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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Aaron Rodgers! (NFL) - PART 2

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EverythingTop10 is proud to present, part 2 ofThe Top 10 Things You Didnt Know

About Aaron Rodgers!”


Rodgers said when he was growing up, “I used to draw little plays on note cards and

dream I was Joe Montana throwing passes in the backyard with [my] dad.”

Edward, his father, toldThe New York Timesthat Aaron gets hisnimble feetfrom

his mother, Darla, who was a dancer.


Although Rodgers lives in Wisconsin, a state that is widely associated with cheese, he

said that he cut dairy products out of his diet.

Since his knee surgery in January 2016, he said he has followedmore of a vegan diet

with some red meat at times and some chicken.”

He also said he has tried to stick more to fruits and vegetables – “mostly vegetables.”


Whenever he scores a touchdown, he does a championship belt celebration.

He said that the move originated when he was Brett Favres backup.

He does the move to motivate players on the practice squad.


Since 2006, Rodgers has photobombed every Packers captainsphoto taken.

His photobombing skills were featured on a short documentary on

In the film, he said one of his goals was to photobomb Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

on the red carpet.


He is friends with Brian Baumgartner, who is best known for playing Kevin Malone in

the American adaptation ofThe Office.”

Baumgartner attended a game at Lambeau during the 2013 season, and Rodgers attended his

wedding in 2014.


Rodgers was good friends with Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun.

The two were partners in a restaurant group, 8-Twelve, which are their two jersey numbers.

In 2013, Braun had failed a test for performance-enhancing drugs and was facing suspension.

Rodgers took to Twitter to defend Braun, claiming the truth would win out and Braun would be


He was so sure Braun was telling the truth that he said, “Id put my salary next

year on it.”

Braun would go on to fail another test and accept a suspension.

Rodgers had to face up to an unfortunate reality, but he didnt pay out his multi-million-dollar


After Brauns admission to using performance-enhancing drugs, the two are no longer connected in

a business relationship.


Rodgers has a love for music, which led him to become a self-taught guitarist.

He jams with a few teammates, and he even plays in bars in Green Bay every now and then.

The musicians he attempts to emulate are Ben Harper, Keith Urban, and Jack Johnson.

In 2009, he began his own record label, Suspended Sunrise Recordings, with his friend Ryan Zachary,

to give musicians an opportunity to make their dream become a reality.

They signed their first band, The Make, in 2011.

Rodgers once said that he likes the band, One Direction, and that Harry Styles told

him that he was a Packers fan.


Rodgers hands were measured at 9.38 inches.

He likesSouth ParkandHappy Gilmore.”

He is a hugeStar Warsfan, and he wore his Obi-Wan Kenobi robe before the release

ofStar Wars: The Force Awakens.”

He said he saw a UFO once, and he doesnt believe in abstaining from masturbation before


He said, “I do want to be calm out there, so Im never opposed to it.

You got to be nice and relaxed out there, so whatever is gonna put me in that state,



When Rodgers and Olivia Munn were in a relationship, Munn was asked about their game-day sex habits.

She said there wasnt a rule, but it just didnt happen because there were other things

to focus on.

She said after games she would sometimes have sex with him, but it depended on how late

it was.

She also said that she tried to have sex as much as she could.


His brother Jordan wonThe Bachelorette.”

Jordan and Aaron havent talked for two years.

He and the rest of his family dont actually talk to Aaron.

The estrangement is reportedly due to Aaron not going to his grandfathers funeral,

who heonce called before every game.”

He was also supposed to be a groomsman in a close friends wedding, but he bailed

the day before the wedding via text.

There were also reports that Olivia Munn was also a reason for the familys disconnect.

Jordan accused Munn of not allowing Aaron to spend time with his family.

According to ET Online, “The family was told they were no longer welcome in Green


If dad [Edward] wants to attend a game now, he buys tickets on StubHub or goes through

another players family.”

His father claimed that fame changed him.

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