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You know who they are? - Who? - The parents of the owner of this hotel.

Seems like they are rich! - Hell, no! The owner of this hotel was once a bum.

Come here!

What? - You're still asking me that? You're bringing us shame.

I'm hanging my head low because of you. - You're talking about that brawl I had last night?

Seenu deserved the thrashing I gave him. - Shut up! You're becoming a hoodlum by the day.

Focus your energies on doing something worthwhile. People once used to respect me. But not anymore!

People's respect doesn't define who we are. - All are complaining about you.

I can't take those taunts anymore. You are bringing me disgrace.

What do you want to do? - As long as you're living in my house, behave as I say.

If you can't, get out of my house. - I can't do as you say and you won't let me be as I am.

So, I'll leave. - Son, no..

Son, please, hear me out. Your dad is just angry. Don't take it to heart.

Don't plead with him to stay back. Leave with him if you want.

Why did you come to Hyderabad all of a sudden, bro? - I had a tiff with my dad. So, I stormed out.

I now need to find work. - Storming out on your dad doesn't make you great.

I've stormed out, just to prove I'm great. - Alright. Say, how much cash you got?

About Rs. 1000 in my bank and another Rs. 500 in cash. - Let's booze with all of it.

Bro, by the way, I had an argument with landlord. He is asking me to vacate this place.

How about we administer a good thrashing? - Understand this isn't our hometown. - So?

Anyways, I've to leave for Bangalore for 10 days. You can live with my friend who stays in Panjagutta.

Man, I'm hungry!

Bro, is there nothing to eat here? - 'Nothing. Eat out for the day.'

I used up all the money on booze last night.

'I don't have a penny. I can neither go back to my parents nor resort to stealing.'

'I don't want to be anyone's burden. But I'm hungry as hell. What do I do?'

How may I help? - Do you got startch? - What for?

To wash my shirt with. - Yeah, sure.

I never went hungry ever before. Life is screwing me over and over.

Bro, I'm at Punjagutta. Will you inform your friend? - 'Yeah, bro, I will.'

Switched off?

'He used up all my money to booze. He dumped me in the middle of nowhere.'

'Friendships and respect driven by selfishness won't last long anyway.'

He cheated me!

'That man must be in his 60s, he is still working. She must be in her 50s and she still is working.'

'These humongous sea waves are trying to drown you.'

'But remember, every one has the mettle to tame those waves and write their own destiny.'

'Such wise words by Sri Sri.'

What do I fear? I'm young, and I can work hard. I will work hard.

Excuse me, sir? - Yes? - I see you are looking for helpers.

You seem educated. This job is too menial for you. - I might seem educated, but I sucked at studies.

I see. But can you do physically challenging chores? - Sir, I'm from Amalapuram, so have no doubts.

Nice, I'm from Konaseema too. You can start working right away.

Have some curd, sir. Want some water?

Wait, I'll get you some pickle.

That's enough! - Eat until you are full. - Enough!

I don't Fry! - Trust me, you'll love it.

I don't want Rasam. - Sir, Rasam is really good for stomach.

You've started here recently? - Yes, sir. - Keep up the good work.

You used to work at Navayuga? - Yes, sir. Now, I started this little business.

All the curries are tasty. You're serving great food for just Rs. 30. May God bless you.

From there on, his business kept on growing bigger and better, and now he owns this place.

One should have mettle to start a restaurant like this. - And one should have enough money to eat here.

If Jatka Biryani is ready, serve it to the diners.

This restaurant is ours, dad.

When you stormed out of our house, we were so worried about your well being.

But now, we're so relieved!

I'm so happy now, dad, to see that smile and pride in both your faces.

This is what I worked hard for. - I'm glad you were so stubborn to prove me wrong.

Why would I want to prove you wrong? You said I should lead a respectable life.

But to lead a respectable life, one should be doing what he likes.

If a young man stormed out of his house, it doesn't mean he wants to disrespect his parents

but it means the time has come for him to grow as a person and to stand on his own feet.

To live, one needs food. To live well, one needs money. By living well, I don't mean living a luxurious life

but I mean helping those who look at you for help. You remember you said, you're having to hang your head low?

Though I didn't study enough, I knew it that no one can determine how much respect a person deserves.

From experiences, I excelled at the lesson called life.

That is my son! Money isn't important, name is.

But remember, never let this success get to your head.

True! How much ever a person earns, he won't take any of it to his grave, but his deeds.

People used to call you as Chandoo, Mr Venkateshwar Rao's son.

But now, people call me Venkateshwar Rao, Mr Chandoo Sai's father!

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