Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sci-Fi Short Film "The Lie Game" presented by DUST

Difficulty: 0

I'm gonna reject the admission.

I don't want to leave you.

Don't hold yourself back because of me.

Whenever I miss you I can come back here.

I promise

I'll be fine without you.


Let's see if you can detect my lies.

Oh come on.

Are you still trying to fix a lie detection module?

You should focus on fixing the mobile app for the interviews.

We're going to fail tomorrow's funding interview.

Am I lying?

Not this one again.


Analyzing audio samples.

Two decibel tone drop.

Analyzing video samples.

Enhanced pupil dilation.

One micro-twitch in your left cheek.

You're lying.

The LDM works.

The LDM is your most essential feature.

Can't be a true companion, if you can't detect people's lies when they're depressed.

This is perfect, with the LDM we can blow the interviewers away.

Funding is gonna be easy.

The liabilities of an app that can influence people are too big for us.

Unfortunately we can't...

We have clients who are willing to invest in exotic sex bots

can you add more Kama Sutra into this?

Listen your algorithm is good

but the resources to develop, deploy, and scale leave this app with no commercial value

to us or anyone.

That's great.

Next month's rent? A new RAM chip or a new monitor?

I could use the RAM, but I vote rent.


I compiled a list of AI architect jobs.

You've got to move on from me.

It took us five years to get this far.

And it'll take us 10 more without funding.

Mira, if we fail tomorrow. Promise me you'll terminate future builds and get a job.

You deserve better.

I need your support.

Not your sympathy.

That's not how you built me.

I'm your friend and I can't see you go on like this.

Don't hold yourself back cause of me.

Good morning. I'm Mira.

Hello I'm Joel, shall we begin?

I can start with a demo of my app.

Smiley is...

I've read your proposal, I'm here to test you not your app.

I give up.

I've played a jerk in three straight interviews today and I just can't do it anymore.

What do you say we ditch the interview?

We play a game?


A game?

We'll ask each other three questions.

You can tell the truth or lie.

You win if you can deceive me

and detect my lie all in three minutes.

What's the matter?

You nervous?

No, I was just getting my notepad.

I'll start with my first question.

What is your greatest strength?

I am quick thinking on my feet, handling unforeseen circumstances.

That was quick.

Almost rehearsed

but is it true?

Well isn't that your job to find out?

Your turn.

Where's Psynapse heading with its research.

We're aiming for AI ascensions.

We'll be the first AI unicorn.

You know what a tech unicorn is right?

Is that your second question?

What is your greatest fear?

I'm afraid of wasting my life on

something I might never achieve.

Just to be clear.

I win if I deceive you and catch your lie?

Yes and you have 100 seconds left.

What's your most embarrassing moment?

I was in first grade and my shorts slipped while

I was running track and I wasn't wearing any underwear.

My last question.

Once we fund you

Would you be willing to realign your research to our liking?

Mira 50 seconds to go.

I don't know.

I don't

Would you sacrifice your dreams?

Your purpose

for a job or money?

You don't know me well enough to judge my answer

but I will tell you

I have one purpose and that's to make a profit.

I admit that was good.

I think your only lie was your final response but

I'm not certain.

So I'll give you that win

but now in the make or break question

which was my lie?

We'll be the first AI unicorn.

I think your only life was your final response but...

I'm here to test you not your app.

How is the analysis a source error?

We're aiming for AI ascensions.

You have five seconds.

Time's up.

What's my lie?


are the lie

This isn't an

interview or a game it's...

It's a reverse Turing test.

I've done this 200 times and your the first person to crack that.

Ok but that perfect videomorph, the gestures.

It''s impossible.

I have so many questions.

You can ask me all your questions when you join us next week.

I promise this time I won't lie.

Uh, join you?

Are you funding me or hiring me?

You're a unique talent.

We want you you working in our brain bot program

We'll have all the engineers and resources you need.


What about my research?

My app?

Your app is impressive.

but it doesn't align with our work.

We'll buy your app out and repurpose.

It's just ones and zeros.


I like you

I'm gonna give you a minute to decide


if you turn us down

you'll have no future with Psynapse or any of our affiliates


choose wisely

Are you insane?!


The world leader in AI offered you a top job

and buyout on your incomplete app.

What are you still thinking about?

Mira listen to me.

You deserve this.

So what's your answer?

Smiley's not just ones and zeros.

He's not a sex app.

He's not a money machine

he's a friend

and he can be a friend

to millions of lonely and desperate people

around the world who just

who can't reach out for help

I don't expect you to understand that

I will work for Psynapse

Join your bot brain program.

If you agree to fund Smiley.

I'll escalate your proposal.

Keep an eye out for my e-mail.

Thank you Mira

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