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The Poop Piles Up: Images Show Chinese Ships Putting Human Waste Into South China Sea, Experts Say

Biden to warn U.S. companies of risks of operating in Hong Kong - FT

Biden to denounce Trumps lies about stolen election in Tuesday speech


Japans defense white paper 2021

Thailand seeks end to Myanmar crisis

Taliban sends warning to Turkey not to extend troop presence in Afghanistan

Spain's new, younger cabinet with more women meets for the first time

Thailand seeks end to Myanmar crisis


Welcome to FBNC's July 14 Today's world news

Liz Derr, an analyst in the US, warned that satellite images collected over the past five years show that

a large amount of waste discharged from Chinese ships is present in the areas.

The area that it illegally occupies in the South China Sea has severely damaged coral reefs and the life of many marine species.

Speaking at the Philippines' online news forum on China's actions in the South China Sea, Liz Derr, head of US software company Simularity,

which develops artificial intelligence to analyze satellite images, said: Hundreds of Chinese fishing

boats anchored in the Spratly Islands area, have dumped garbage and human waste into the sea.

According to this analyst, the waste has accumulated to a significant extent leading to the proliferation of toxic algae species, damaging coral reefs and seriously threatening fish habitat.

On June 17 alone, at least 236 ships were spotted in the atoll, internationally known as Union Banks, Derr said.

Derr warned that fish species such as tuna that breed in coral reefs could be threatened and fish numbers could be significantly reduced in an area considered a major source of seafood for the area.

Upon learning of this information, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said

it would evaluate the findings of analyst Liz Derr to come up with the most appropriate response.

Over the years, China has reclaimed more than 1,300 hectares of land on seven features it illegally occupies in the South China Sea, building airstrips, ports,

hangars and deploying communications equipment in areas this area.

The U.S. government will this week warn companies of increasing risks of operating in Hong Kong and also update a previously issued warning on Xinjiang,

Recently, US companies have faced threats that the Chinese government has access to data that foreign companies store in Hong Kong.

The report said that U.S. companies face threats including the Chinese government's ability to gain access to data that foreign companies store in Hong Kong.

The risks also included the new law that allows Beijing to impose sanctions against individuals or entities involved in making or implementing discriminatory

measures against Chinese citizens or entities, the FT said, citing three people familiar with the matter.

On Tuesday, the United States will update a warning that former President Donald Trump's administration issued on Xinjiang last year, FT said, adding that it will

stress on the legal risks that companies face unless they ensure that their supply chains are not implicated in forced labour in Xinjiang.

The FT report also said that the United States will impose more sanctions this week in response to China's crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Immediately, in response to a Financial Times report that Washington will warn its companies about the risks of operating in Hong Kong, Chinese

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regularly meeting that, China opposes US interference in its internal affairs, and emphasizes that

Hong Kong's basic law and related laws clearly protect the interests of foreign investors.

After months of sidestepping acrimony with his predecessor in an effort to lower the political temperature, Biden will argue that Trumps false conspiracy theories

led to the 6 January insurrection and a rash of voter restrictions, the White House said.

Psaki said: Hell call out the greatest irony of the big lie is that no election in our history has met such a high standard, with over 80 judges,

including those appointed by his predecessor, throwing out all challenges.

Trump's accusations of election fraud last year were dismissed by many judges and senior state officials as unsubstantiated, among them Attorney General William Barr, whom he appointed.

However, Trump continued to make accusations, including speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference on July 11 in Dallas (Texas).

On July 13, Japan published the National Defense White Paper 2021 With a thickness of 469 pages, the White Paper consists of 4 parts, of which part 1

deals with the security environment around Japan, the second part deals with the security environment around Japan.

2 deals with the country's security and defense policy, part 3 describes the three defense pillars,

and the last part deals with the core components that shape Japan's defense capabilities.

The 2021 Japanese Defense White Paper consists of 4 parts, respectively addressing the security environment around Japan;

the country's security and defense policy; the three defense pillars and core components that shape Japan's defense capabilities.

Regarding relations with the United States, Japan reaffirmed that, along with its own defense structure, bilateral security agreements on the basis of the Japan-U.S.

Security Treaty form the basis for national security. In addition, the White Paper emphasized that the Japan-US alliance plays an important role for peace, stability

and prosperity not only of Japan but also of the Indo-Pacific region and the international community.

Meanwhile, in North Korea-related content, the White Paper highlights military trends in North Korea that pose serious and potential threats to Japan's security.

As for China, the White Paper states that China's military trends are a matter of concern for the region, including Japan and the international community.

In particular, this year's Japanese Defense White Paper mentioned stability in the Taiwan Strait for the first time,

saying that this issue is becoming more important than ever in the face of increasing pressure from China. Country.

This move is expected to anger Beijing in the context that China has repeatedly warned foreign countries not to interfere in its internal affairs, including the Taiwan issue.

On July 13, Thai media reported that Thailand affirmed that it wanted to see peace in Myanmar, committed to working with the international community,

especially the ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center to end the conflict.

A day earlier, answering questions from the media regarding the situation in Myanmar, Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanee Sangrat said

Bangkok was closely monitoring the situation. Tanee said, as a close neighbor, Thailand wishes to witness the peace, stability and happiness of the people of Myanmar.

The Thai diplomat stressed that Thailand believes the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) plays an important role in helping to

create a favorable environment for dialogue in Myanmar and wants the appointment ASEAN special envoy as soon as possible.

Recently, representatives of Russia and the United States announced that the two countries will cooperate on climate change.

This announcement was made within the framework of the visit to Moscow of the US climate envoy - John Kerry.

Speaking at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, US climate envoy John Kerry emphasized that the two countries have spent many years

negotiating on the issue of war, chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. In addition to these issues, climate change is also an extremely important and urgent issue.

Kerry said that the next few months will be a very important time to rally support to promote the implementation of the commitments in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

For his part, Foreign Minister Lavrov emphasized that Russia looks forward to "close cooperation" with the US at the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United

Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow (UK).

Russia is one of the major oil and gas producers in the world, in recent years it has made commitments and statements that show that it is completely serious about solving the problem of climate change.

During a summit with his US counterpart Joe Biden in Geneva (Switzerland), Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that

Moscow is interested in "stepping up international cooperation" in this regard. In the opposite direction, President Biden also pledged to prioritize climate goals in

national policy, while leading global efforts to combat climate change.

The 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on Monday, highlighting that the development and the realization of human rights

and fundamental freedoms are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

Titled as "The contribution of development to the enjoyment of all human rights," the resolution also stresses the importance of development cooperation and the

universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated and that the international community must treat human rights globally in a fair and equal manner,

The resolution expresses deep concern that the COVID-19 pandemic, estimated to have pushed up to 100 million people into extreme poverty by 2021,

has brought great challenges to global efforts in poverty reduction.

Introducing the draft resolution to the UN body, Chen Xu, China's Permanent Representative to the UN Office at Geneva and other International Organizations in Switzerland said:

"In the face of severe challenges, we should strengthen solidarity and cooperation, work together to overcome the epidemic, and at the

same time vigorously promote sustainable development, especially intensifying poverty reduction efforts, in order to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic

on the lives of people in all countries. To this end, China and the co-sponsors once again proposed this draft resolution, hoping it can help all parties to build

consensus, jointly promote sustainable development, and promote the universal enjoyment of human rights."

At the meeting, representatives from Venezuela, Pakistan, Cuba, Cameroon and other countries spoke highly of China's draft resolution, thanking China for its leading role,

and emphasizing that development is vital to all countries, especially developing countries.

Recently, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that the large protests that broke out in Cuba appeared to be spontaneous and "inspired by the

harsh realities of the United States' involvement in promoting. Earlier, on July 11, thousands of Cubans, many of them young people, gathered in

downtown Havana and along the coastal areas to protest amid close scrutiny. There were several scuffles and arrests, which were quickly resolved, with

many protesters chanting slogans against the shortage of goods and some even planning to broadcast the protest live.

About two hours after the mostly peaceful march, some extremists began hurling bricks and stones at the police,

forcing the force to respond and disperse the crowd. Supporters of the government gathered in the area, chanting slogans in support of the late Fidel

Castro. A few scuffles broke out, but were quickly dealt with by the police.

In the opposite direction, recently, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed the US for the protests in Cuba, calling on Washington to lift sanctions on this Caribbean country.

Over the weekend, Cubans suddenly flooded the streets and protested violently, the government of this country said that the cause of this wave of protests was the US "strangled the economy"

and arrested a number of activists. most famous move.

Thousands of Cubans have joined street protests, protesting the country's severe economic crisis and handling of the pandemic, many calling for an end to the regime and calling for "freedom".

The protests come amid Cuba's deepest economic crisis since the collapse of its former ally the Soviet Union, and a surge in COVID-19 cases has pushed some hospitals to the brink collapse,

The tightening of decades-long US sanctions under former President Donald Trump and the pandemic have exacerbated food and medicine shortages, as well as power outages in Cuba.

Recently, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, officially left his post after a ceremony in the capital Kabul, according to US media,

this is a symbolic development, a step closer to the end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, where troops of the United States and NATO nations and

tens of thousands of Afghans have fallen in the conflict.

Recently, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, has officially left his post after a ceremony in the capital Kabul, Miller has assumed the

position of commander of US forces in Afghanistan since 2018

He handed over command to Marine General Frank McKenzie, head of Central Command. McKenzie will operate from the headquarters in Tampa, Florida, USA.

This is also an event in the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. According to the Associated Press, McKenzie will at this stage conduct air strikes to protect Afghan government forces.

This will last at least until the US completes its withdrawal on August 31

A few days after Turkey pledged to send troops to protect Kabul airport when the US-led coalition withdrew from Afghanistan, scheduled for August 31

The Taliban representative said in a statement on July 13 that this decision of Turkey is deplorable,

as it violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, against the national interests of the Taliban.

On July 13, the Taliban representative said that Turkey's decision to send troops into Afghanistan is reprehensible, a violation of Afghanistan's sovereignty and

territorial integrity, and against the national interests of the Taliban.

The same day, senior Taliban leader Amir Khan Muttaqi said the group did not want to participate in fighting inside urban Afghanistan.

The Taliban insurgents are stepping up their offensive to expand the territories they control, as the United States has withdrawn more than 90% of its forces from

Afghanistan and President Joe Biden announced that Washington will end its military mission in the country by August 31st.

The withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan, with the exception of security units protecting diplomatic facilities, raised fears that the Afghan army would collapse under the onslaught of the Taliban.

Over the past few days, more than 1,000 Afghan troops have fled to neighboring Tajikistan instead of fighting the Taliban.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Snchez recently launched a comprehensive reshuffle of his Cabinet, replacing some of his most important ministers,

promoting women's representation and reducing the average age of members. cabinet members.

Snchez also announced that the new cabinet will focus on Spain's economic recovery and make his new team an example of gender equality globally.

Spain's new cabinet, with younger staff and more women, met for the first time on Tuesday (July 13) after a reshuffle on Saturday (July 10).

The average age of the new team is 50 years old, and the percentage of women increases to 63% in 14 of the 22 positions.

In this reshuffle, former Spanish Ambassador to France Jose Manuel Albares was appointed as Foreign Minister in place of Arancha Gonzalez Laya.

Number 2 in the government Carmen Calvo leaves the cabinet. Nadia Calvino retains the position of Economy Minister.

PM Sanchez took office in January 2020, after months of political turmoil that led to Spain's fourth election in four years.

After just two months in power, the coalition government has had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced

it to impose one of Europe's strictest lockdowns and take a toll on the tourism- dependent economy.

Sanchez has also faced the issue of Catalan independence, a conflict that has divided Spain since an illegal referendum attempt in 2017

In a brief press conference, Snchez spoke of "a new era" opening up to reactivate "the social, green, digital and feminist agenda".

However, the two main goals of the new executive group will be to receive and manage millions of euros in EU

funds to facilitate post-pandemic recovery, and to reduce political and social tensions over the independence of Catalan.

According to Reuters, British police have seized record-breaking cryptocurrency purchases totaling 294 million ($408 million), as part of an investigation

into the conduct of organized crime groups, when it is reported that recently, criminal groups are turning to cryptocurrencies to launder money.

Specifically, British police have seized a total of 294 million worth of digital currency (408 million) within the framework of an anti-money laundering investigation.

This is the largest crypto seizure ever in the UK.

Speaking to the press on July 13, London police said that authorities have seized digital currency worth 180 million pounds (250 million euros), less than three weeks

after seizing the amount of money 114 million pounds that criminal groups are planning to launder money.

In the first digital currency tracing case on June 24, police also arrested a 39-year- old female subject, suspected of being involved in money laundering.

Police are investigating if there is a link between this subject and the amount of digital currency seized during the second trace.

According to London Deputy Police Chief, Mr. Graham McNulty, taking advantage of the development of digital platforms,

criminal gangs are turning to more sophisticated money laundering methods, which use digital money to hide.

proceeds from criminal activities. Besides the benefits of fast transactions and low costs, digital currencies also have many risks because of the nature of this currency

is anonymous. Therefore, digital money is becoming the perfect tool for criminals to launder money, bet on football, transfer illegal money abroad...

According to Bloomberg, recently, Google will have to pay a fine of $ 593 million in France because "the world's search giant" failed to comply with an

agreement with publishers to use their news content on this platform. . Isabelle de Silva, President of the French Antitrust Authority, said that this

decision to penalize Google shows the exceptional seriousness of the violations and that Google's behavior has continued to delay proper enforcement of the law".

Recently, Isabelle de Silva, President of the French Antitrust Authority, said that Google will have to pay a fine of $ 593 million in France because "the world's search giant"

does not comply with an agreement with the publishers. publish to use their news content on the platform.

This decision demonstrates the exceptional gravity of the violations and Google's conduct further delaying proper enforcement of the law."

In Europe, the confrontation between Google and a series of owners of newspapers and electronic services has been going on for many years.

Publishers in Europe have been pushing regulators for more than a decade to counter the power of Google, which has raked in billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Groups representing newspapers and magazines in France filed a complaint against Google in 2019

And the $593 fine is considered by observers to be the latest "frustration" of the French regulatory agency,

as they compete with European partners to become the region's strictest supervisory authority for US technology companies.

The Thai government has allowed people to use Covid-19 test kits at home, and Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms can also self-isolate at home, because of concerns about the rising momentum.

The rapid antigen test kit was approved today and will go on sale in stores next week so people can test at home.

A Food and Drug Administration official said authorities were trying to keep the price of the rapid test kit,

which is less accurate than the RT-PCR test, at around 100 baht (3.06 USD).

Thailand currently mainly uses RT-PCR testing, but long lines at testing facilities in Bangkok,

the epicenter of the current outbreak, have prompted authorities to rethink tracing measures for infected case.

Thai authorities also approved home and community isolation for asymptomatic or mild Covid-19 cases.

Australian scientists say they have developed the "holy grail" of blood sugar testing for diabetics, a non-invasive strip that checks glucose levels via saliva.

For patients with diabetes, controlling blood sugar usually involves pricking the finger with a needle several times a day

and then dripping the blood onto a test strip. As a result, some diabetics, out of fear of pain, avoid this test.

according to Paul Dastoor, Professor of Physics at the University of Newcastle in Australia,

This latest test works by embedding an enzyme that detects glucose into a transistor that can then transmit the presence of glucose,

Since the electronic materials in the transistor are inks, the test can be made through printing at a low cost, Dastoor said.

"The holy grail of glucose testing has been something that is non-invasive," said Dastoor. "(This test) really does open up the prospect of pain-free, low-cost

glucose testing and hopefully much better outcomes for diabetes sufferers," he said.

The team of scientists discovered this diabetes testing method by accident while studying solar cells.

The project secured A$6.3 million ($4.7 million) in funding from the Australian government to establish a facility to produce the test kits should clinical trials be passed.

Dastoor says the technology could also be transferred to COVID-19 testing and allergen, hormone and cancer testing.

Specifically, the University of Newcastle worked with Harvard University on a test for COVID-19 using the same technology.

Recently, field turtles (English name is Caretta Caretta) were released into the sea on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey after completing treatment in Hatay province,

thanks to by the dedicated team of experts from the Sea Turtle First Aid and Rehabilitation Center at Mustafa Kemal University.

On the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, the Sea Turtle First Aid and Rehabilitation Center at Mustafa Kemal University recently

released 20 wild turtles and green sea turtles back into the ocean, after a period of treatment to them.

Explaining the reasons for injury to sea turtles, Altug said: "Injuries are mostly seen in the form of propeller and fishing line damage.

Also, plastic pollution in the sea causes stomach diseases as the sea turtles eat fishing line.

recent years, the attacks of stray dogs, especially on the beaches, have caused a very

serious number of [sea turtle] deaths. For this reason, there has been a serious loss in the number of green sea turtles that come to egg-laying.

Caretta caretta turtles weigh between 300 and 400 pounds and feed on sea animals. Mature turtles lay approximately 100 eggs in each nest they dig in the breeding season,

May to October. Then they hide their eggs by covering them up with sand and return to the sea.

The endangered sea turtles face becoming extinct due to the destruction of their natural environment, artificial lighting at night and human activities.

The Spanish city of Esplugues de Llobregat, near Barcelona, staged an open air concert with protective bubbles and headphones for the audience on Friday.

Spanish city trialed it giving each audience member a set of headphones Spanish artist Miki Nunez performed in front of 20 bubbles,

holding 40 people in total who bopped away in what looked like a futuristic sci-fi set.

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