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Written by K.Isaev Suggested by Onega bylinas

Directed by Alexander Ptushko

Director of Photography F.Provorov

Production Designers E.Kumankov, E.Svidetelev

Music by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Sound Engineer - V.Zorin


Sadko - S.Stolyarov Lubava - A.Larionova

Trifon - M.Troyanovsky

Vyshata - N.Malishevsky Ivashka - B.Surovtsev

Kuzma - Yu.Leonidov

Timofei - I.Pereverzev Omelyan - N.Kryuchkov

Maharadja - M.Astangov Sea King - S.Kayukov

Sea Queen - O.Viklandt Ilmen Princess - N.Myshkova

Phoenix - L.Vertinskaya

Farewell, farewell,

O dear Mother Volga!

I have sailed you for a good twelve years.

I shall miss you - that I know

But I can't resist

The bidding of my heart.

I, Sadko, do implore you:

Let me go.

You were always so kind to me,

That's so.

But I am all agog

To see

the whole world.

Hail, Mr. Great Novgorod!

Why are you looking at me?

No offense meant.

Gimme some water.

Help yourself.

What is your name?


Good name.

- I must go. - Wait.

Will I see you again?

I don't know.

Where can I meet you?

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Lubava, dearest!

- Go, Vyshata. - Don't touch me. I'll go.

Good folks, I've given myself in bondage.

Give me a glass of wine to ease my lot.

You've had your fill.

The lad's in grief.

- He's poor as Job. - There's no happiness...

Happiness? Where is it?

Don't wait for it,

it won't come.

It's a bird in the back of beyond,

flying in the sky.

It's not easy to catch it.

Where can it be, the bird of happiness?

Go for it.

Faraway foreign climes are full

of amazing creatures, maybe even the bird of happiness.

I'll fit out boats and sail there.

If I catch it, I'll keep it.

Fit out boats? Wherewith?

This is all I have.

- Not much. - You won't go far with that.

Don't worry.

How much do you cost?

- Half a piece. - Just that?

Give me half a piece and the sable hat is yours.

- My hat! - My hat!

Here you are.

If you find happiness, remember to share it with us.

Poor folk could do with some.

The handless man did steal an egg.

In the bare-chested man's bosom shoved it.

- And the blind man? - Looked closely.

- And the deaf man? - Listened hard.

- And the legless man? - Ran fast.

- And the dumb one? - Cried help.

You can't fight the rich. You have to bear it.

I don't want to bear it!

Get lost,

you cursed lechers!

Have your say, Timofey Larionovich.

Don't I stand in high esteem?

Isn't my ground floor laden with food?

Don't I feed multitudes?

Is there a match to me in Novgorod?

You are overdoing it.

There are wealthier merchants in Novgorod.

Who can be proud of his wife?

None other than you, Omelyan.

She stalks to church

like a peahen

and sails back like a white swan.

Our lads are well-built and well-natured.

Is that so?

- Who's he? - From where is he?

From where? I'm no longer there.

I was born in Novgorod,

my name is Sadko, the psaltery player.

We don't know you.

Why did you come to our feast?

Why do they come to feasts?

To sing for distinguished guests.

Let's see what you can do.

- Chuck him out! - Why should he sing?

- Kick him out! - Let him sing.

The clever man boasts

his mom and dad,

The foolish man boasts

his young wife,

The merchant boasts

his well-lined pocket,

The rich man boasts

his treasure of gold.


bite your shameless tongue!

How dare you say such things

at out feast?

That's only an introduction.

Permit me to tell you the tale.

I saw him at the market place.

He was inflaming the riff-raff with ungodly words.

Be quiet, Novgorodians!

I am not here to fight or quarrel.

I want to ask you a favor.

I mean no offense.

A favor? Now you are talking.

What do you want?

Listen, esteemed merchants!

What's the use of swaggering and reveling and double-dealing?

Well-lined pocket or not so,

you can't take it to Eden.

Why don't you take your merchandise

overseas to distant lands,

impress them with our sables

and honey,

and win fame for Novgorod.

He is mad!

Beggars dare teach us!

- Look at him. - Chuck him out!

- Down with the troublemaker! - Kick him out!

The psalter player talks sense.

Do you really mean it?

I do.

The raggamuffin called us silly drones.

He's still wet behind the ears but he talks sense.

- His bold talk makes sense. - He's too young to call the tune.

I'm my own master.

What do you make of the psaltery player's words?

What's it to you? Mind your buffoon's business.

- I'm going with him. - You dare!

So you want our goods, don't ya?

We have them -

broken crockery and defective pottery.

Hold it, grandpa.

He speaks the truth.

We are just stuffing our chests with gold...

What's with you, Kuzma, son of a bitch?

Are you siding with that scum?

Disgracing your father? You want some flogging?

Devilish words!

All right,

esteemed merchants,

I'll get the boats anyhow.

And I'll put your wealth to good use,

cover the streets with silken cloth

and clad the poor in golden clothes.

I'm telling you:

I will get the boats!

- Take me with you! - Who are you?

I'm Ivashka the buffoon. I'll serve you in good faith.

Sing, throw somersaults - whatever.

- You're too young. - I won't stint my life.

Do take me. I'll be of use to you.

Very well.

You'll be the first man in my squad.

In the meantime

I'm gonna brood.

Hey, my ringing psaltery!

You are all I have.

O, sombre oak grove,


Let me pass.

My vision is dim,

What with scalding tears.

I can't see

the wide world.


O quick waves

and vast expanses,

To the tale

of my bitter lot

and of my cherished dream.

Please look at me.

My! You are a wonder of wonders,

an unspeakable beauty!

Do you like me?

Who wouldn't like such a beauty?

I like you too.

Your ballad's captured my heart.

What's your concern, my beloved?

Tell me.

If I can't help you, I'll ask my father.

And who is your father, my beauty?

He's the king of the sea.

His azure palace is in the bottomless deep

with shoals of goldfish

and sea deities.

His is a great dominion.

Come with me, Sadko.


I can't leave the earth yet.

I promised the people to catch the bird of happiness.

I'm at my wits' end.

I don't have the wherewithal.

No wherewithal?

Come here in the morn,

I'll drive goldfish here. They are priceless.

Will you love me then?

I must go,

it will dawn soon.

Fare you well, Sadko.

Come in the morning.


Priceless too!

Well, merchants, hold tight!

Call it a day! To the popular assembly!


Why those bells at night?

Damn them.

Why the bells?

Are we to see in a new Prince or see off the old one?

Who dared call for the assembly?

- Me! - The troublemaker? Not again!

- Take care of him! - Get him!

Don't will me hanged, my free brothers...

- ...will me to speak. - Send him down from the bridge!

Let him speak!

Hear me out!

I came to Novgorod with good intentions.

I wanted to make it famous.

Your merchants laughed at me.

They don't trust me.

I'm saying for all to hear.

At sunrise I'll throw a net into Lake Ilmen

and catch a goldfish.

A goldfish in Lake Ilmen? Indeed.

Who d'ya take us for? Simpletons?

Get him to the bridge and push him down.

Let him catch fish!

Well, esteemed merchants,

let's lay a wager.

I catch the goldfish - you give me your merchandise.

I don't catch it - you chop my head off.

What do you say, Orkhip?

Won't his head cost us too much?

What do you say, merchants?

Aye, aye!

Have you all heard

about the wager?


So be it.

At sunrise

go catch your goldfish.

If there's no fish by sunset,

you lose your head.


Now go, Sadko.

The sun's rising!

- Who's coming with me? - May I?

I don't mean to catch fish, we're going to seek happiness.

That's not so easy.

Not all will endure.

Whoever passes the tests comes with me.

Try us!

So he wants people to catch fish!

Let him have fun till sunset.

And we'll make a block meantime.

Get a tun of wine

and a goblet.

Come, honest men!

Try me, Sadko!

Drink it.

You're no good.

Now you.

Take it.


I'm now gonna knock you down.

- You're not strong enough. - Try me, Sadko.

Take the goblet, Kuzma.

Stand your ground and I'll take you.

Come on, do it.

Good. Stand at my right hand.

Try me.

Tramp! The things he's doing.

Not to worry. The end is not far off.

There's my boy!

- Try me! - Vyshata, stand in line.

First gimme wine.


Now hit me.

Try him not with a fist

but with dark red elm.

Why not.

Let the hero knock my bear down.

I don't mind.

Watch out, bear!

Easy, devil, you'll hurt the beast.

You are strong, Vyshata. I take you.

Will you take me, Sadko?

What would I do with you?

Nevermind I look sickly, I can be of use to you.

I can't take wine and a thread could kill me.

But I'm artful.

- See that? - Well done, Trifon!

You're the man for the job.

Now get me a silken net.

Now's the time.

The sun's high up.

So he wants our goods?

We've got some for Sadko!

Let's go open our shops.


No goldfish.

No goldfish.

No goldfish.

Thank you, Princess.

He caught it!

I caught it!

You'll now wear rags like us, dear merchant.

You look downcast, esteemed merchants.

A bargain is a bargain.

Now gimme the keys.

My lads, these are the keys to their shops.

Get yourselves arrows,

swords and outfit.

You were tramps, you are now warriors.

Don't grudge silk and velvet,

cast'em before the destitute.

You don't look cheerful.

Missed your clothes or became stuck up?

Stuck up? Clothes won't give me wits.

Isn't it too early for you to be sniffy?

Look, they all are happy, well fed and well clad.

All? Take a closer look.

- Who are they? - Beggars and cripples.

You gave them shops, goods, everything

but not many are happy. How are you going to seek happiness?

My, I forgot the boats!

I wanted to make people happy overnight.

You failed.

Lubava, sweetheart!

Oh, Sadko!

Why are you trembling?

Mother forbids me even to think about you.

Does she think I might hurt you?

You're good-for-nothing she says.

You came from nowhere,

disgraced esteemed merchants,

grabbed their goods and squandered them.

I can't be happy with you.

That's what my mom says.

Good-for-nothing indeed.

You can't be happy with me.

I am sick at heart.

I don't know what to do.

I mean well

but I often get carried away.

Your mother is right,

I can't make you happy.

No, she's not right.

Even if she is, I don't care.

I can bear anything -

misfortune or wrong

but please don't leave me, sweetheart.

It breaks my heart

to part with you.


Yes, honey.

I'll go away if I get the boats.

You don't seem to love me.

I love you more than anything.

If it was about my own happiness

I'd never leave you.

But I promised to the people

and I can't backtrack.

Then go if you must.


you are always on my mind.

That's all I have now.

Thank you, Princess.

Wake up, brothers.

Look at this treasure.

Grab this gold and head to the dock.

Get skillful hands to build boats,

solid and seaworthy

and well-ornamented

with wooden beasts on the stern and bow.

Do it, lads.

The sea calls.

Won't you forget me?


Wait for me, Lubava.

Don't listen to evil words.

I'll come to you

no matter what.

See those pigeons?

They are my messengers.

I'll be sending you one every year.

And I've made an amulet

to protect you.

Go now,

it's time.

I'm not coming with you.

I don't want them to see my tears.

What do you want, merchants?

Bear no malice.

One fancies all sorts of things at night.

In the morn all's well.

Let bygones be bygones.

A runner sometimes stumbles.

Now we see

you're concerned about Novgorod's good.

- So are we. - Don't we live here?

You want our goods? You can have them.

- We don't mind. - Thanks for your kind words.

Go work for the people.

Looks like we're unwelcome here.

We don't want any trouble.

They want to trade with us - fine,

they don't, we'll get by.

Let's just see

about the bird of happiness.

Let's ask them.

Hey there!

Why did you come? What do you want?

Not too hospitable, are you?

We've come from afar,

from overseas

to see the world and show ourselves.

- We want to trade with you. - Go while the going is good.

Are you trying to scare us away?

Your next step will be your last.

Very well.

We'll oblige you.

Tell us if there's

a bird of happiness in your parts.

Our happiness is to hack our enemy to death.

Spilling human blood... Do you call it happiness?

I spill blood when I have to

but I'm never happy with it.

Oh bother them. We'll get by somehow.

Just soaked our pants.

The step has been made!

Forward, sons! Kill'em!

Look out, Sadko!

We never so much as touched them.

You've got yourselves to blame.

Give it to them, brothers!

- What do you want? - A sword.

That's not your business. You're too young.


You want blood, devil? Cool down!

Hey, set sail!

Easy, you may hurt the horse.

Not to worry.

Take him on board.

We'll make Sadko a present.

I don't think

we can find the bird of happiness

among their lot.

Nevermind, brothers.

We'll travel far and wide and find happiness.

One year passed,

another raced by,

a third is galloping.

I have worn out my eyes

and sung all songs waiting for you.

Where are you, my sweetheart,

my beloved?

Hey, people christened and not,

the old so-and-so!

Roll on!

Roll on!

Hey, Sadko!

There is a bird in this town, it sings about happiness.

Where is it?

In that golden tower

behind seven walls in their Prince's palace.

- Let's go there. - A host of soldiers guards it.

- We'll just lay down our lives. - Just one peep!

Not so fast. We'll manage by ruse.

The Prince loves horses more than anything.

What if...

There's Trifon for you!

Who are you?

We are freemen from Novgorod.

Trade in mellow honey and fluffy sables.

We greet you, Your Highness.

- Is it your horse? - Mine.

- How much do you want for him? - He's not for sale.

- I keep him for myself. - You dare disobey me?

Don't be ireful, Prince. I can't sell him

but I can swop him.

Oh yes? Let's swop then.

What do you want?

I hear you have the bird Phoenix.

We'd like to have it in Novgorod.

You dare! It's a magic bird.

It can't be swopped for the horse.

I'll get my elephants to trample you down and take the horse.

You can't.

It's a magic horse.

Whoever gets him in an evil way, dies a bad death.


Very well. Let's play chess then.

Win - and the bird's yours. Lose - and the horse is mine.


You lose the bishop.


I win. The horse is mine.

You lose, Your Highness.

Well, you won my treasures

but it may cost you your life.

That's my concern. Just cough it up.

Very well.

This way.

- How do we get back? - We'll manage somehow.

Happiness seekers never go back.

- Can't we go back? - Never.

O seekers of happiness, drop down on the rags!

You're on the threshold of the blessed peaceland.

You have chased happiness

reaching out your grabbing hands to it

but, like others before you, you've got nothing.

Naked and lonely is man on the earth.

This will go on forever.

Woe is him who tries to find happiness through action.

Happiness is peace

and dream.

Listen to me, look at me

till your eyes will become dim

and you will sleep forever.

Forget the evil world and other men.

Feel sorry for no one, grieve over no one.

I, Phoenix bird, will sing sweet songs for you.


quiet happiness...

quiet happiness...





These songs are no good.

Hey, silly bird,

look around and sing.

Maybe your men will be satisfied.

No, that's not the kind of happiness we need.

- Let's get outa here, brothers. - What about the damned bird?

Put it under your flap. Let Novgorodians marvel at it.


It's hissing, evil spirit!

It's time. They're sleeping.

Go and bring me their heads!

- See! - He took to his heels.

- The Prince doesn't like to lose. - We may want to win back.

Let him try.

What do we do?

Let's hope for luck.

Luck you say?

Hey, wise bird, sing your song of happiness.

Do sing, don't abuse our kindness!

Come on, sing.

Drop on your knees, O warriors,

and sleep soundly.

I, Phoenix bird,

will sing sweet songs for you.

Quiet happiness... happiness.


Quiet happiness...



Oh how I, a good young man,

miss my dear parents,

my father and mother.

Long indeed is the road

ahead of me.

I can't turn off it

nor sidestep.

Oh where can I find the road

Leading to my native land?

Oh my dear homeland,

I can't live without you.

The old man lied. There's no happiness overseas.

Set sail!

Turn the bows homeward!

Brave warriors, we have long plowed the seas

but we forgot to pay tribute to the sea king.

He wants a human sacrifice.

Well, brothers, I took you to these journeys...

- ...and I'll answer for it. - We've shared good...

...and we'll share bad with you.

We shall cast lots.

Hear, hear.

No, brothers. I owe the sea king.

I guess it's my turn.

Do me the last favor,

throw a Cyprus board into the water

and give me my psaltery.

Don't cry, Ivashka!

Perhaps we'll meet some day.

Give my regards to Novgorod people and my beloved.

Think kindly of me.

Fly, my dear messenger,

Flap your white wings,

Find my beloved.

Tell him how his dove misses him

and she'll never tire of waiting.

Up there gold is valued more than iron.

No, iron is valued more.

- Gold! - Iron!

How dare you contradict me?

I'm the sea king!

I'm the queen!

My father keeps you here out of charity, so you must obey me.

No, I mustn't.

I'll whack you with my trident so you'll howl.

Aha! Sadko the rich merchant is here.

About time. You have your psaltery?

I do.

It's not a psaltery, it's a domra!

Shameless eyes! It's not a domra but a psaltery.

- Domra! - Psaltery.

Be quiet or else.

- Domra! - Tell her it's a psaltery.

I can't butt in. It's between man and wife.

I'd better play and sing for you.

Yes, do, perhaps I'll melt.

Oh shining king of the sea!

Word has it you're rich and cruel.

There are wondrous wonders never seen.

By itself the psaltery begins to sing.

Come on, dance, dance, dance,

King and Queen, don't miss your chance.

Against his will won't sulk the king.

Against his will Will make merry the King.

Don't you punish Sadko for his songs,

Better tell your monsters dance and rejoice.

Come on, dance, dance, dance.

King and Queen, don't miss your chance.

Step on it!

Boats are sinking, people are dying!

Oh no!

What? Why'd you stop playing?

Strings got broken.

I need to go up and get new ones.

You sly fox!

You've only just come and want back already?

First marry my daughter.

I've got several.

Then you can go up for new strings.

Choose any.

Tell father you'll take me.

But I won't.

Just promise and I'll help you.

- I take this one. - No, not her.

She's my pet. Take another.

- I don't want another. - You dare!

My servants will make mincemeat of you.

Ask mother.

What do you say, Queen?

- Let him marry her. - No.

- He will. - He won't.

He can marry whoever he likes, I don't care.

Why'd you tell me to lie?

I can't marry you.

You don't care for me

but I love you.

My heart is not free.

I belong in the earth. Forgive me, a sinner.

We are not fated to be together.

Couldn't you curb your heart?

No, I couldn't.

I should be angry with you but I can't.

It is rightly said

that love is strong.

What do you want now?

To be in the open.

Help me to get to Novgorod, Princess.

Very well.

We have lost our Ilmen girl.

It's the swiftest seahorse in our kingdom.

- Thank you, Princess. - Good bye.

- I'll never see you again. - Good bye, Princess.

Go before I change my mind.

Arise, O King! Sadko is gone.


Get me a seashell!



- Sweetheart! - Beloved!

Where is Sadko?

There's no Sadko.

Here I am!

- Have you found happiness? - Yes.

Where is it?

Right here.

I've traveled beyond thrice-nine lands and to the sea bottom

and I find that East or West, home is best.

Here is our happiness!

Translated by Raisa Svirina

The Description of Садко (сказка, реж. Александр Птушко, 1952 г.)