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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 palabras que pronuncias mal en inglés ☝️ Again!!!

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saludos is the sunny England even Eidos

ultra video de nuestra área es palabras

que para limpiar smile econ este video

yes mama skin fair if he end up in

cuenta palabras such a long list yes

lots of words but we're not even

scratching the surface yet this is just

the tip of the iceberg because I just

keep hearing very commonly used words

being mispronounced by Spanish speakers

so a second este video tronky que no

tenemos new interest in Senor de Abril

TR or Nieto Rinku and English in okay

tenemos palabras tonka Munez como para

hemp lo como para hemp lo mantequilla

alcalde no part oh okay don't spill the


okay so fancy having a girl yeah show

her again let's do it la primera palabra

es como de la basura Oh Danny Boy

chamber voted on what a surah eNOS apron

on fire being Venus who Leah come on mr.

bean yes


the correct pronunciation is pin pin pin

pin pin

Dante's Laveau cal is muy gordita pin

can you put this bottle in the yellow

bin say una palabra no puede ser Moscow

moon masturbate the Velma star they

continued amend escuchar most see you

laters later later later

no siree sassy soprano Thea later later

later later later con la chuan alpha

Nell later

for example I'm still at work I'll see

you later

see you later alligator that's a good

one numero tres a lingua chunk

tone-tone not tongue see they say Tong

Tong Tong Tong repeat Tong Tong yes

Memphis for example what's the matter

cat got your tongue numero Quatro

eskesen poquito mas advance significa

ready rolana momento salsa cuando las

directed our Dean Edell una cuenta bank

Aria no it ambien existed el verbo no


este yes II know Sabbath there

you are well with drew one withdrawal

it's quite a mouthful this one

withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal to

throw to withdraw yes

for example I'd like to make a 2,000

pound withdrawal please oh that's a lot

of money sir what is that for

none of your business huh okay numero

Finco con que estamos grande esta video

not with a camera camera camera camera

no los nuevos look from Encanto syllabus

camera camera camera camera camera

camera camera I like that

camera camera camera camera camera unit

home flow I've spent all my savings on a

new camera with my camera with my camera

la palabra numerous days dinner dinner

dinner dinner so tripoli brock acaba and

erica more later

soprano Lucia Dina Dina Dina Dina Dina

an English americano crocus seek a

sacramental IRA no severeal was a come

on dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner

dinner are you having dinner later see

you later alligator

no man I see a pit stop the valley Harun


yo man Terrell otro día de que no Valen

$10 maltose the tempo is the verb oh you

simp radicchio to confirm to confirm

loss no Tebow's defend confirm confirm

confirm community hasn't done phase poor

fellow work on film I'm a CBN s Oh No

please confirm whether you're coming or

not how about doing Casa sounds good

okay numero Ocho look elegant a poner

Alice inglis SNL pal oh yeah la


yeah aqui tenemos el mismo problema no

cake on later and Deena yes can also be

fed batter no batter is butter butter

butter we say butter butter butter

butter for example you're going to have

a heart attack if you keep eating all

that butter yeah but I love us in

Americana where's the hemlock you're

gonna have a heart attack if you keep it

in all that butter like it like it

Estevan can't are mere esta palabra

significant alcalde coma Pronovias in

casa you mean you made you mayor oh

sorry that's not right it should be me

man but man has crazy hair are you

talking about Boris Johnson portions the

ex-mayor of London Baltimore numeral yep

Estevan can't are dumb yet Philip have

you seen my little paw print jacket

anywhere your what my little paw print

jacket your watch Lewbert Lewbert

léo pod oh okay your leopard leopard

print jacket leopard leopard leopard so

the phrase would be for have you seen my

leopard print jacket leopards

yeah I love British pronunciation

definitely made cup of tea okay guys

that's it for today thank you so much

for watching we hope you enjoyed it and

I know that pronunciation is really

difficult it's one of the most difficult

things about learning English but you

just need to keep going keep practicing

as much as possible you need to get

familiar with the sounds of English so

that means listening to as much English

as possible there are so many resources

online that can help you improve the

English these days but one of our

favorites and one that has really helped

us with our language learning journeys

is listening to audiobooks and good news

below this video we've left a link where

you can get a free audio book they've

got hundreds of thousands of books so

check them out and if you're not sure

which audio book to get don't worry

because they've got something for

everybody if you're into romantic novels

they've got those if you like science

fiction I like science fiction thrillers

it's also a great way to support us and

help us continue to create free content

for you guys each week and we really

appreciate it so thank you and we'll see

very soon bye bye


cover our agency with their little ink

on English its platypus platypus

yeah repeater is here platypus platypus

sorry it's pronounced may may well

Calavera pronunciation is leopard

perfect actually




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