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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Married Couple Moves into 14 Foot Trailer to Escape Minneapolis Winter!

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I'm Julian and this is my wife Jen and we're travelers we've been doing this

for about two years and we love it it all started in our apartment in

Minneapolis it was the middle of winter and we were cold and just kind of

feeling like we wanted to go somewhere help I looked over at Julian and asked

him if he wanted to get a truck and a trailer and start traveling and he said

yeah so six months later we purchased our trailer and our vehicle and we hit

the road I would say one of the biggest reasons we left Minneapolis is we were

just feeling stuck in like a routine going to the same job I was working at a

restaurant Jen was working at a selling suit

selling suits and yeah we just we kind of wanted to get out of the cycle and

just see and experience fresh things new people new places and that's exactly

what we've gotten downsizing to our 14 foot trailer it was a difference from

where we were living before but not huge we lived in a really small apartment so

got rid of furniture got hurt some clothing which was kind of difficult for

me at first then it started feeling good just getting down to the bare minimum

being able to go from point A to point B with everything we owned right here it's

kind of a freeing feeling not being so attached when we first started we had

like a storage thing on top of our vehicle

and we don't have that anymore we just didn't really need it

holes anything so we've actually gotten I guess we've acquired a few things fire

pit and just from kind of experiencing and

figuring out what we need but also got rid of something - yeah but I think the

more that we've traveled it's kind of like slowed us down and we're able to

kind of enjoy spot a little more yeah now it's like we need to go back to

those places that we sped through because we didn't see everything or even

close but I think you just kind of have to get it out of your system like when

you're living in a stationary home and you're going on a vacation you're

getting to that destination and it's like the road trip isn't necessarily the

biggest part of it but when your life is on wheels like learning to enjoy

stopping for a while and just kind of relaxing and we do a lot of like camping

where we're not plugged into anything and we don't really have any amenities

and just like getting into reading and playing games and like doing more

creative things that's been something I really appreciate in the last couple

years that we just didn't really make time or have time for before a great

thing about traveling is like finding new hobbies and finding things that you

like to do and a fun thing that I've gotten to in into the summer is stick

and poke tattoos so I I ordered a kid off of stick and poke tattoo kit comm

and it had like an instruction book in it that was super helpful and like got

me started and it's something that I just like fell in love with and I want

to I want to keep doing and I hope hopefully I can incorporate that into

our traveling we have it's been a lot of fun and it's it's cool meeting people

and sharing that and like putting a mark on them that they love and and I hope to

keep doing

with this camper originally was just an enclosed trailer used for hauling tools

and things like that and the guy that we purchased from actually turned it into a

camper so he installed all the cabinets he did the electricity put insulation on

the inside and actually got it converted and registered as a camper all right so

I'm gonna give you a little rundown of our camper it's super simple and about

as minimalist as you could get with a camper these are bicycles and when we're

traveling we just put them right inside the camper works super well we all have

to deal with a bike rack or anything on the back of our car it's got some brand

new tires on it pretty stoked about that this is a spare tire luckily we've never

had to use that this is my favorite feature of the outside of the camper the

tool chest we keep everything from our tarp to some Christmas lights a drill

all sorts of stuff there's a little little garden we've started here while

we're in Colorado I would say it's flourishing for electricity in our

camper we just have a 30 amp plug that comes out and that's what you know most

campsites have either it's a 30 or 50 amp but 30 is is pretty standard we do

have water that goes into our camper but then it goes into a sink that just

drains out and the drain actually comes right out here and we've actually never

used that because this the seal isn't really good so kind of weeks and we just

you know we just get water from the spigot right outside here

wherever this is the hitch here there's a little a little hitch lock we could we

pod at a Walmart so nobody can steal it the super nice gives you kind of peace

of mind when you leave your trailer you go you know into a city or something and

this is a seven prong plug goes into the back controls of the brake lights

reverse lights blinkers on the camper and actually we got the truck we had to

have a seven also another security feature that I would suggest is this

hitch ball has a lock on it and it uses the same key as the one that

goes on the receiver so nobody could take your hitch off you know well it's

it's hooked up and nobody can hook up to the trailer so that's that's nice

peace of mind especially when you have a very small trailer like we do outdoor

time and outdoor space is just as important as inside so we were camping

out in the desert in Tucson and that was really hot so we decided to get this

tent and that's been probably one of the best things we've purchased we've been

at this campsite working this summer so we've kind of nested a little bit I put

up the curtain got my tablecloth plants like you saw before so really love this

face and they really make our choices of hanging out a lot more doubles no go


this is MTV Cribs welcome to my house this is it it's very small and it's not

bigger as you're seeing it on screen we've got our dinette here this is also

our bed we've got a post basically on the bottom of the table you pull up out

from a bracket on the floor then you lay your cushions down you've got a full

size bed it's pretty comfy if I do say so myself um

Julian mentioned the our sink and how we don't really use it for me it's kind of

a place to keep the fruit and vegetables but it's pretty it I kind of like that

oh I didn't mention storage hidden storage underneath these benches there's

really big storage that's right where I keep our bedding and some things that we

don't use as often because it's not the most convenient space I have a lot of

hats and so I put up this rope with command strips which are like the best

thing in my life living in trying to decorate a camper because they're easy

to take down so you have clothespins hats I think it looks cool and it's a

easiest place to keep my stuff we've got our cupboards up here like bathroom kind

of stuff just like easy to get to and

something I don't like about this camper would be those covered this space like

it's really hard to access and it's one of those things like you don't really

notice until you're living in it you're like why does they do that the comforts

like that but we thought all this space down here and as where we keep like our

food pantry items using these like wire racks is super legit gives you a lot

more space to stack stuff

again cupboard above this is fun we got people like tins magnet

containers at IKEA and then just put up this little metal

board again with command strip and yeah it's a nice easy place we do put those

away when we travel because I just don't want to have that happen would have

spices everywhere another utilization of command hooks

here put this up got a few daily things end up piling stuff on there across on

this side we have microwaves and fridge yeah it's a really small fridge and

sometimes they go grocery shopping like twice a week when we're staying in one

place for a while because it doesn't fit a lot but when we're traveling and not

hooked up usually this is just more storage and it takes me a while to

readjust to having electricity and like oh yeah my frigerator gets cold that's

right I can like buy certain things now so this is like a fun idea I saw online

there's lots of cool you know information out there it's like a file

folder but it works super great for the cutting board and like kitchen utensils

this is something that we put in just like store lights and

so this it was a full-piece this bench but because we put these containers and

we ended up cutting it there storage in here we've got like some bins for

clothes and stuff down there too like I said I did have trouble getting rid of

clothes and I have way too many shoes for someone who lives in the 14 foot

trailer but that's where we are the clothes over here and then you can never

find enough uses for these shoes storage closet organizing things it's actually

being used for shoes now but at one point it had like toilet paper and

kitchen stuff in there so that's that's all cool got our guitar yeah pretty much

this is our tiny home I would say my best piece of advice for anybody that

wants to do this is kind of trust the world it's scary going out into areas

that you haven't been to before but there's good people everywhere like

people willing to help you out giving you advice and everything just kind of

flows into the next thing you know what you want to see what you want to do as

long as you're thinking about it in a positive way like you're gonna find it

Joey it's gonna find you and I think that's that's probably one of the

coolest things on this this trip is just seeing everything connect and like flow

into the next thing it just starts with a thought and then it happens

I guess one tip would be like all the things you think you're going to need

before you hit the road you probably don't so hold off on buying all that

stuff until you've actually been living a little bit and knowing like okay I

really don't need like all these kitchen devices or maybe you're super super into

cooking and you do but you find out a lot what's your card in it and it's not

what you would expect yeah you discover what you need as you are traveling and

there's Walmart's everywhere don't worry

all right guys so if you enjoyed the video go ahead and give it a thumbs up I

really appreciate it if you want to see more of Jen and Julian's travels and

stick and poke tattoos go ahead and follow my Instagram I'll put a couple

links below and yeah until next time guys thank you later

some guys were like David and then he put the table down we put the cushions

out and then we're just like relaxation is very lounging I'd say we've gotten

very very comfortable yeah

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