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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Aruvam Siddharth Movie Super Scene | Siddharth finds about adulteration in food products | Sathish

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Sir, yesterday was tea shop Where is our raid today?

No raid today I'm hungry

Shall we stop to eat on the way?

Hey Sorimuthu, are you hungry?

'Past 2 days, didn't even get a glass of water and he asks me this!'

- Muthu, I was talking to you - I've been starving past 2 days, sir

Okay, decide where we can eat

I know this hotel 'Only Sambar' nearby Shall we go there, sir?

'Hotel Ravi Vilas'

Sambar rice is famous here, sir

Look at the crowd even at this hour

I buy from here everyday

Do you pay?

Sir, they won't accept even if I pay

Sir, be seated, I'll bring Self service here

I hope you intend paying

'Then what? Show off my charisma?'

If all of you ask at the same time? Stand in a queue, sir

Sir, move aside Please wait

What an aroma!

'Please wait, sir'

Who wants this!

Both of you go and buy your lunch

Sir, I'm not in the habit of praying before eating

- You can pray - CHARGE!

We didn't come here to eat? Only 'searching', huh?

Sir, wash basin is outside

You aren't allowed in here

Sorry, sir

Where do you buy your grocery?

- Sir - Answer my question


- Don't tell him - He already did

'Immanuel Agency'

What do you mix in this?

As mentioned on the label

Ghee dhal

We are Food Safety officers

Tell me the truth

Oh! Officer, huh?

Then I have to be 100% honest

We mix only animal fat

That adds to the taste

Even your department is well aware of this

Wretched fellows! You adulterate with animal fat?

Everybody is claiming it is finger-licking good!

Advertise it is 'ghee dhal' and then mixing tallow to it

Isn't it wrong?

What is wrong in that, huh?

- Where is ghee sourced? - Butter ball!

- Hey! - I wasn't swearing at you!

Milk the cow, ferment it as curd and extract butter from-

Why should I tell all this to you?

Take my usual 'grease' I pay your colleagues and clear out

I'm not in the habit of taking

I'm used to only 'giving'!

How dare you touch me?!

Your next destination is hospital

That is exactly where we are heading!


'Government Hospital Canteen'

Wait, grandma

- Sorimuthu - Sir

Can you see the expiry date?


Company was opened on that date!

Unwanted details are printed crystal clear

But expiry date has been deliberately blurred

Bring the packet and come with me


Tell me this loaf's expiry date

Can't you read it yourself?

It isn't clear

- 150, 250 - Will you read it out for me?

Why are you disturbing me?

It's printed there Why can't you check?

Hey! That's his job!

Why are you glaring? We are from Food Safety department


Good-for-nothing oafs!

Are you blurring the expiry date to mislead the public?

Same with all the packs, sir

Bread is the only item poor patients can afford

You are selling it after it gets stale?

Shelf life of a loaf of bread is only 4 days

If consumed after 10 days

...what is the plight of the patient?

He will get admitted in the same hospital

Your business can flourish, right?

- No, sir - Who is the contractor for the canteen?

- Sir? - Who is this canteen's contractor?

Have you stuffed your mouth with bread or what?

Dean of this hospital, sir

Don't point your finger at me

I'll lose my job if you do, sir

Your job is not the only one that goes for a toss!

Muthu, are you in the venue?

Just as you instructed, sir In front of the factory

Observe if any vehicle is exiting?

Yes, sir Eicher van

- Right, follow the vehicle - Okay, sir

Where are you?

Sir, reached Porur from Ambattur

Copy that, don't lose his trail

'Sir, the van is crossing Velachery'

'At this rate looks like he'll take me to Kanyakumari!'

Muthu, come what may don't lose him

Keep following him

Sir, driver has turned into a dump yard

'Wait till the van dumps the garbage'

I'm better off dumping garbage with this chap than sticking to you like glue

Sir, he drove away after dumping the junk


Phone switched off, huh?

He yells 'charge' wherever we go

And doesn't charge his own mobile


I didn't say that The admin chap said so

Next movement, sir

- Sift through that garbage - Sir, I am an officer

- I'm your senior officer - Then let's rag-pick together!


Why have they broken the barrel like this?

This serves as water tank in many households

They store rice in my house

This will easily fetch Rs 2000 to 3000

That's why my 'doubt' antenna is up!

Muthu, check if you can find any other piece like this

Sir, were you looking for this?


Why does a food company need Formalin?

- Muthu - 'Understood, sir'

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