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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Milan - Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Jamuna, Pran, Surendranath, Deven Varma - Classic Bollywood Movie

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Death is inevitable, certain

We believe that if the desires remain unfulfilled, then man is reborn

But remembering events of the previous birth...

happens to one in millions

This story is about one such young man...

who had complete knowledge ofhis previous birth

Attention !

l'm happy and honoured to say that two of our intelligent students...

Gopinath and Radha Devi ...

have succeeded not only in examinations but also in life

We also witnessed their marriage, which was a great pleasure

l've known them very closely. Their lives, their love...

is as divine as our perennial holy Ganges

Like their academic successes, may they also be successful in marriage

This is my blessing. For here, begins the real life

''Happy married life to Radha Devi and Gopinath''

Long live

Friend, sweating overthe start? What lies ahead?

Come on, heave! We've had a nice feast!

''Forever, you and l have sung the song oflove''

''Forever, may we sing together''

''Forever, you and l have been loving mates''

''Foreverwe shall be in love''

''Forever, you and l have sung the song oflove''

''Forever, may we sing together''

''Forever cloudcast, the harbinger of rains...''

''brought you into my arms''

''And say it forever ere the rain stops''

''Ere the rain stops''

''Foreverwe tore down barriers...''

''foreverwe have been in love''

''Forever, we have been united on either side of the river oflife''

''Forever l have spurned the riches of the world...''

''forever l have yearned foryour love''

''Forever, you and l have sung the song oflove''

''Forever, may we sing together''

Stop the boat

Don't you hear? l say, stop the boat! -What's it Gopi?

Stop! There's a whirlpool ahead. We'll drown!

Whirlpool? We'll drown? What times are you talking about?

Everything has changed. A huge dam has been built on the river

Boats have given way to motorboats. Where's the danger of drowning?

You are worrying for no reason. - Don't argue! Do as l say

Darling, what's all this?

He wants to drown us... he wants to kill us

Radha, tell him to stop the boat. -All right darling, relax

Stop the boat. -As you wish

Gopi, what has come overyou all of a sudden?

What are you thinking? Tell me

There should be a landlord's mansion somewhere around

And... the lady....

Yes! The lady!


ln the haunt of ghosts you search for a human being? Who are you?

Baba, l am Gopi. -Who Gopi?

The boatman, who used to take the lady to the other side of the river

Why are you laughing? -Won't l laugh on such a joke?

No jokes, l'm telling the truth. - Really? Trying to fool an old man?

Very bad. Boatman Gopi died even before you were born

Do you know that? - l know. l know everything

l was Gopi, the boatman. lt was me. Tell me, where is the lady?

Gopi! What's all this? What's come overyou?

Tell me where is the lady? -Which lady?

The landlord's daughter? -Yes, she's the one

You think she's still alive? She drowned in the Ganges years ago

lndeed... she drowned in the Ganges


Baba, what happened to that girl who used to graze cattle...

and roam around the entire village? -You mean Gauri?

Gauri...? Yes, Gauri. What happened to her?

The poorthing is still alive. -What did you say? Gauri is alive?

Where is she? How is she? - She's as good as a living corpse

Fate tormented her no end

What she did to save Radha and Gopi, no other girl would have

What did she do? -Ask what she did not do

Honour, woman's priceless asset... she sacrificed even that

Because Rajendra asked for her honour as a price to spare Gopi and Radha

But sir, she was deceived. She was betrayed

Gopi and Radha did not survive. And Rajendra...

he slipped away to the city

Know what Gauri got in return for her sacrifice?

Kicks, abuses, humiliations

Yet, God knows why she is still alive

Wonderwhat hopes keep her alive. Wonderwho she is waiting for

Where is Gauri now? -At the riverbank...

beside the graves of Radha and Gopi


didn't l tell you?

lfl die, it'll be in your arms

And that hope keeps me alive

Death has been calling out to me

But hope holds me back

But... how long can l defy death?

l'm leaving... tired and distraught

My dream of dying in your arms remain undone

l'm leaving forever

l know for sure now, you will not come, Gopi

You're not coming! - Gauri!

l'm here, Gauri. Look at me... your Gopi is here

Gauri, you have won

Look Gauri, you are in Gopi's arms

Yes Gauri, l'm Gopi

l'm Gopi... yes Gauri

Gopi! What's going on? Please tell me. lt's killing me

What's all this? Who's Gauri? - Radha, you don't know about Gauri

She always had a smile on her lips ... smile, like a blossom

Like a deer she used to strut around the village

She was the melody of the streams, she was as naughty as a little brat

Radha, she's the one

''O ignorant lover of mine...''

''you have no idea...''

''because of you l have become a strangerto my own folks''

''l have become a stranger''

''O ignorant lover of mine, you have no idea...''

''because of you l have become a strangerto my own folks''

''l have become a stranger''

''l forget my house, l know not which roofbelongs to me''

''l forget my house, l know not which roofbelongs to me''

''ln my own garden l'm lost''

''Take me home''

''Take me home, l'm lost''

''l've become a stranger''

''O ignorant lover of mine, you have no idea...''

''because of you l have become a strangerto my own folks''

''l have become a stranger''

''My life, my honour, my dreams, my heart, my love, my youth...''

''My life, my honour, my dreams, my heart, my love, my youth...''

''nothing l own anymore now that l have given it all to you''

''l miss my folks''

''l miss my folks now that l've become a strangerto them''

''l have become a stranger''

''O ignorant lover of mine, you have no idea...''

''because of you l have become a strangerto my own folks''

''l have become a stranger''

So you guys made it before me? l know, Gauri is at work

C'mon, get out

Out! Off you go

Hope you aren't hurt? - Oh no. Aflower doesn't hurt

Get lost! Devil! - Tit fortat. lt's quits now

Now take me to the other side. - The boat's forthe lady

Not for cattle. -Are they any less than the lady?

Gauri! Are you comparing the lady with cattle?

How can l compare my goats with her? l'm not so silly

Goats give sweet milk. What does the lady give?

Don't you dare say that ofher! Else, l'll thrash you

Will you say that ofher again? - l will! l will!

Quiet! She's here!

Why were you beating her, Gopi? - She's always...

Lay off! Madam, you delayed, so l asked him...

to take the cattle to the other side of the river. He flatly refused me

So l used my catapult on him. And he hit me here, here, and everywhere

All because of me. Now l'm here. Let's go

Madam... -You neverforget the flower, Gopi

How would he? The first thing in the morning he does is to hide the rose

Of course. Else this thief robs it. -You call me a thief, eh?

Lay off! -Why do you always fight?

Can't help it. She's unschooled! -You aren't learned either

But l'm going to become one. You know l learn English from the lady everyday

Madam, let's begin today's lesson

Shut your grandmother up. -Your grandmother! That's my goat

Goat? She's always taking digs at me, madam. Today l'm going to tease her...

in English

Madam... lay off!

What do you call a ''bandariya'' in English?

Why? - l want to call herthat

Remember l taught you ''Yeh ladki'' in English? Tell me


This... - girl

This girl... - Right. ''ls very good''

is... very...

Good. - Good

This girl is... very... good

This girl is very good! - Right

This girl is very good!

This girl is very good! Very good! -As ifl don't know English?

This girl is very good. (Good -Jaggery)

Jaggery? Was that English? - l'll fix you. Tell me, madam...

what was that he said? - Let me tell you

Shoot! - ''This girl'' means ''Yeh ladki''

''ls good'' means a monkey

''ls very good'' means a complete monkey

Tell me, what he said is right? Did you teach him that?

lt means very good

Hearthat? Not a monkey, l'm a good girl

Good! l'm a very good girl!

ls this the correct meaning, madam? -Yes, Gopi

Gauri is a nice girl that's why. This girl is very good

Our lady is so nice. - Don't you talk to me! Get lost!

Good Lord! So bad. -What is it now?

Radha isn't yet back from college. So late!

You take three hours to get me waterfrom the kitchen. Whereas...

she has to cross the riverto return from the city. Don't you understand?

l understand everything. l don't want to be taunted for being a step-mother

Don't want to be called a witch

What makes you laugh? - Those who call you a witch...

must've been witches themselves. -You'd drone, l know

The entire village is droning. - Mistress, what's the menu tonight?

Radha will tell you. - lf she doesn't tell, we won't cook?

l ask you! After she is married off will you and l be fasting forever?

l've told you a thousand times! My daughterwill not go to her in-laws

Her husband will stay here. She will stay close to me, always

Daddy... -You're back? You took so long?

Practicals held me in college. - The cook is waiting...

Tell him what to cook tonight. - Ma, your choice

Well, at least someone cares for my choice

To feed on hard-bread, mashed eggplant and garlic chutney!

Hey! Over here. Pick up the luggage

Can't you hear? Get the luggage

Are you deaf?.

How rude! Who are you addressing? - Not you, l addressed him

He isn't your slave. - Oh no, he's a rich brat

So vain! - Don't you know who l am?

l do. The rich brat! -You brute! ldiot! Shut up!

Gopi! This one is abusing me in English

l've been watching. Rambling in English, eh?

You think l don't know English? You fool!

Get lost! lf we start the expletives in English, you'll be confused! Dig?

Shut up, idiot! -What did you say?

One moment! - Sir!

Forget them. Get into my boat. Where's your luggage?

ln the carriage. Get it, quick. -All right. Hold this

Wise man is new around here. Careful, don't drown him in the whirlpool

Girl, don't you wag that black tongue!

Gopi, let's give him a fun-ride

Tell me. - lt was Jaggu's boat that capsized...

drowning an entire family, wasn't it?

That's nothing. D'you know how many the boat drowned last moonless-night?

And that poor old woman's son drowned without a trace


What a coincidence! Gopi, on every moonless night Jaggu's boat seems...

to offer sacrifice to the Ganges. -You're right, Gauri

Oh! Tonight is a moonless night too!

The poor man is going to be sacrificed

Sir, can you swim? - No, no!

l can't swim! What happens to me now? - Don't you heed them

l'll even stake my life to save yours. -What good ifl'm dead?

Sir! Take one last look around, and thank Mother Ganges

She is soon going to adopt you

No more drinking holy water, you're going to drown in the holy waters

Gauri, l warn you! Sir, you needn't be afraid

Here we are. Anything happened to you? - Nothing

They were only trying to frighten you. -Who's that girl?

She's an orphan, wanders about. -And that boy is her...?

Not related. He's also a bastard. He has nothing to do with the girl

Whatever. But the girl is a bombshell! - Bombshell? You sure can compare

You have great eyes. - But when the bomb explodes...

who wins? That boy? - He dares not lest he's incinerated!

To touch heryou need golden hands. -What...? l don't understand

Sir, you're educated and smart too. - Followed. l have golden hands too

Boss, l can give my life foryou

Hello. - Rajendra...? When did you arrive?

Just arrived... in fact, arriving. Now take your shoes off

But why? -Just take them off

Everytime l come here, you must take your shoes off the first thing

They're old ones, brother-in-law. - Hardly matters. Take them off please

ls this why...? But you had me scared

Brother, when did you arrive? And why are you sitting on the floor?

Your brotherwas licking the dirt off my feet.

How are you? - Fine

And how has he been? - Okay...

but his disease is eating at his heart

Just don't worry. l'll take care of the business and everything else

Brother-in-law, if you were to lose your legs, l could walk foryou

lf you were to lose your eyes, you could look through my eyes

lf you were to lose your hands... no, you need them to sign cheques

You could sign them as well. -You're joking, brother-in-law

Can't help, the relationship is such. - That's just why l'm drawn here

Sister, l'm famished. Won't you get me some snacks?

Why not? Come on

Lajjo! My Lajjo! Happy days are here again

Lajjo! My Lajjo!

My life is colourful now

What the hell are you doing? -You look too excited that's why

l'll be excited everyday now. l'm Jaggu no more. l'm King Jaggu now

Look at this. - Ten bucks?

Did you picked someone's pocket? Or did you steal?

Nonsense! Woman! Thy name is suspicion!

l'm a man. l work to get my lifeboat rowing

Talking oflifeboat? You can't even row your own boat!

Lajjo, tonight l see a fairy in you. - Lay off! Come to the point

Lajjo, tonight... -What's happening tonight?

Tonight... - Say more, please

Tonight, let's cook chicken. - Damn!

Please cook chicken tonight. - No. Tonight you must...

Tonight, what? - Tonight...

Tell me, quick. What tonight? - l feel like having sweets tonight

Dammit! Are sweets worth eating? - Of course

Chicken is best. l say, tonight we'll have chicken

Sweets, l say! - Chicken!


Give me my money. - l won't

My money! - No!

Give! - No!

Sir... sir

What? - Notice

Attention. Folk songs competition will be held on the annual day celebration

Get lost!

Radha, golden chance foryou to sing for our class

Who's singing folk song?

Quiet! Back to your books

Hey, watch it!

Miss Radha...

rose... it's yours

Thanks. -Well... l need to tell you something

Tell me. -Are you participating...

in the folk songs competition? -Yes. Any problem?

Not at all, but if you're participating l'll withdraw my name

Why? Scared oflosing? - No, l'm scared of winning

Maybe you have no idea l'm a good singer. l have a lovely voice

lt's obvious. - My friends say l'm a great singer

Please don't laugh. You look good when you laugh, though. But l felt...

there was mockery behind the laughter. -You're a great singer, l think

l'll prove that later. As of now, l must say that l'll be upset if...

lf you lose? - No, ifl win

You think l can bearto see you lose? l can't even dream of winning...

while you stand to lose. No way. So l've decided to sacrifice

You mean to me more than a cheap medal

Not only a great singeryou seem to be a philanthropist too. A great one

Well, there's no need to sacrifice. Participate, and suffer a defeat

What are you watching, Gopi? -Why did you stop laughing?

Laugh, please. -Why?

Your laughter is like... - Like what?

Like the sweet melody in the violin

Like the rhythm when the breeze hit bamboo trees

Your laughter is like that, madam. - l thought you're just a boatman

But you're into poetry as well. - Poetry...? What's that?

You don't know? Poetry means poems, songs... that reminds me...

Gopi you know many songs. Teach me one

Songs? Me? You're kidding, madam. - l'm not, Gopi

ln our college we're going to have a competition in folks songs

l want to sing. Teach me a nice song. -You'll sing my song in college?

You want them to poke fun at you? No way

They will, only ifl lose. -You'll lose? Never

No one dares defeat you! - l'll lose if you don't teach me

You'll teach me, won't you? - Madam...

Don't be vain. Tomorrow is a Sunday, come over at 10

At your place? -Yes

What are you thinking? - l hope you aren't fooling me?


Gauri, please! No fighting today

My, my! Celebrating something?

Not at all. - ln that case, all these things...

where's my hunk going, all decked up?

That's none of your business

You're decked up for me, l know. Who else do you have anyway?

Really? -Yes

Gauri... -Yes? Tell me

Even the goats don't have anyone but you

Now go inside. Go on. - No. Tell me, where are you off to?

Don't crumple my shirt. - Crumple, really?

And you don't care for a beautiful lady by your side?

Putting on airs over a cheap shirt? -What the hell...? l'll hit you

Tell me! - No!

Tell me! - l won't!

Stop it! What's going on? The two of you are always fighting

Grandma, she's always heckling me. - That's why l tell you, marry her

That'll solve all problems. - Marry...? This ugly thing?

You won't find someone better. -Why? Are all the girls dead?

So vain? - Of course

Gopi! Don't take my flower! - Lay off!

Grandma, everyday he gives my roses to that lady. l get one only on Sundays

l'm not giving my flower. -Would it be nice for me...

to go empty-handed to her? - So l see you're going to the lady!

Yes, Gauri. Give me the flower. - Plead as much as you want...

l'm not giving you! - Don't! Damn you!

Grandma! Look, white crows! Come on, quick!

White crows...? Where are they? -You see the cluster of clouds?

They're flying below it

Look intently. Can you see them?

l can't see them. - ln your hand!

My rose, grandma!

Come on, Gopi. - Madam...

Every day you bring a rose for me, Gopi. Why?

The rose blossoms only foryou, madam. - For me? How come?

lt's amazing. The plant in my garden gives only one rose a day

Really? -Yes... besides, you're one of a kind

Sit, Gopi


Won't you sit there? - No, l deserve only this place

All right. - Madam! What are you doing?

l deserve this place. A pupil's place is never higherthan the teacher's

Pardon...? - True. You're here to teach me

So you're my Guru. - Guru? l...? You're embarrassing me

l'm an uneducated idiot. l'm row boats...

Enough now. Teach me. -All right, madam, l'll sing

Try to follow. - Begin

Don't laugh... l have a sore throat. -We'll decide afteryou begin

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''l hearthe rustling of the wind''

No, not ''shor'', but ''sor''

''l hearthe rustling of the wind'' - Right

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''Lord Rama! What havoc the east wind makes''

''Be careful, lest the boat turns over''

''Lord Rama! What havoc the east wind makes''

''Be careful, lest the boat turns over''

''The east wind heed no one''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''What are the waves trying to tell us?''

''The river asks where it shall carry you''

''What are the waves trying to tell us?''

''The river asks where it shall carry you''

''l am in your hands, take me to any shore that pleases you''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''Forthose whose lovers stay abroad...''

''comes a message oflove''

''Forthose whose lovers stay abroad...''

''carrying a message oflove...''

''here come the clouds dancing joyously''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''The rainy season is here, l hearthe rustling of the wind''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

''My heart soars with glee, like the peacock in the forest''

Wonderful! Fantastic rendition!

Congratulations, Miss Radha

l waited forthe crowd to disperse to congratulate you

And in return l expect gratitude. - Gratitude...?

Yes. l sacrificed foryour sake, withdrew my name from the competition

l deserve some gratitude, don't l?

Oh? Thank you so much. - Thanks alone won't do

Then? - l want something in return

ln return...? You sacrificed, and you also expect something?

And l thought you were a great philanthropist. Now...

l understand you're the modern type. So tell me, in return...

from what should l withdraw my name? - No, you got to add your name to mine

l'll explain everything in good time. l mean...

Then you must wait forthe good time. - Certainly

What's this, madam? Why did you put the garland on me?

Don't! This garland is the symbol of my victory. l won because of you

So you deserve it. You know, your song was adjudged the best song

Don't flatter me. You must've sung very well

You had tutored me well, Gopi

Madam, l feel so different today. Everything feels so different today

How does it feel? - l'm enjoying. Enjoying everything

How to say it in English that l'm happy and thank you very much

Please tell me, madam. - Say, ''l'm very happy''

''Thank you very much''. - That's a long line, madam

Please cut it short. - Okay, say, thank you very much

That's one's lengthy too. But l'll try. Please repeat

Thank you very much. - Thank you...

Thank you... - That's okay


Well! What's this? Have you won a girl in some game?

Did she garland you? Give it me now. - Gauri! Don't touch the garland!

Give it to me! - l'll break your arm!

As if you're going to wear it forever. ln two days the flowers will wither...

knocking out your arrogance! - Gauri, flowers wither...

and fall off, but the string that binds all the flowers together...

never breaks. - Right! The string never breaks

The string binds together a variety of flowers. But Madam...

no use knocking it into her head. She has no brains

What did you say? Am l dumb? -Yes, of course.

l'm not talking to you! - l'm not either!

l'm not talking to you again! l'm not sitting your boat ever again!

l'm leaving! - Get lost!

Jaggu, start rowing. Make sure we reach the shore before he does

How come the breeze changed its course today?

Why did you upset the poorthing? - Forget her, madam. She's mad

Help! Help!

Gauri, you're a terrific girl

Even the bravest of women warriors are nothing in comparison

Really? -Yes. Even that rich man said so

Rich man? Who? - The landlord's brother-in-law

The one whom l gave a ride the other day

l see. That chap? -Yes. He was praising you

And he said... said... Nice man. Poorfellow...

ls he dead? - No, but he's going to die

What man has overcome such a terrible affliction?

What's so wrong with him? What ails him?

Love. Gauri, he loves you dearly. He pines foryou day and night

He'll die if you... - lfl, what?

lf you don't reciprocate his love. Gauri, he'll keep you like a queen

He'll give you gold bangles. - l see. So this is how it goes?

What? - Scoundrel! Started pimping, eh?

Help! Let me go! - Gauri! What's up?

l'm dead! - l'll be a queen, eh?

What's the matter, Gauri! - He's been blurting rubbish

Gauri, l was only joking. - l'll break your jaw! You dig?

Jump, quick

Come, sit.

Why did you let me ride in his boat? - l did? You went on yourself

But why didn't you stop me? - Hearthat? Having been ignored...

she puts her monkey up. -You called me a monkey?

Madam, he called me a monkey again! - Gopi!

No, madam, l never said that. This girl is very good

This girl is very good

What's wrong? Why are you limping? -Who's limping?

l only sprained my ankle. - Really? Why are you writhing then?

Tell me, what happened? - Damn! Why must l always tell you...

ifl have earned money or not? Even ifl have been beaten up... l mean...

why must l tell you everything? - Goodness! Tell me the truth

Did someone thrash you? -What did you say?

No man is born who can thrash Jaggu the wrestler

Was it a woman then? -Woman...? Lajjo, l love you...

so l take beatings from your hands at times. Who else would dare?

But for my height, l'd have been captaining an aircraft now

Get some warm water, will you? - l'll get it right away

The witch really hit the hell out of me. Didn't show a wee bit of mercy

Hit me really hard! - Tell me the truth. What happened?

Don't be afraid. lt was horrible accident

Accident...? What accident? - The fish, again

A big one overturned my boat, and l fell into the water

Really? - True. And what do l see

Crocodiles and fish, huge ones, with jaws open swimming before me

Then? - l faced them bravely

Killed them one by one. All of a sudden l see a huge croc

He takes in a deep breath, draws me right into his stomach

What...? lnto his stomach? Good Lord! What happens now?

Then l draw out a knife. - Knife?

Yes, the one we use to cut vegetables. - But it's still in the kitchen

l keep a spare one, you fool. No dearth ofknives around, you see

l tore the croc's stomach to come out. And know what l see...?

l see no end to my troubles, l see a shark coming...

Not a shark, Jaggu, it was a serpent

You're fortunate, she spared you the bite

Gauri, you witnessed it? - l did. Give me two bucks...

l'll buy some sweets for oblations. - l'll give him a hot compress

Then we'll go to the temple. - Hurry up

l'll be obliged if you don't drag the matter. Else, l'll starve tonight

Jaggu, yourwife will never do that. She'll offeryou something at least

Eitherfood orthrashings. - Thrashings...?

Yes. lf you talk to me like that... - Never! l won't ever do that!

l swear, l won't!

Give it to me, aunt

So Jaggu, where did the fish bite you? - Here

l'm dead! You're scalding me! - Never mind, you'll grow new skin

And the scars too will vanish. - Don't heed him, Gauri

Give him a thorough hot compress. - Fine

lt's too hot!


Gopi, l hearyou're dancing at the fairtomorrow

You'll be there, won't you, madam? -Why? You won't dance without me?

What's the matter, madam? - The rose fell off

l'll get it. - Don't Gopi, let it be

Gopi! Forget it!

Gopi! Come back!

Madman! Had something happened to you...?

Mother Ganga won't let any harm come on me. l'm her son, after all

What's this, Gopi? Are flowers to be kept at someone's feet?

Flowers are offered at the feet of Gods and Goddesses

Really, madam

Gopi, why do you like me so much?


Gopikishan! -What are you doing?

Shall l tell you something? - Sure. But use the mouth, not the leg

Now that you're at my feet, make a request. l won't refuse you

l must make a request? And you won't even refuse me?

l won't. No reservations. We're alone here

Propose to marry me. And l'll accept

Don't move your leg. Else l'll break all your bones

You'll break all my bones, eh? -Yes

Do you have the strength? - Shall l show you?

Show me later. First let me fix something

Why are you laughing? -What else? That rich guy...

the landlord's brother-in-law was staring at me

So l shot the catapult, and his hat went flying

Gauri, don't take him on. He's a mean chap

lfhe's mean, l'm no goddess either. l'm a witch, l spare none

That's something l witness everyday. -What did you say?

What are you doing? You ruined all my efforts

So what? Do it again. -As ifl'm your slave. Get lost!

All right. - Scoot

You'll go to the fair like this? -Yes. My wish

Arrogance, eh? You must find a horned man to knock the arrogance out of you

l've already found one

Who is it? - l won't tell you. Makes me shy

Really? Shy? You? Tell me, who is he? - l'm not telling you

Tell me, please. - l won't, l won't!

Who is it? Tell me... Gauri!

Gauri! Your anklet

''Tell me fair lady, who is your lover?''

''Tell me fair lady, who is your lover?''

Who is the one you love?''

''Tell me fair lady, who is your lover?''

''How come you don't know who He is?''

''He's the one the world calls out to all day all night''

''Guess who my lover is''

''Tell me fair lady, who is your lover?''

''Who is this? So different''

''Who is this? So different''

''Give me a hint, girl''

''He's simple and innocent''

''He is... - Simple and innocent''

''A serpent adorns his neck''

''Does he take many forms?''

''ls he your lover or an imagination? Tell me''

''Tell me fair lady, who is your lover?''

''Guess who my lover is''

''His heart is sacred''

''He is divine''

''His heart is sacred. He is divine''

''Your imaginations run dry''

''Your imaginations are running dry''

''He meditates at Mount Kailash''

''So l see, he is a beggar''

''A beggar''

''Right, He is a beggar, seeks devotion in alms...''

''and in return He grants salvation''

''Now tell me who my lover is''

''Tell me lassie, who is your lover?''

''The one l'm in love with...''

''The one l'm in love with...''

''You can't find a flaw in Him''

''l know whom you love''

''One whom you love... - l know Him''

''From His tresses flows the Ganges''

''Since time immortal we've been in love''

''l'm the light and He's the lamp''

''Now tell me who my lover is''

''Guess who my lover is''

''Tell me who my lover is''


Me too. -What?

l'm here to fish. - l see. Then take this

What are you staring at? - Salt and sugar!

Salt and sugar...? -Your voice is sugary

But you're salted. -What did you say?

l mean, your song has ruined me. l'm destroyed

My heartstrings are still strumming. - Really? Let me check

Good Lord! Not heartstrings, it's a drum beating inside

When your love is true, your heartbeats beat like a drum

ls that so? -Yes Gauri

But that oaf Gopi ruined all the fun yesterday. Know how your pair seemed?

Like a crow dancing with a flamingo. You and l would've made a better pair

So you know how to dance, too? -Ask me what l don't know

l'm from the city. l know all types of dances

So Gauri, how did you like my dance? - Good Lord! She's got the itchweed!

Great! Superb performance! Your dance was so good l felt as if...

He's a goner! - l felt as if...

lt's itching! -Yes

Keep dancing

Only one thing can cure it. Droppings... of a buffalo

Go and get it quick! -At once, sir!

But l can't get any without money. - Take it from my pocket!

Go and come back at once!

Madam, you sent for me? -Yes Gopi, once second

Oh yes... my flower?

Here you are

Take it

What's this, madam? - Check it out

All these for me? - l can't wearthem, can l?

But madam... -You like them?

Tomorrow is your birthday. lt's a gift from me

What happened? - Madam, l thought...

no one bothered ifl live or die, no one cared for my joys and sorrows

l thought none had anything to do with me. But today...

l'm touched by the love you've shown. - So must you weep?

Madam, how come you remembered my birthday?

You neverforget, to bring me flowers, to help me cross the river, everyday

So how can l forget your birthday? -You're beyond compare

Gopi, how old will you be tomorrow? - l have no idea, madam

But you were born before me, no? -Yes, that's right

That's because Mother Ganges told me that l got to help you cross the river

So l was born before you as a boatman. - l feel, in your previous birth...

you must surely have been a poet. - Poet? Who is that?

A poet is one who writes poems. -You mean a song writer?

Yes, like Valmiki and Kalidas. - Kalidas, the shepherd?

Right. - Then l am him. But...

l'm not a shepherd because you needed a boatman in this birth

lt's true, madam. l swear by you


Sit quietly, Gopi. -A little harder, grandma

l can't, baby. - Grandma, you're too old now

Grandma, that's not the way to do it. Step aside, l'll show you

Here comes the wrestler. Come on, try your strength

Sit straight, will you? - Gauri, don't be too gentle

l got work to do. Hurry it up. - l can't. You're so broad

What l'll do is rub half your back today and half next time

Forgive me, please. Just get the water and pour it on me

Gopi, shall l scrub you once more? - Go ahead

Stay right here! - Grandma! Get the water, fast!

Sit! - Grandma, quick!


look... the clothes you gave me. l look nice, no?


Gopi, what have you cooked foryour birthday?

Many things. Halwa, puri, sweet-balls, burfi, samosas, jalebis...

ladyfingers... and yes, l forgot, there's pudding too

Really? -Yes

Let me see. - Madam! Don't touch it

Why not? You won't eat ifl touch? - Nothing of that sort, madam

Actually, l was in a hurry today. On your birthday l shall make...

such a pudding foryou that you'll lick yourfingers

Madam, you picked up my tiffin. This is yours

No matter, l'll have yourtiffin today

Madam, you'll eat my food? -Why not?

Why not? You eat this fare everyday. Can't l eat it even once?

But this food is not good enough foryou, Madam

Give that to me... - No, Gopi...

Someone might watch us

But madam... - Go on, take it. l cooked foryou...

on your birthday


Go on, Gopi

Mr Gopi... Mr Gopi...

l called you. You're Gopi, aren't you? -Yes, but how do you know?

Who doesn't know you? Here, have a cigarette

No sir, l don't smoke. - Get into the habit. Go on, smoke

Will you do me a favour? -What is it, sir?

Come here

Hard one!


Guess what l got foryou?

A rose. - l've already given you one

Then what is it? - lt's in English

English...? -Yes. Here... ''Lo-letter in English''

A love-letter? -Yes, ''Lo-letter''

You wrote it? -You're amazing!

lfl were literate, by now l'd have written you a thousand ''Lo-letters''

ldiot. Who gave you this?

That guy from your college... fair, shorty... what's his name?

He has a lengthy name... - Rambabu

Rambabu, yes. He gave you this ''Lo-letter''

D'you know what a love-letter is? -Yes, that guy told me

Told what? - He said, ''Lo-letter''...

is something that you write to someone you like the most

Silly, love-letter means ''prem-patr''. - Prem-patr...?

What does ''Patr'' mean? - Patr is a Letter

And what is ''Prem''? - Prem means Love

So what is ''Prem-patr''? - Love-letter

Love in a letter...? What's that? -Your head

My head...? Forget it, read the letter, please

What's the matter, madam? - This isn't how you write a letter

Written something rash? - lf my parents find out...

they'll kill me! - Good Lord! That guy said otherwise

He said it's nice and wonderful. He also gave me ten bucks

And you took it?

All right, don't ever do this again. - Never madam

Had l been in your place, l'd have slapped him on his face

Radha... - l'll freshen up and come, Ma

All right

Books lying everywhere. Colleges don't teach discipline anymore

Good Lord! Do you hear?

Do you hear? Where are you?

Look at what she is upto in the name of studies

When l objected, no one bothered. -What happened?

lt's going to happen now. Ridicule, disparage! They're going to spit on us

Shut up! - Sure, but you can't shut people up

Look at your daughter dear's works

Dear darling Radha, those sweet words still ring in my ears

That smile of yours... -Where did you find it?

lnside your darling daughter's book. Now you understand?

Understand what, sister? Let me know. - Radha is writing love-letters now

Fine. Nothing to worry. Firstly, it's her age, secondly, she's in college

You have no idea, colleges have become a haunt for dating and wedding

Let me see

Great penmanship, and expert lines. We were not so expressive in ourtimes

Very good! Smart gentleman. - Rajendra!

Don't get worked up, brother-in-law. Peace, relax. lf you act in haste...

things will turn worse. lt's a case oflove. Leave it to me. l'll fix it

Only a wise man like me can solve this problem

Yes brother. Only you can save our honour now

l'll come after some time

Mr Gopi! Tell me, what did Radha say?

Close your eyes before l tell you. - Don't torture me. Here l go

Dare you do that again, l'll break your bones! And here's your money

Hey mister... are you Rambabu? -Yes. Why?

l'm Radha's uncle. - Uncle...? Uncle, mercy!

No mercy! Don't try to con me. Close your eyes, rememberyour parents

What for? - l'm going to break yourteeth

Wait! They're already shaken. Let them fall in place first

Shut up! Rememberyour parents. One... two...

ln the name of King Vishwanath Rai and Queen Durgavati!

Come again. Yourfather's name? - King Vishwanath Rai

Goodness! So you're Mr Rai's son? -Yes

And who's Jagannath Rai? - l'm his younger brother

Good. Embrace me. - No, you'll crush me

Who dares harm the scion of the Rai family?

Yourfather is dead, isn't it? -Yes

Mothertoo...? -Yes

Very good. So you and your brother share the properties?

Equal shareholders. -What must be your share?

Around 2 to 2.5 million. -Very good. You madly love Radha, no?

Madly? She's dearerto me than the earth, the skies and my life

Life goes for peanuts these days. D'you love her more than your money?

Money? Money means dirt to me in comparison to Radha

Can you give me a small share of yourwealth?

What...? - Mr Rambabu, gone are the times...

when they used to be proud giving their lives for love's sake

Today, everything is weighed and tagged with a price. lf you wish...

l can fix this wedding in a trice. - Can you, really?

What a question! l told you, l'm her uncle

Then yourwish will be done. -Very good

One second. - No matter how you flatter me...

l'm taking my money in advance. - Certainly. But is it confirmed?

Hundred percent

l've killed two birds with one stone. - Birds? But you can't kill lions

Brother-in-law, you underrate me. But l'll dispel this misconception

l have found a perfect suitor for Radha. He's of the Rai family

What a boy! Tall, fair and handsome. Moreover, he's doing his graduation

But that's a very affluent family. How can we expect an alliance there?

But we can certainly bring them down on their knees

But we must ask Radha. She must like him, too

Her liking! She'll write a pile oflove-letters by that time!

You can read them at leisure then!

Don't be unromantic, sister

He's the one who wrote the love-letterto Radha

Which means Radha likes him. Then why would l object?

Then let me go and fix the wedding

Madam... madam...

madam, you're late today? - l was held in college

You're drenched. Let's go there. We'll leave afterthe rains stop

No, l'll go home. Take me across. -You're crazy. The river is in spate

lt's difficult to row. l'll take you once the water recedes

Come on... come

Hey! You'll get drenched. - Don't worry about me, madam. Come

Wipe yourself while l get some warm milk foryou

No need for milk. -You need it madam, l know

Gopi, come back. Gopi! - l'll be back soon

Here you are

You won't drink? - l drank

You're lying. - l'm telling the truth... honestly

Have some more. - No madam

My lips haven't touched the container. -What are you trying to say?

So you went and slapped him, don't you?

Him...? Oh, Mr Love-letter?

Madam, l slapped him so hard, he fell flat on his face

As if you have done a great job? Must you do such a thing?

l can't figure that. l beat him because you told me to

You mean you'll do my bidding? - Of course. Tell me...

and l'll jump into fire, even plunge into the river Ganges

What are you saying? - l mean it, madam

Why Gopi? Why do l mean so much to you?

Well... madam... just like that


lt seems you're giving me love that you owed me in our last birth


Who knows that comes back from which lifetime...?

''You and l... -You and l...''

''forever, you and l have sung the song oflove''

''Forever, may we sing together''

''Forever, you and l have been loving mates''

''Foreverwe shall be in love...''

''you and l''

''ln every birth of mine, in every youth of mine...''

''you've been my mate, you were the one who adorned me''

''Joys or sorrows, we never parted''

''All l beheld in my eyes was you''

''Forever, you and l have sung the song oflove''

''Forever, may we sing together''

''We were strangers...''

''long before l held you in my arms''

''At times even the world thought we had parted ways''

''But it was our shadows that parted''

''Forever, you and l... - Have sung the song oflove''

''The song oflove... - Forever, may we sing together...''

''you and l''


What happened, madam? - l'm scared

The thunder is so frightening. - Not thunder, grandma says...

it's the music of God. - Music?

Yes. - This music scares me

Radha, you're so fortunate. - l am. l got a mother like you

Bless you. You asked me in the morning where we were going. l'll tell you

lt's such a good news... l won't be called a step-mother anymore

What is it, Ma? -Yourwedding is fixed

Wedding...? -Yes. With the one...

who wrote you love-letters, Rambabu. - Ma...!

Radha, my child, you've chosen such a talented boy foryourself

But Father... - No, don't be apprehensive

Rambabu is no stranger. l knew his father. l know his family too well

Besides, since the two of you love each other, why would l object?

Father... - The wedding is fixed on the 11th

l wish your motherwere alive to witness this joy


For how long will you give me roses? -Why madam?

l'm getting married

Yes madam, l have heard. lsn't he the one, the love-letter one?

Nice gentlemen. He's worthy of you in all ways

What's on your mind, Gopi?

Just thinking where ends this river

Don't you know this much? All rivers end up in the ocean

l'm wrong, Gopi. Not all the rivers end in the ocean

Some perish on the way. They never meet the ocean

Still they're called rivers

The thunder is so frightening. - Not thunder...

it's the music of God. - This music scares me

Sir, l should be leaving now. -You can't leave just like that

Gopi is a terrific singer, Rambabu. - ls it? Let's hear, Gopi

Oh come on, sir... - Don't be shy. Sing

''Compliments to everyone on such a happy occasion''

''l'm glad, don't let my tears mislead''

''For, l'm just another madman''

''l'm only a madman''

''Compliments to everyone on such a happy occasion''

''l'm glad... ignore my tears''

''For, l'm just another madman''

''l'm only a madman''

''Behind the tears, a thousand reasons''

''Behind the tears, a thousand reasons''


''and joys too''

''ln joys too tears wet the eyes''

''Tears... an enigma''

''l'm glad, don't let my tears mislead''

''For, l'm just another madman''

''l'm only a madman''

''The music is heart-rending...''

''as is the parting''

''Someone who belonged to me has now become a stranger''

''ln this meeting of two hearts...''

''ln this meeting of two hearts, someone is ignored''

''Old ties have given way to new ones''

''l'm glad, don't let my tears mislead''

''For, l'm just another madman''

''l'm only a madman''

''The waves...''

''the waves...''

''yourfather's house, my boat...''

''say to you...''

''now that you are leaving, forget us''

''Don't ever miss us, don't let your memories haunt us either''

''l'm glad, don't let my tears mislead you''

''For, l'm just another madman''

''l'm only a madman''

''Compliments to everyone on such a happy occasion''

''l'm glad, don't let my tears mislead you''

''For, l'm just another madman''

''l'm only a madman''


l wanted to give this to you yesterday, but l was apprehensive

Apprehensive? Of what?

There were rich men carrying expensive gifts

How could l give her a simple rose?


Take this, Radha.

Priceless rose, Radha. Made fragrant by his affections


When will you return, madam?

lt's not in my hands, Gopi

- Right. From now on your husband will take decisions

When do we meet again, sir? -We're coming forthe festival

Herfather insists. - lt's just two months away

Promise me that you'll hire my boat forthe crossing

Mother Ganga won't let us cross in any other boat

Thank you

You won't stop bugging me. - Marry me, and yourwoes will end

l'll cook foryou, look afteryour kids...

Forthat, must l marry you? -Why not? lsn't that enough?

You aren't the only girl who can cook, there are many

You can't find a better girl than me. -You think?

Tell me something. -Ask

Why don't you want to marry me? Am l dark? Am l lame?

lf you were, l'd have married you. - So you want me to be dark and lame?

Yes. Become one, fast. Then l'll think it over

Gopi, you're telling herto become dark and lame? lsn't she a nice girl?

Nice girl, did you say? You like her, grandma? Go ahead and marry herthen

Hearthat, grandma? - That's his youth talking, dear

Once old age knocks on him, he'll realise himself

Then he'll need someone to cook for him and tend to him

ls that the wife's job, grandma? -What else? Don't know this much?

Every wife has to serve her husband? - Of course

The madam too will have to do that? - Of course. She's no special

Shut up, Gauri. -All right, King Gopi

Poorthing! Tending to her husband must be so taxing

Why didn't you too marry Mr Rambabu? You'd have done the cooking forthem

Stop raving, else l'll kill you. - Kill me

l have told you a thousand times! lfl die, it'll be only in your arms

Will you marry me? Or do you want to kill me?

Lay off!

Stop rambling. Can't you see? He's not in the mood

Can't help it. He doesn't marry me. He won't kill me either

All right! The Ganges is in spate, l'm going to drown myself

l'm going! - Gauri! Listen to me... Gauri!

Gopi, stop her! She's going to drown herself

Let her go, grandma. Gauri, make sure you tie a rock on your back...

lest you surface again

You see what she does to me, grandma?

Gauri, listen! Where are you going?

To drown in the river

But you're going the wrong way. - How does it concern you?

What about your lover? - No one loves me

What're you saying? What about Gopi?

For him, l'm dead. Go and tell him, l have nothing to do with him

Tell him l'm going to the forest, to meditate. l'm not coming back

l see. So the matter has reached this far!

Let go of me! Scoundrel!

Let me go!


Help! Gopi! Help!

One moment

You like me so much, Gopi? - l like you? My foot!

Of course, you do. Else why'd you beat him black and blue?

Gauri, after him, it's yourturn now. lf you talk rubbish...

Get lost! Forthe heck ofit, you refuse me

But you do really love me, dearly. - Love?

Look at you! One slap, and you'll forget what love is. Let's go now

No, Gauri! No, l'm innocent, Gauri


Started pimping, eh? - No Lajjo, listen to me...

Now l know from where the tenners come everyday. Shame on you!

Enterthe house, and l'll break your legs!

Wonderwhat she eats! Broke my bones!

God! Did l deserve a fatso?

Break his limbs. Doesn't matter ifhe dies. l'll handle it

Your money. - C'mon guys

Grandma! Help!

What's the matter, Radha? - Nothing... a terrible dream

Those scoundrels beat a simpleton. May their hands be dissevered!

May they rot! - Grandma, l'm at fault

Because of me, those sinners did this to Gopi

What will happen now, grandma? - Don't worry, my child

Gopi will recover soon

How many days more forthe festival?

Only four days. - Four days!

Will l make it? -What a thing to say!

l have committed no such sin to deserve such a punishment

Sister... come here

Yes? - Bad news

What is it? -Your son-in-law is no more

Good Lord! - The telegram says...

he had high fever last night and died before the day could dawn

God! -What happens to Radha now?


Don't give him the news. He has a weak heart, you know

No knowing what this news will do to him

Come here

Yes? -You were talking about a telegram

Who sent the telegram? - Radha is unwell

Radha is unwell? What happened to her? - Nothing

l mean... she's feeling queasy

Queasy...? l get it. l'm going to become a grandfather

l'm going to become a grandfather! - Please lie down

l'll go and fetch my daughter myself. -You're not in a state to travel

Besides, it's a very long journey. The father never goes...

to fetch his daughter. l'm here, l'll go and fetch her

All right. Bring her soon. - Relax

l won't let her go again. Both of them will stay close to me

Close to me, always

Oh, what has happened? What kind ofinjustice is this?

Madam did no harm to anyone. How could God be so unkind to her?

Calm down, dear. We're mere puppets at the hands of God

He creates and breaks us at His own will

Gopi must not know this. He has just recovered somewhat

No knowing how he'll take this news. - But how long will he be in the dark?

Someday he'll certainly find out. - l know

But until he recovers completely we must keep this matter away from him

What do l say? Strange are the ways of God

Where to, Gopi? - To my boat

Are you crazy? You aren't even back on your regular diet

You haven't the strength to row. - Tomorrow is the festival

So what? - Madam is arriving today

Meet her afteryou get well. She's going to stay here now

l'm going. - l won't let you go in this state

l'm not crippled, Gauri. Know what madam said when she left?

''Mother Ganges won't let us cross in any other boat''

You tell me, how can l stay back? -Whatever, l'm not letting you go

Don't be silly, let me go

Who are you taking the rose for? -As if you don't know?

Forthe madam, who else?

What does she have to do with roses now?

What do you mean? - Nothing. Who knows...

whether she'll like the rose now. -Why not? She stands tall now

But she'll certainly like a rose from me

Gauri, he left? - Now what, grandma?

Who can change destiny? Only He can heal the wounds He gives

No, no!

How could this happen?

You left with the mark of a married woman on yourforehead...

and this is how you return?

Did l live to see this day? Oh, what injustice is this?

How could God do this to you?

Why does God do this to good people?

You aren't the only one who is grieving. Go, get the boat

No, l can't do this

As a bride she crossed the river in my boat. As a widow... no!

lt'll rend Mother Ganga's heart


Let's go, Radha

Oh God! How could this happen?

Father... - No, don't see him

Just last night he had a heart-attack. Doctor says he's in bad shape

Radha, my child

Don't! He won't bear to see you in this state

Forthe sake of my husband, l beg of you!


Radha! l've been calling out to her, why doesn't she answer me?

Brother-in-law... -Where's my daughter?

Go inside and relax. She'll come. -All the while l've been relaxing

l'm not dying so soon. Let me see my daughter

Listen... - Not so easy to stop him now

The rest is destiny

Are you cross, Radha? Because l didn't call you home earlier?

l'm not sending you away anymore. You'll stay close to me

You'll stay back, won't you? l'll also ask your husband to stay here

Father! - Good Lord! Anybody there? Help!

Doctor... - Not to worry

He'll be fine by morning. But... - But?

The shock has paralysed his speech

You mean my fatherwon't speak again? - Too early to say anything

l'll examine him after he comes around. l'll leave now

Lord! What happens now? - Don't worry, sister

lfhe doesn't recover soon, l'll show him to the doctors in the city

What madness is this? You've been starving. Come one, eat now

Grandma, our madam is an angel. Why has such injustice been done to her?

Within two months ofher marriage, she became a widow!

No man is immortal. Everyone dies. -Why didn't Death take me, oryou?

Of all, did Death find only madam's husband?

Son, look at me

Do you know the mystery of Life and Death?

Death is an illusion.

What turns to dust after one dies is only the body

But the soul never dies. lt lives on. The soul is indestructible

You haven't eaten yet?

How long will you starve forthe dead?

You've been starving. And your father's health has been deteriorating

l fearyour indifference might kill my husband

God alone knows what's coming!

You're educated, madam. How could you be so careless?

Are you eating? Or do you want us to starve foryour daughter?

God alone knows what's going to happen of this family!

lf you don't mind, may l say something?

l know l'm illiterate, but you must listen to this

l've found out... l have the knowledge of everything now

D'you know the mystery of Life and Death?

Death is only an illusion. What turns to dust is only the body

But the soul never dies. lt lives on. The soul is indestructible

The soul is divine. And that's the truth

Am l not right, madam? -You are right, Gopi

So you must eat now. - No, Gopi

Then have a fruit. lf you don't, l'll starve myself to death

Thank you, madam

You must take some rest now, madam.

How can l, Gopi?

l just can't sleep. - lt happens, madam

Afteryou left, l couldn't sleep

Gopi, sing something for me


''May God...''

''may God give you my sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep for me''

''May God give you my sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep

''l'd stay awake while you sleep for me''

''To turn your nights of torment into peaceful nights of sleep...''

''l could give my eyes to you''

''To turn your nights of torment into peaceful nights of sleep...''

''l could give you my eyes''

''To have this wish of mine done...''

''l raise my hands to pray''

''May God give you my sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep''

''Not only us, this entire world is a painful creation''

''Not only us, this entire world is a painful creation...''

''that drives you mad...''

''makes you remember, but you can neverforget''

''l wish l could give you my sleep''

''l wish l could stay awake while you sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep''

''May a dream sneak in...''

''may the breeze sing a soothing lullaby...''

''may a dream sneak in...''

''may the breeze sing a soothing lullaby...''

''may the moonbeams, like a swing...''

''rock you to sleep''

''l wish l could give you my sleep''

''So l could stay awake while you sleep''

''l wish l could awake while you sleep''

''May God...''

''give you my sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep''

''l'd stay awake while you sleep for me''

''l'd stay awake...''

''l'd stay awake...''

What are you doing here all alone? When are you marrying, Gauri?

What says your Gopi? - My Gopi, is it?

Right. - Now that the madam is widowed...

he says he's never going to marry. - He means it though

Madam is here, so where's the need for him to marry? l knew it

What? -Want to know?

Yes. - Hear

Rubbish! - lf you don't believe, hearthis

Just call the madam a widow before Gopi, and you'll know

lf she isn't a widow, then who is her husband? That's my question

Think, and you'll figure everything

Gopi, this must be decided today! -What?

Ourwedding. -Won't you considerthe situation?

What's wrong with the situation? - Think about madam

So no wedding happening here? - No, ifhe can think

Which means you won't marry? - No. Never!

What have you got to do if she is widowed?

You call her a widow? How dare you?

l know, some don't become widows just because their husbands die

And some are widowed before they marry. l'm one of them

Sister! - Coming

We're ruined! -What happened?

We're destroyed. The tables have turned

Will you say what happened? -What not. ln reply to our notice...

they've sent a legal notice. lt says, our girl is wanton, she was...

of a loose character before wedding. - Goodness! What are you saying?

Stop it! There's more. -What?

She has an affairwith a boatman. They can prove that, it says

On that basis she isn't getting any allowance nor a share in the property

You ought to have rebuked them for heaping such false allegations

lt's absolutely true. You can't blame others forthe stain in our clothes

Go to the village and you'll know what they talk about Gopi and Radha

l had warned, but l was accused ofbeing a stepmother

He taught her music, and how brilliantly!

Estates worth millions slipped away from our hands

To hell with the estates! Ourfamily is disgraced!

To hell with yourfamily! You can't repairthe loss. We've lost millions

What a loss! - Greetings

ls the madam in? - So you're here?

l was wondering what's keeping you. - l was held...

But you aren't late. What you had to do you did it at the right time

You've ruined my family! -What are you saying?

Sister, don't argue with a scoundrel. l'll kick him out

Sir! - Sonofagun! Get out!

Where to? - Let go of me

Planning to elope with him? - Uncle!

Stop staring at me. Go outside and hearwhat they talk about you and him

Moreover, Gauri, that two-penny worth girl is doing her best to malign us

Ma! - l'm dead! And yourfathertoo...

will kill himselfifhe finds out

Have you been gossiping? - Gopi

What rumours have you been spreading? Tell me, why?

l'll kill you!

What use killing you, sinner?

How could you accuse such a chaste woman?

How could you? You ought to be buried alive!

This world is bereft of morals. Falsehood and illusion is what is left

Deception, in everything

For selfish reasons, even angels are vilified

What use living amidst such people? What use living in such a world?

What use living?

Gopi! Stop! l won't let you go!

Gopi! Stop, Gopi!

Grandma, stop him. He's going to kill himself

Grandma, stop Gopi! - No one can stop him now

The fire you started will burn you...

and also incinerate those two

Cursed woman! You're a slurto womankind!

You ought to drown yourself!

Stop him, madam! Save him! -What happened to Gopi?

He's going away for good. -What...?

He has decided to kill himself

Stop him, l beg of you! For God's sake, come quickly

A sinner l am, in my madness, l spread the rumours

l envied you, so l did all that. Forgive me

You...? - l am

Gopi saved you once. Let's see who saves you now

Scoundrel! Didn't those beatings knock sense in you?

lt will, now that you are here

Open the door!


Blood...? The gun...? What's happened to you?

Radha has eloped with Gopi. - Goodness!

But what was the noise? - l... l was trying to stop them

Good Lord! What the hell is wrong with Radha?

Not to worry, sister. The honour of the family rests on me

l'll kill that boatman and bring back Radha

Don't go, brother! For God's sake! - Move!

Where are you? Did you hear? Radha has eloped with Gopi!

With that boatman!

Foryour daughter's fault, you hit me?

''Madam is very good''

Flowers wither and fall off, but the string that binds them never breaks

''Joys or sorrows, we never parted''

''All l beheld in my eyes was you''

Why have you come here, madam? -Why are you here? To kill yourself?.

Kill yourself and settle scores with who? Yourself?.

Gopi, you explained to me what life is, you taught me to live

And today? Today you wish to escape life? Come, let's go back

No madam, l'm not returning, ever. What happens to me hardly matters

But you... you must go back

lf you're seen with me, their suspicions will turn true

Let it turn true. Ratherthan deceiving myself, living on lies...

and faking things, l'd die accepting the truth... the sheertruth

What's the matter? Why the gun? -What is taboo during daytimes...

is being done at nights. The honour of everyone and the village is at stake

How come? - Gopi is eloping with Radha

We won't let such a thing happen! - Then come with me

Look... they're headed here. Go back, please

No Gopi. l have come to a point of no-return

And when there's no possibility of a return, it's wise to keep going ahead

Madam... - Start rowing, Gopi

Jaggu! - Gauri! You, here? At this hour?

What's the matter? - Don't ask. l need your help

Come on


Speed up!


Step up!

To have me, you tried your best, tried everything you could but in vain

Tonight... you can have everything

But on one condition. Do you promise to give me what l ask?

What? - Spare Gopi's life. Spare my Gopi

Put the gun away, and everything belongs to you

Don't go, Gopi!

Don't go, Gopi!

Madam! There's a whirlpool ahead. We could be caught

No problem, Gopi. Rather die in the waters of the holy Ganges...

than burn to ashes in the fires of falsehood and hatred ruthless men lit


Aren't you scared? - Scared?

Death separates everyone

But it unites some too... forever

Look Gopi, all directions have come to a naught

No more east, no more west

No north, no south

All have become one. This is the truth oflife

Truth that is eternal

Radha, you're mine

You're the one, you've been mine in every birth and you shall always be

No one can set us apart anymore!

''Forever, you and l... - Have sung the song oflove''

''Forever, may we sing together''

The Description of Milan - Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Jamuna, Pran, Surendranath, Deven Varma - Classic Bollywood Movie