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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Better Learning - What are our Insights and what do they mean for you?

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it's really important for us to be

working closely with teachers and

learners so that we understand what they

need to help them overcome those

challenges it's a continuous cycle very

collaborative process so it's really

important that we have insights around

the people who are going to eventually

use our learning materials in terms of

their goals and ambitions their

challenges and problems they use our

solutions and then they shows what are

their needs and what will be there in

the future because Cambridge has a

dedicated team of researchers we can

work with the people who are right in

the books and the materials and make

sure that current research thinking

informs everything we do the teens have

spend a lot of time immersing themselves

in the world of the teachers and

learners so they would go and visit

teachers around the world and they talk

to them about their their needs their

goals and their challenges so one of the

areas of research that are really

important for developing our materials

is making sure that our learners are

learning real authentic language the

Cambridge English corpus is a huge

collection of real world authentic

spoken and written English we gather

language from speakers and writers all

around the world and we feed all of that

information into our learning materials

we in the research team you can think

about what research is really going to

help them

making a better program for their

students and then we bring all that

information back we analyze it and the

best ideas make their way into the

materials it's not about my intuition

it's about evidence


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