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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Polished Foil Ball Challenge, Corinne VS Pin

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Well hello again Internet.

Corinne here, and you're watching Corinne Vs Pin!

Yeah, I know, it's been quite a while since I've done this show.

But that's because we've been renovating a house and moving,

and that sh*t is very tiring!

If you want to see more about that,

you can go watch my vlog on my personal channel.

It's just chock-full of riveting content!

Today, I'll be trying The Foil Ball Challenge!

I'm aware [that] Rob just did this project last week..

But, there were so many comments requesting that I try it.

Now if Rob can pull this off,

I know, I can do it.

So, let's get started, shall we!

*Classical Music plays*

First thing I should probably do is watch a video on how to make this foil ball.

Maybe I'll actually watch one of Rob's videos.

Getting that YouTube money.

Why can't I skip this ad!?

Rob! You're wasting so much aluminum foil!!

[You're] killing the planet!

Alright, I think I got the basic concept. It's not that difficult.

You just making an aluminum foil ball,

you hammer it for a while.. I got this covered.

We still have so much to do in here,

but.. f*** it! Let's make a foil ball!!

[I'm] totally confident in my skills to make a shiny, f***in', aluminum foil ball.

{right here legit sounds like a wood-pecker, jsyk}

*something falls in the background* AAAAHHHH!!!

C: We probably should attach that to the wall again.

Rob: Yeah, eventually.

R: Christ! {I see what you did there.}

*Exhale/sigh* This is hurting my arm!

Yeah, I just realized that the camera is shaking,

'cuz I'm pounding on the table that it's sitting on.

*Dead inside*

*Corinne whines*

Well, I've been pounding this ball for quite a while.

And I'm starting to think this is a bunch of BALLsh*t(bullsh*t).

The hammer is really heavy! It's a workout!

I had to put my hair back.

*exhale* I don't want to this anymore does anyone else thinks this is stupid??

*whispers* What. the. f*ck. is. that?

Krakatoa over here.

Guess, I'll just keep poundin'.

Oh ya, I forgot that makes the camera shake,

[I'll] turn on the other camera.

So uh it's totally supposed to look like this at this point right?



This is my goddamn worst nightmare!! {me trying to work with the changed captioning system}

Hi again, so we've had a development.

This has transformed into

the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

I don't think this is what's supposed to happen to your aluminum foil ball..

But, if this was The "Recreating Audrey Two - from Little Shop of Horrors" Challenge,

I'd be winning!

So, I'm gonna have to try it again.

*laughs in agony*

It's a bunch of BALLocks(bollocks) if you ask me!

Is anyone else's arthritis flarin' up?

Hammer Time!

This ball is making me sweat.

I have ball sweat.

*silent laughter, as Corinne comes to terms with what she signed up for*

*Corrie hits her finger* Ow!

*more whining*

This is actually looking pretty good,

[it] might give Rob a run for his money.

Yeah, coming for you, buddy.

Well here we are, day 2,

and I'm ready to get to sandin' and polishin'!

We got to take this party outside because it's really dirty,

and I don't want to dirty up my new house.

Safety Third!

I think it's working!

*muttering* [I can't] do this with these gloves on!


Does anyone else hate this project as much as I do? {probably}

*whining* My arm's about to fall off!

I need to use the electrical sander like Rob did.

Tahahahaha! *losing her sanity*

Yes! *laughing* Ye-e-e-e-e-es!


This is the answer!

Right, kitty?

Rob sometimes knows what he's talking about!

It's rare, but it does happen.

Feeling better already!

Okay, I think that's everything--

What is this!?!

Rob only made one ball, right?

This is an impostor!!!

OHHH Hell, No! {Rob's in for it now.}

The wrath of Corinne!

C: Umm, so I found this.. in... the...

R: Woah- woah- woah- wo- where'd ya find that??

C: I- R: What did you do? What are you doing going through my stuff?

I had to use the sander, so I'm wondering?

What are? What's that all about? What? As I recall from watching your video? You only made one ball?

So why, why is there two balls and why?

What ball are you talking about? This is the only ball? No! What do you, I don't even know?

What Fushigi balls?

Fushigi balls?

F*ckin! Something yeah fukeshiki you! How bout that! Fukeshiki you, buddy! Yeah!

I'm questioning everything now! Day Three, well

we've definitely learned a couple things in this video so far. Number one Rob's a liar and number two I

hate the Aluminum Foil Ball Challenge, but I'm no quitter. I'm ready to go to battle! I got my camouflage on. Let's do this!

Ah! I got something in my eye!

Yeah, the glasses struggle is real!

I'm not sure if this is helping it or hurting it.

It's shiny but, it's definitely not very reflective.

I know I'm certainly reflecting on a lot of life decisions right now. But, I still haven't polished it yet.

So I'm gonna do that and I think we'll have ourselves a winner! I got my polish here. Oh

Christine would be so proud polished aluminum foil ball challenge accepted!

Yeah, just just look at the shine on that, baby, yeah!

Why not? I'll tell you why not because I can't handle doing it anymore, okay?

I think we can all agree though that Rob

Definitely lost this challenge. Next week is super exciting because we're doing the big house reveal that we've all been waiting for!

For a really, really long time. Until then i'll be trying to HGTV the f*ck out of this place.

So it looks good! As always make sure to subscribe like up this video, and I'll see you later *snip snip*

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