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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Do We REALLY Need the National Dex in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Ft. PIMPNITE

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What's going on boys and girls what's up world Austin John plays here and today

we're gonna be talking about Pokemon sword and shield and not having all of

our Pokemon

right after the Nintendo treehouse presentation at e3 2019 Twitter

literally exploded with the hashtag bring back national text this was in

response to what Masood is said in regard to you're not going to be able to

bring all of your Pokemon into Pokemon sword and shield only the ones that

appear in the Ghul our poker decks I wanted to give my thoughts and

opinions on this but I also wanted sort of a view from a competitive standpoint

being someone who does not do competitive literally at all I decided

to call upon a buddy of mine pimp Knight as he does a lot of themed team battles

here on YouTube to help me in this like oh I was going so if you don't know

about PIM Knight he's a large youtuber and he does a lot of themed teams but he

does them very creatively if he structures it around one concept he's

not gonna pick the most overpowered overused Pokemon that fit that genre

instead he likes to pick the underdogs yeah the underdogs the underused the

OU's and the pea use yeah they used mainly yeah first we want to get into

why they said that they can't do it and one of the main reasons they said was

Hardware reasons and I quote Pokemon are created in a much higher fidelity they

have higher quality animations and in regard to the battle system they wanted

to keep everything balanced they also stated that they want to give all of the

Pokemon that appear in Pokemon sword and shield a chance to shine with saying we

knew at some point we weren't going to be able to indefinitely keep supporting

all Pokemon this decision is personally sad and of course I wanted to be able to

bring all Pokemon if I could but it was also a decision that I had to make

someday in the end I had no choice but to choose quality where it says all the

pokemon that appear in sword and shield a chance to shine the problem I have

about that is as some of the Pokemon only getting a cut right how are the

Pokemon the get left out that never got a chance to show I'm going to be able to

shine in fuck of on sword and shield it's kind of

funny don't you think yeah counterproductive could be the right

word fruit I mean there is a good chance that they may do something like they did

for X & Y Omega Ruby alpha sapphire where a lot of Pokemon did not appear in

Pokemon X & Y however Omega Ruby office a fire literally complemented and then

far surpassed the amount of catchable Pokemon with a lot of returning ones hmm

absolutely I personally think that after sword and shield for the next generation

damn it probably makes confirmed that they're going to be having a lot of

those pokémon and the Pokemon that didn't get a chance to show yeah I have

to definitely agree with that one for sure and definitely hopeful for that as

well and it's not unlike the Internet to be a little short-sighted to look at one

small announcement about an upcoming game in a very long running franchise

and realize that the next one is gonna even ever get out

absolutely to be fair the Pokemon do look a heck of a lot better if you

compare a machoke and Pokemon ultra Sun and Moon compared to Pokemon let's go

Pikachu and Eevee it does look a little bit better mostly from the upscaling but

then when you look at it in lets go Pikachu and Eevee into sword and shield

it looks so different and by different I mean he's the same Pokemon however so

many details are done differently if you look at his triceps you see the shadows

coming down because of the light into his armpit

the model of his chest is no longer just one big blanket but looking thing

instead it actually has some curvature there on top of that his belt is no

longer just one flat surface it's actually textured all the way down to

his quads and then his toes are individually modeled you can see from

those little black lines down there it looks really nice as opposed to just

that big gray mess of five little diglettz that you see and let's go

Pikachu in a V absolutely they look good it almost looks like let's go Pikachu an

Eevee Machoke skip like that skip leggy man not like that

and while yes the team has had since Pokemon Sun and Moon came out to start

working on sword and shield because Ultra Sun and Moon was

by a different team right Pam yes that's right

I think they were the people who did Oris I believe that too yeah since that

point they then started on doing pokemon sword and shield and while everyone

thinks oh my god they had three years to start working on these pokemon they

probably didn't start the models right away you need to come up with a story

you need to come up with the world they need to take all their big ideas they

always wanted to do like the wild area and make that into something that works

in the Pokemon engine which has been a very limited sort of world that we've

experienced as we've seen in boundary break and Pokemon X&Y if you move the

camera around there's just nothing textured on the

back it's literally meant for one camera ankle that's it instead this is their

first time creating a full rich 3d world that we're gonna be able to explore kind

of like and breath a little bit just saying I was gonna say I did notice

people we're trying to compare breath of the wild to graphics and those of

Pokemon sword and shield but you know this is the first game for them to do as

I'd like a camera angle in an open-world game and you know breath and the wild

was in for years in the making I believe open is 7 Wow ok 7 so there you go

there's a bit of a comparison so I think they're doing a pretty good job in that

era plus as we all know the first game on a new platform is very safe also the

first game in a new generation is very safe and then once we see all the

amazing stuff that they did with the first game with polygons and X&Y they

then brought that into a mega Ruby alpha sapphire and that was fantastic

have we seen something similar to this before in generation 6 Pokemon X&Y which

was released 10 12 13 or his pimp knight would say 12 10 30s there was no way to

transfer Pokemon from black 2 and white 2 therefore Pokemon bank was released

four months later in February of 2014 to compensate for that they even announced

Pokemon bank of more than a full year before the release date of X&Y Pokemon

XY had 7 hundred and twenty-one Pokemon

completely obtainable and 649 and then were from generation five they added

like 30 Pokemon into that game and on top of that that was the first time that

they did 3d polygons so they had a fair amount of time to take all the Pokemon

that they wanted and put them into 200 P polygons which using Citra emulators

you've been able to take pokemon ultra Sun ultramoon and other games and

upscale them as high as 4k and people think that that looks fine there's still

a lot of issues wrong with that and they want to have that nice detail Plus now

that we're gonna be able to Dynomax pokemon they're gonna be absolutely

enormous they're gonna take up more than the entire screen you're gonna see every

single little imperfection and detail and they don't want you to see

imperfections in the detail I'm sana maxing Y load that's that's become a

mean but like how big is Dynomax and we lured actually gonna be well I'd say

it's it's Finn will probably just be the stadium compared to like a judge alt ik

the smallest tiniest poke one it's probably gonna be normal size with the

National pokedex obviously not being in sword and shield as present we actually

do miss out on quite a few things specifically due to ball combinations

and when I mean ball combinations I mean like specific balls the Pokemon can have

and breed on also we're gonna miss out on certain shinies and Pokemon events

that were exclusively back in say a generation 3 game and they may not be

able to come over until they're allowed in the gala decks when you said event

legendary as you were talking about for example when Sun and Moon came out you

got a munchlax that had hold back and that's the only time that pokemons ever

known that move that's what you're talking about yeah exactly like Pokemon

that were events this specifically had an event move and you're only able to

get that through there how are you gonna get it in the gala decks if they're not

in the gala decks yeah also Pokemon move breeders specific moves passed down by

Pokemon if they're not in the gala decks you know you won't be able to get moves

on certain Pokemon and also Gen 2 Virtual Console moves from legendaries

as well and stuff like that did generation 2 Legendary's have any moves

that they don't have now that are good mm not really good I'm Robbie I'm

probably talking about on a whole but yeah that's probably more insignificant

things than in other fireball Zapdos doesn't get gusty anymore absolutely man

disgusted there's there's also one aspect that I kind of wanted to talk

about a little bit and I know this doesn't pertain to everyone because the

Pokemon games usually come out three to 12 weeks before the holiday season

mainly Christmas big fans of the Pokemon series are going to beginning the games

day one however I'd say that there's a fair amount of people who are getting

these games for Christmas for all the people who get the Pokemon games early

you know day of release you get to play through the game a fair amount almost

two to three months before Pokemon bank updates in the past to be able to bring

the Pokemon from the older generations during that two to three month period

I'm not mad at it from a non competitive standpoint I think it's fun I think it's

sort of eye-opening to think of the current limitations that you have of the

generation in fact during the VGC 2017 which was for Sun and Moon only Pokemon

from the lowland pokedex with some exceptions were allowed in the game and

pimp this is out of my ball court how do you feel about competitive back when Sun

and Moon first came out or any generation before Pokemon Bank updated I

think it was pretty balanced back then usually exclude the mythical z'

and I think it's pretty balanced for VGC it's a little bit different for formats

like smog on which actually have a tier based system that could work as well

instead of just you know banning all the pokemon or not excluding all the Pokemon

over with the national dex as well but here say each side of the argument I

guess so I was thinking with them actually taking out the Z moves right

specifically moves that really didn't get a lot of spotlight like for example

splash may not be as good with the Dyna maxing moves in Pokemon sword and see

also with splash you got like a plus for an attack which actually enabled you to

you know have some sweeping capability as well as

like that may not get those extra bonuses in the new games splash became

competitive yeah absolutely we haven't seen what Dynomax Singh does

too much for a lot of moves yes what was it taunt and growl mmm that had the same

Dyna maxing move yes however there might be some exceptions for that hopefully

they take those you know those moves that didn't get a lot of spotlight into

account and sort of like merge the Z moves into those moves and hopefully

yeah good for competitive stuff I'm personally kind of upset we're not

getting Megas okay if you guys have never watched my videos before I'm not a

huge fan of mega Pokemon I never really have been I feel like I'm sort of this

person if you want to use a Pokemon you should use it not if it's like just a

mega right but I've actually upset they've removed maegor's out of the game

too because the mega is all have different stats and abilities and they

really added some extra stuff to the competitive scene and just casual play

as well I think it's like removing in a real Pokemon and just like you know then

I'll snapping it Charmander and Charizard have always been my favorite

Pokemon and then her Charizard to officially finally become a dragon that

just made me happy yeah you got no worries man Charizard is different

there's a chance that Charizard and Charmander aren't gonna be obtainable

and then they're like you literally see them in the game exactly they have to be

in the Pokedex because you have to be able to complete the pokédex

yeah I'll sort of wondering how they went about picking the Pokemon right

because you see in the actual trail you see go look walking right go like I

wouldn't say is a super popular Pokemon it might be a meme because it flies in

Japan like it might be like a meme over there I'm not sure but yeah I wonder how

they're going about actually choosing the gala Pokemon you've wrote this

choice or random golurk was in detective Pikachu that that could that could be

what I feel like the diner maxing right is a really like an appealing thing for

Pokemon go players I almost seen the Pokemon go they sort of again service

yeah fan service basically and they want to get them in and that's cool I really

like that but I hope they sort of keep all the

you know the core things that kept the core audience you know to start of the

games off from the ground into the new games - as well as bring in the new

casual kind of audience well they've wanted to tie in Pokemon go

as early as Sun and Moon yeah absolutely that's crazy they had those the the

ideas set up in everything they just never implemented I think because of the

hardware mm that yeah the limited hardware and with a somewhat believable

rumor that we've seen so far that has a lot of things on it correct there is a

rumor about something called Giganta maxing which is not only Pokemon

becoming very large size however there are alternative forms of the Pokemon

including a very furry Meowth also a fat Pikachu

so they may in some way have Megas in Giganta maxing might the statement of

them removing Z moves and Megas was not finna t'v whatsoever that was

interpretation of a statement of a translation so Dynomax is actually well

a new way to power after pokemon in these games that replaces what we've

seen previously for example mega evolution and z movie that could be

interpreted a few weiss number one they're getting rid of both room

altogether currently all they'll bring them back in the future games is that

how you see it all I just see it as hey we're here to showcase this one thing

and it's awesome like the awesome thing that we did last generation and the

awesome thing we did the generation before that that doesn't mean we're not

including those things we're just really showcasing this one off but that's true

too and also they've never actually really got rid of a mechanic in the game

if halls kept that past mechanics in the game then just sort of like added them

to the next generation kind of thing now one of the things that I'm kind of

hoping for sword and shield with the concept of Dyna maxing and max rate

battles is that this game is gonna feel more like a live service game you know

what I mean about that right pen yeah I'm pretty sure I get what you're

putting down yeah I was thinking if they do decide to make it a live service game

kind of like Pokemon go new Pokemon may be rolled out in max raid battles maybe

every mole yeah that's what I was gonna say - yeah

I was actually gonna say exactly the same thing that you were gonna say that

yeah yeah maybe every two weeks or so we have a new 20 ish Pokemon that could

appear for you and your friends and you can go up and battle them just like how

you do in Pokemon go I wouldn't mind that I could just roll in like a X

amount of Pokemon H you know I live update and eventually we'd have them all

in the decks that'll be cool how they're gonna do that with Pokemon that are not

registered in the National decks and not just at one time have the national dex

open I don't know I'm just spitballing ideas here and I think that's awesome

they have to update home with the sword and shield so those new 30 Pokemon when

it gets the live update would be allowed to go from home on to a sword and shield

yeah well home is already always connected to the Internet anyways and I

find it funny that you can send the Pokemon there that aren't in the gallery

agian so they literally just stand retirement home sorry for the meme until

there are left to go into the game or the the next game so also found that

funny that it's sort of like they had the idea that okay we're we're not we

may not put all the Pokemon in this game or if we do we'll slowly like roll them

out by just keeping them on home until the you know moment arises they're

basically saying hey we know you don't want to keep your 3ds anymore so you can

do this however Pokemon home is still gonna have trading functionality on the

switch and mobile just not in Pokemon sword and shield which I think being

able to instantly trade my Pokemon from my Pokemon bank to anyone else with

Pokemon bank as a heck of a lot easier than going through the convoluted way

you would have to do that right now an ultrasonic remote Oh perhaps absolutely

100% agree there while we're still talking about Dyna maxing of course it's

gonna bring a brand-new aspect to the game that is not only for fun you plus

three co-op but it's also gonna be used in competitive 1v1 and I think that's

gonna be pretty awesome with the Donna maxing right when I when I kind of

compare it to Z mu so with a Dyna maxing it last three turns right as stated in

the trailer now they gonna have to do something about maybe

to nerf it because 310 seems like a very long time so in comparison when you use

a Z move it's normally a very powerful move and once you've used it you know

that's it you can only use it once in the entire battle it's it's I don't

think it'll be something like using three Z moves because that's this seems

like really really overpowered they're gonna have to somehow nerf it some way

or somehow I'm not really sure from what we've seen in the demo on the e3 show

room floor when you're in a gym battle you're gonna be able to Dynomax any

pokemon that you want they also mentioned that when someone throws out a

Dynomax pokemon you are then in the position of do you feel the pressure and

you need to bring out your own Dynomax pokemon or how you want to handle it

keep in mind that the Dynomax pokemon their health is increased slightly not

like the max raid battles rate they have that huge health meter but says we don't

know all the information but if you didn't want to bring your Dynomax poke

one out right away maybe you could stall out those three turns with like moves

like protects substitute and then burn up there

dynamaxx move and then when the coast is clear seen your own in to wreak havoc on

the battle when you're on a 1v1 competitor or online battle and you're

battling against someone else and the Dynomax of Pokemon you then feel the

pressure if you also want to counter it with the Dynomax or if you want to

handle it a different way and store your Dynomax for later I think is probably

all about when you want to use it so so if you want to get rid of a count of the

other opponents got so the rest of your team is counted really hard by one

Pokemon you usually Dynomax in to get rid of them and then maybe keep yours or

in the back if they don't have any real solid counters your team something

something along those lines that's from the amounts of information we've been

given already when a Pokemon dynamaxx is there are moves that are affected by

weight and stuff like that so we've got moves like low kick right since every

slam Wailord heavy heavy slam way a lot how can we forget that and grass not

right there's also your bill tea heavy metal - do they have any effects on Dyna

maxing that's just something to think about as well I know that with your

theme teams as I mentioned before you like to pick a

lot of the underdogs absolutely and not being able to choose about half of them

do you feel so that's gonna limit what you're gonna be able to choose for your

themed teams absolutely yeah usually in the first month or two you really get a

good feel for the new pokken but then you want to bring back all the old polka

bite and supplement the new pokemon in the teams and sort of try things out not

only for me personally but just the competitive battles like something might

have a really good at building anything ah a Pokemon back forum you know third

gen is really gonna work well with that Oh like I can't bring it it's in the not

in the gala Dex so things like that yeah after Sunday moon came out didn't the

VGC immediately turned it gold duck for some reason yeah double duck yeah

exactly just like stuff like that the VGC will

probably obviously have just the you know the Galois pokemon for the first

one guess I don't know whether they're gonna bring more Pokemon into it they

may allow the online service or wherever it will be and allow those Pokemon in

the next you know rollout for whatever tournament or the they run some I see

championships on the 3ds maybe they'll roll them into that there

could be sort of like a branch here of do you want to do competitive swish or a

competitive awesome yeah exactly swish is my my sword shield sword shield

for awesome is Swabia swisher saw a lot when you throw a basketball and you get

it through the hoop hit the sauce yeah I got cool yeah yeah that that didn't get

lost in translation that's good that's good

I just hope that we start to see some of the mechanics from let's go brought in

two sword and shield we've already seen Pokemon in the overworld and we've seen

sort of screenshots from it of being able to set up camp with your Pokemon

yeah and that whistling mechanic - yeah I don't know if that's for more common

Pokemon where a Pokemon or how we're gonna shiny hunt for Pokemon I feel like

we're gonna be Shawnee hunting in the wall air is that's gonna be a lot there

and then using the whistle got a little gut feeling about that yeah

I mean if they have the Pokemon in the overworld it's not too much to do the

palette swap and then throw a little shiny particles absolutely I still like

the fact though they left Pokemon there's gonna be Pokemon on the

overworld and that's I'm still hidden in the grass - I really like how they did

that so they sort of kept the old stuff and introduced the you know stuff on

let's go and Pokemon go I think that's a good little balance there yeah are we

gonna do random encounters we're gonna do a rural Pokemon screw it why not both

yeah I like it I like it like I know some people really like really like the

encounters in the grass where they didn't know what they were going to get

and then people really like like the know the Charizard and Dragon I flying

in the sky and they're like damn I know what any hidden encounters they just

want that so it's a good medium there for both you're a personal choice I

still like the wonder of finding you know a Pokemon that have been eluding me

for like an hour but I do appreciate the pokemon flying above the grass - and I

hope you're gonna be able to just hit the Y button to access all of your

Pokemon yes please absolutely however not being able to do

it in some places oh no like even in the middle of a gym that's fine because you

could just talk to the person at the entrance they heal your Pokemon so yeah

okay just not in the Elite Four or whatever do you need to do to become

champion that's the time we can't do it so guys this is what myself and PIM

might think as far as all the Pokemon not being brought back I'm personally

not too mad at it I'm a little bit disappointed that I cannot bring my

Pokemon there do to begin with but I've got high hopes that somehow all those

Pokemon or in the future games will be introduced later on whether V means of

live updates or just another game in general but I'm definitely not gonna let

it ruin my experience with the O Pokemon sword and shield we want to know what

you think leave a comment down below if you're new to the channel be sure to

subscribe turn on notifications I'm gonna have a link to pimp Knights

channel up on the screen as well be sure to check him out if you want to see some

awesome Wi-Fi battles and sweet videos I want to thank you for for coming on my

talk show here talking about Pokemon thank you very much for everything oh

man I appreciate it guys until next time Austin Jon out peace out

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