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u_s_ nsysu from los angeles u_s_ since the weekend g_-eight climate change

state discusses my point an archway wannabes inside because my point of

people so forget that bush is in charge

by the we click with the bush like as if he's all israel a car repair on those

incompetence use around the

they are on the country

now now like this around the country and they have all of the damn thing

and did in this city

exactly given you an all subedi g summit you know the most powerful countries in

the world

and the europeans the even tony blair like a wooden gotta do something about

global warming it spread of time

let's cooperate adam looks at least have somebody saying

we're gonna do

was bush do

says in his our representatives insist

and the statements too strong

young coverage we wanted related

morning related

so that the part that says it's an actual problem

and we had a act and we had a circuit have some standards

not not buy it

so for war

all the scientist all the government is saying

we gotta go

undergoing now

ambushes said no

you have to wait till i believe

despite obstinate

and i refuse to do anything with even a smidgen of intel's

well pastor

i mean these are among the things like

you can't be should ever be an immediate right he did b c i would be hard to

decide what about a policy

you can't really get idon't think you can i don't think that's who's in the

use of impeachment

he broke he had a loss


impeach him for that

helps us with stuff like this

because we can't do we can't believe how your apt

for things that are emergencies that we need to work on uh... people talk about

its changes beginning

if you know in five years now there with the tenant in with the other thing is

that people are invited people on the scientists

parseint was such a historic we might not be able to reverse that and also if

you're if our goal is in the one of the excuses that the conservatives had about

not fighting global warming is worth

while we're here

the routine


yes i did it

nobody else will do it so why do we have to do it

and everybody else to say no

gory detail articulately put a lot about how i can find out how the hell do you

claim to be leaders if you will


you watch and and and and india to do it

and get him to do it

you know how they feared boxes journalist serves referral without

make a list of sort out see is a close his way

impreza lahat sa one aakash shah

and are closing says uses

top priority to get this stuff because he's like look he'll get that people are

dying in france iran would work

those stories of the heat waves in

there are other activities they wanna die

he's a good this is due to the world's

depends on it we gotta this my top priority the conservative press right


adhere bush says in the guys instead says that citizens

no no no no no

look acquires the europeans

the the article talks about how they're trying to go to i want mentality

but we're doing it

you come you don't come your you know wicket i doubt anyone over the next

administration is going to be with us so we're going to start and hope you get up

and i i i'm sure there's some truth to that that they probably ought to do that

but it's like the kids like if you're of the mom underling

and entered into the boss of the family is insane

but has all the power and they're like they have to do

they don't have to do what we said

they can't hardly a if we don't participate in a while you know what

happens then

e amita politically speaking here

okay that's why that's impeachment o_j_ right up and other countries again right

i mean you pressure people to get on the how all of his office in a mob that's an

actual head

right twelve billion politics that's impeachment and hear that you're picking

up that way about they don't have that long-awaited sweat though the

differences strategy guides the heat wave

didn't work where outsider every apartment building the didn't have air

conditioning they would therefore mail and to keep the heat ac

an imaginary land from which he cannot connect it that they had a lot of air

conditioners and set up a neighbor for sure that you can get around this

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