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I am so tired Sikha


But thank God Rahul. It is so pleasant weather here.

Pleasant? Traffic is stuck due to rains

I am having headache because of it.

Really? You liar.

You have got addicted to comfort in just a month.

Make a cup of tea for me please

OkWill make a good one for you.

Ohthese house rats... They piss me off.

You just tell meand I will fly back to Europe.


Such a superb place to live.

Where is the tea sweetheart?

RahulHow will I manage to clean up this much of mess?

Dont worry. I will help you baby.

You just prepare tea for me.








Please dont get angry if I get late tonight.

O Really?

How much late will you get?

I cant say. Boss has called up a meeting and given me a lot of work.

OkBut try to come as soon as you can.





Hello.. Who' is there.. Hello






Hello... Hello... Who is there?

Hello... Who are you? Hello...

Who is there?

Who is there?



What happened Shikha?

Why are you so scared?

RahulThere is something wrong here.

Somebody is calling again and again but does not answer.

It has happened many times since the morning.

I am very scared.


I will make an enquiry tomorrow.

And how the power is gone?

Why didnt you switch on the inverter?

I had put it off before going to Europe and forgot to switch on after coming back.

OkNo worries. I will do it now.



Do not worry this much.

You have already complained about it.

I will inform Police as soon as I get the number from the telephone exchange.

Dont you have to go to office?

Come onGet ready for the office.



SeeHow can I go to office while leaving you alone in such situation?


Who are you?

What do you want?

Hello.. Is this Mr. Rahul Sinha?

Yes.. I am sorry

SirThe number has been traced about which you had made complain.

Please note it down. List of rest numbers has been mailed to you.

0 22 2437 41

May I help you with something else?

No.. Thats fine. Thank You.

What happened?

Oh.. Its Mom.

What happened? Where are you going?

These were calls from Moms old age home.

Old age home?

But thats strange Rahul. If it was call from there, why didnt someone speak in reply?

That I dont know... Let me go there and check it out.

OI will call you sometimes later

Yes. May I help you?

What are you all doing?

Someone is calling me again and again from here for last four daysbut nobody speaks up.

Are you Mr. Rahul?


I am Rahul

Tell me. Why were you calling me again and again?

It is not like that my son at all.

We had called you but around twenty days ago.

Your phone was switched off and nobody was answering the landline phone.

So we had stopped calling you while thinking that you have forgotten your Mother.

How could you dare to think that I have left my mother?

I mean who can forget his mother?

Please understand, I have not left her here completely.

I often come to meet her here.

OkSince you have already come here, please wait two minute.. I am coming

We tried calling you many times but we failed.

Your mother would have lived longer, if we could have connected her with you.

Your mother had just one wish to talk to you.

Please take it.

Your mother belongs to you only.

Ma.. Maa...

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