache.

In fact, we put half the hot cream and then the cold half.

It's just so that the ganache cools more quickly.

We could put only warm and then leave it overnight in the fridge,

it would work the same.

We go to the shortbread.

So there I show you the robotless technique.

You whip the butter well together,

it has to be really very very soft, icing sugar and almond powder.

You add an egg and mix.

If you have a robot, you do exactly the same.

But with the robot sheet, you mix all the ingredients together.

What is important, is to mix them as little as possible

to work the gluten to a minimum.

Otherwise, you will have to leave a little longer rest in the fridge.

You mix the flour and the salt together.

You pour everything on the work surface.

And then you're going to incorporate it together

both preparations by tapping with a pastry horn.

I put you all the ingredients and the material in the info bar,

just below the video.

Then you put it all together.

You press well with your hands to finish amalgamating the dough

on the work plan.

Ah yes ! I forgot to tell you on the video we see that an egg,

but that's because to make this recipe, you have to double the quantities,

so it's good 2 eggs as it is written in the text.

You have to put 2 eggs. You see, I have a dough which is huge.

So you put an hour in the fridge.

Then you collect the dough and you will spread it.

I cut in half to make it easier because this huge piece of dough to spread,

it's tough!

So, I preferred to do it twice.

So you spread the dough about 4 mm

on a floured work surface or between 2 sheets of baking paper.

And then you cut out your numbers,

so you will have to cut the number 2 twice and twice the number zero.

I also put you in the info bar a link to my bosses,

so you have all the numbers from 0 to 9.

Like this, you will be quiet.

We do the same thing with zero.

Again, we do it twice because we have 2 floors for this Number Cake.

And when you have cut everything, you put in the oven. You can load the numbers two by two.

There are no worries in the oven.

You can even put all 4 at once, but at that time,

reverse the plates halfway through cooking.

You let it cool completely,

then you get the ganaches

and there you are going to whip them on slow speed until they thicken.

It takes about 5 minutes, but it will necessarily depend on your whip,

so don't count 5 minutes straight.

You watch until it thickens.

We do the same with milk chocolate.

We always whip average speed, its safer because otherwise its going to crash.

If it seeds, you will have to redo everything and put back in the fridge.

As we are going to heat everything, it will take at least 4 hours in the fridge.

That's why you really have to take it slow,

watch carefully to be sure it doesn't seed.

After I placed my ganaches in a piping bag.

I put a smooth socket for dark chocolate and white chocolate.

And a small oven socket, I give you the references in info bar, for milk chocolate.

And so I poached by alternating colors.

First on my first floor, so on 2 and zero.

After I covered with the second digit.

And then I did the same thing again, I poached on the second floor.

You will feel for not having enough ganache,

but I assure you that we have enough.

I have my hand in front of the camera, a classic.

You will even have a little bit left.

Besides, you will also have some dough, you can put it in the freezer

if you want to keep it, if you don't use it right away i mean.

And then I decorated then with macaroon shells that I garnished with the leftover ganache,

Michoko, little Florentines, small candies, gold leaf.

Basically, I took everything that was chocolate that I had at home and that looked pretty on my cake.

Then you really do the decoration as you wish.

That's it, the recipe is finished! I hope you liked it.

I wish you all an excellent eve, a good new year.

And we meet again next year and it will be for the pancake.

See you soon, ciao!