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hi cancer welcome to my channel I'm Mona Furtado and I'm ready to do your

reading for the week of February 10th through February 16 2020 I have pre

shuffled the cards to save time let's go cancer are you ready all right

here's Monday February 10 you've received the death card in Reverse with

the death card in Reverse it indicates something in your life should end

but it hasn't yet be it at a workplace a relationship or idea you're hanging on

to something that has passed its prime in hopes to repair it maybe it could be

a bad ending to a situation or like a swift ending in a relationship

a swift ending that occurred that gets turned around for better opportunities

this time maybe Old opportunities could be on the horizon in love it could be

a separation where someone does not want to return cancer and what does the card

say for Tuesday on Tuesday the universe gives the cancer the three of Pentacles

in Reverse as you'll feel work is tiresome and you may not be willing to

work. go put the put the groundwork in you know or need to work at all probably

because it's like you've seen it all before and it's become cynical about

finding you you feel like you you need to find a career that suits you always

think you take on a role that you realize it's tedious it's slow is

boring it's dull you know could be a lack of cooperation in your endeavors as

well as people will have a different viewpoint on how you should spend your

time your effort and your money especially your romantic partner or like

your family what does the card say for the universe

for cancer for Wednesday

the universe gives the cancer the six of Pentacles in Reverse the six of

Pentacles in reverse it reveals like almost like a thief that is a

traditional meaning of this card it's like hang on to your purse some money or

something is stolen from your purse someone will try to steal either your purse or

going into your your purse trying to steal some money from you cancer it's

like money comes to you but you can't keep it is usually due to theft you know

or carelessness be careful Guard your possessions this

week cancer there's people around you they could be envious due to the money

that's coming so you got to watch the attitudes of the people around you

be mindful or how much you're giving and helping others what does the universe

say for cancer for Thursday

the universe gives the cancer to three of cups in Reverse

what did three cups in reverse you may have tried an endeavor and failed in it

it could also mean you feel you have lost the connections from your past but

there's still new people to meet friends associates the partners it's like they

could not be so happy right now with the new money that's coming in they won't be

so happy and cheerful and you want to celebrate and they don't all right what

does the card say for Friday

you have received the five of Pentacles In reverse what the five of Pentacles in

reverse cancer it's like are you clinging on to objects is like clinging

on to people or money just for fear like you won't have enough in the future or

it's just like that's how you feeling right now like from what the cards are

looking at it seemed like it's more of a money type of like something with the

work like maybe you had an interview or a new job if you apply for a job or

something cancer you feel like you won't like you applied for this job because you

feel like you won't have enough in the future are you tryna lay this foundation

down for yourself besides its a temporary feeling though you know or you could be

treated funny because this card also shows that somebody could owe you some

money and then then acting funny yeah acting funny cuz they don't want to pay what

does the card say for cancer for Saturday

it is the judgment card the judgment card you can blow your own trumpet

cancer and praise yourself for your achievements as great changes and

opportunities are on the horizon that's Right Cancer ! being in the public eye

as you did everything the best you could and with integrity also somebody you

know might appear like an old friend one of your girls or one of your guy

friends you're probably running into him maybe at this new job where you going

all right what is the next card for cancer for Sunday

it's the chariot card in the upright position success cancer and a major

departure something big. time for determination focus as you head in the

new direction this card shows willpower to fill your

greatest desires you may get a new car is that what you're thinking because

this card shows your driving you are on the right path though cancer as a new

opportunity for money is coming your way see that's a new job of something that's

what I'm reading new job is coming your way and you in the process of

achieving something working alone you may be working alone also maybe the job

that you'll be working alone all right and what does a what does the universe

want the cancer to avoid for the week of February 10th through February 16 what

does the universe want cancer to avoid

they want you to avoid the Wheel of Fortune and it's in reverse they

want you to avoid feeling like overcome you feel overwhelmed feeling like the

universe is like working against you in some way like you don't really have

enough time that's it that's like a card a card of time feeling like you don't

have enough are you lacking in confidence cancer and your thoughts you

feeling out of balance that's what you need to avoid this week cancer feeling

out of balance just keep working on your goal okay keep working on that goal

cancer just avoid feeling out of balance alright

and what should you do what does the universe think you

should do this week the universe gives you the fool card in reverse and what

you should do is go with the flow prioritize your workload is key to

moving ahead quickly so you can say prioritize that's that's the key that's

the that's what the universe wants you to do this week just go with the

flow and prioritize your workload hold back but still prioritize we'll go with

the flow okay and what is the general theme for the week of cancer

February 10th through February 16th what is the general theme for the week for

cancer the general theme for the week of cancer is the Ace of Wands in Reverse

with the Ace of Wands in Reverse this week you'll feel like there's like a

lack of Drive and motivation this week it represents falling into like a slump

main thing is treat this card as a rest card as your body is requiring down time

while your mind is working and productive all the time cancer as it is

your body is tired you may feel like you don't have so much time available for

love work creative projects and hobbies in general could be a false start

rethink your plans this week prioritize go with the flow all right and what does

the affirmation card want to tell the cancer for the week of February 10th

through February 16th

the affirmation wants to tell the cancer that friendliness when there are smile I

make someone's day better what a cool way to buy happiness for free today I'll

remember what an awesome power I hold and I'll take joy in improving lives

simply by giving away grins like crazy note and a pinch of money will also work oh

hey and that was a good card for Cancer says friendliness all right that is

it for the sign of cancer okay thank you cancer I'm Mona Furtado please subscribe

to my channel and like it bye

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