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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BEST WAY To Learn English Language Fluently | 6 Easy Steps & Lingoda Review

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Hello and welcome back to English Like A Native

with me Anna English. Now today's video

is sponsored by Lingoda who I will talk a little

bit more about later on but firstly

did you know that we have something in common

We are both learning a language

Now you are learning English and perhaps

some other languages as well and

I am trying to learn Spanish

But I imagine that both of us are finding difficulties

along the way particularly with speaking fluently

Excuse me, do you know what time the bus is due

*speaking Spanish*

Oh, uhmm

Spanish, I speak Spanish a little bit

*Speaking Spanish*

It's really frustrating isn't it

You have the opportunity to speak the language

and your mind goes blank

Speaking is the most difficult part of language learning

So I have taken five steps

in order to efficiently learn a language

some of them are more effective than others

but let me show you just what I'm doing

Step one, I went online I bought a book

I bought another book

and I bought lots of other books

i bought so many books that I didn't know where to start

and I also found they weren't easy to carry around

so the books now live by my bed and I spend

fifteen minutes every night reading before I go to sleep

Step number two

I needed to learn vocabulary so

I started employing

one of the vocabulary learning tricks

which is to label all the things around you

that you see on a regular basis with the name

in Spanish. This was kind of helpful

but sometimes a little bit annoying and just got in the way

Step three, I started listening to audio books

Audio books are very easy to

integrate into my day to day life

I listen while I'm traveling

I listen while I'm exercising

and though I don't understand every single word

I find that my general understanding is improving

Step four, I started watching Youtube videos

Youtube tutorials are really handy

You can watch them on your phone

You can watch them at home on your computer

and you can fit them into your life whenever you need them

Step five, I started trying

to think in Spanish I started of

with the basics just doing things like counting

and naming nouns but in Spanish rather than

thinking of them in English and then translating

However, I find that if I lose

the vocabulary then it actually

gets in the way of my daily routines

because I can't find the words

I needed help, I needed a person that

I could speak to, I needed a teacher who could

guide me but unfortunately I'm a

very busy person and I didn't

have time to sign up for a course

So I thought it was about time to take an extra step

Step six and check out

Lingoda after all I

have recommended them to my students

on plenty of occasions so it was about time

that I became a student. Now what I have always loved about

Lingoda is how beautiful their website is and

how easy it is to use

and if you find that you still have a few issues

or things that you are not sure about

then it's very easy ask for help and there's always someone there

to help you out in those situations

So I got myself signed up

Of course I told them I was interested in learning Spanish

They do also offer lessons in English, French

and German. So I filled in my profile

I set my timezone and I set my

skill level which ranges from

A1 to C2

I of course am A1 point one

a beginner very much a beginner

and then I set my schedule. Now this is something I really

like about Lingoda, I am a very busy person

My schedule changes from week to week

They offer lessons seven days a week

twenty four hours a day

so it doesn't matter what my schedule is

I'm always able to find something that suits my

time frame and I even managed to have a private lesson

while I was traveling recently and stuck in the airport

for a few hours. I had Wi-Fi, I have my

mobile phone and so I organised a lesson

and it made a really good use of that time

that would otherwise have been wasted

Lingoda definitely scores high

on flexibility so the private lessons are

held by Skype and the beauty

the beauty of Skype

something I realized is that if you're having a bad hair

day or perhaps you're still wearing your pajamas

when you come to your lesson time

You don't have to put the camera on

so nobody has to know and then you have

group lessons which are held via Adobe Connect

and that's all very easy to setup and

if you have any problem with that whatsoever

Lingoda are there to walk you through it

For all your lessons, there's a topic set

and along with that topic you can download

the supporting materials which we'll work through

in the class but you can keep the supporting materials

on your computer or you can print them off and use them as you like

Now I have to say

I was really really impressed

with the supporting materials they are just really colourful,

well thought out, challenging but

but easy to follow yeah

very impressed I was very excited about my first

group lesson so much so that I even made

a whole batch of cupcakes for all my classmates

However, on my first lesson there was only two of us

in the group and so, so it was bad in

one respect because it meant I have to eat a lot

of cupcakes, a lot

but it was good in the respect that I got

so much attention from the teacher it was almost like having a

private lesson because it was only the two of us

so it was great value for money and

after that i realized that most of

the group lessons are very very small groups

The teachers that I've met so far my journey have been faultless

They are all natives

which is really really important

and no matter what time of the day

I've had my lessons and the have always been so

so cheerful, it's like they just love their job

It makes me feel happy and encouraged

even when i find it hard and

they're happy because I'm happy and it's just one big

happy circle, happy happy happy happy

So once you've completed enough courses around

thirty to forty hours the you will qualify for a

CEFR certificate

and this will attest your level of

comprehension ranging A1

to C2

and these certificate are great

they are internationally recognized certificates

and they can be used on visa applications

They can be used for university applications

It just gives people a good understanding of your

comprehension level

so definitely a great way

to keep you motivated

I've got about ten more hours of study to go

so to sum up my experience with Lingoda

Great website, really helpful

supportive team, amazingly

professional happy native teachers,


supporting materials which you can keep for as

long as you like,

certificates which are very motivational,

flexible and therefore super convenient

and really good value for money

and if you are interested in checking out Lingoda for yourself

which I highly recommend as part of your

language learning strategy then you are in luck

because if you use this code

along with the link in the description box below

then you will get a discount of

fifty euros

I'm certainly going to continue to be a student of

Lingoda and I think you should try it

for yourself too and if you

have any language learning strategies that I haven't mentioned

then please do put it in the comment box below because I love

to know and hey, one day

I will be fluent in Spanish

with the help of Lingoda and you will be

fluent in English

Thank you very much guys, take care and

Muahh! Goodbye

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