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- Cheating, yes.

- Do you wanna go first?

- Have we ever talked about that?

- No.

- Definitely more than just a couple inches.

Ya know, I mean-- - What?

- (laughs) I'm kidding.

- Nobody talks to her, period,

that's it. - So stupid.

- If she held hands with a guy, kissed a guy,

texted-- - Held hands?

- If you texted a guy too much.

- I text a lot of guys.

- You know what I mean.

- Sexually, like, you're getting off, it happens.

But emotionally, I think that's like a whole

different level.

I think that's worse.

- Yeah, I would agree. - That's a lot worse.

- If you can't do it in front of your partner, then,

it's cheating.

- Yeah.

- Have you ever cheated on somebody?

- No.

- 'Cause I have and I never told

either of the people involved.

- Not really. - No.

- He's friends with a lot of his exes.

- I actually have an ex-girlfriend that we're both

mutual friends with right now.

- Yeah, remember when your ex texts you?

His ex text him this love poem and umm--

- I never got to see it.


- Yes, she does.

I wouldn't even notice she went through it

until she brings up something and I'm like,

"How would you know that and it's in my phone?"

"Oh, I went through your phone last week."

- Not flirting.

- There's been some questionable about this girl.

- There's nothing.


- Remember those pictures when you came back

from your business trip?

- No, I don't remember any pictures.

This is my business trip.


- He's like in the middle between these two girls,

like these beautiful Hispanic ladies, he was in Mexico.

He had his arm around one up here but then the

other one he had like around her waist, like this.

- No, that was girls from the office there.

It was a sales branch down there.

We'd go out and do whatever--

- I heard this already.

You don't have to explain it.

- Alright, alright.

- Oh, I'd be--


- If that ever happened, it would be (ticks) gone.

- [Both] Yes.

- Hands down.


- If it's a kiss like,

happy birthday kind of a kiss, right?

But if it's a big, loving, (giggles),

that's grounds for breakup.

- That might terminate the relationship.

- For sure end my relationship.

Like came home one day and I found him in bed with ya know,

somebody and I had no idea that was happening.

- If someone came home and was like,

"Look, I slept with somebody."

- This makes me wanna throw up.

- It was a mistake.

- There's no--

- The thing about it is--

- Doesn't feel good, my brain goes to kill.

- I kind of just wouldn't wanna know if you did that.

- Because we have a child together especially,

it's just like how are you gonna do that

to the mother of your child?

Yeah, I would just be done.

- I mean, I say this now, but I don't think that

it would be the end all.

I don't know, that's a hard one.

- Why don't you?

- I'm very unproud of the fact that I did have an affair

and I never told Sally and Sally never found out

and then, once our daughter was born,

I went to Sally and I said, "Sally, I need to tell

"you something and if you wanna leave me,

"you have every right.

"I'm really not proud of what I've done."

Told her all the girls I'd messed around with

and she knew some of them.

Well, she forgave me and thank God she did.

That was over 40--

- It was long enough ago

to forget how long ago it was. - 44 years ago.

- And we've never done anything since.

- Well, we've done a few things.

- Well, I mean, nothing like that.

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