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Hi guys welcome to CET daily series, today were talking about Data sufficiency

which is very easy to score and least time consuming section

but people end up making a lot of mistakes because people have never practiced or studied it

it becomes an out of the blue question when they see it in mocks or the actual exam

so lets make this one of your strengths and trust me after 5mins of watching even you'll be assured

that DS is easy and that we must get as many questions as we can in the exam for the same, more or less usually around 5-10 questions

come from this section of DS

so lets understand more of this with example questiosn

because the best part is you actually did not solve these questions

you dont have to get the answers, just tell me if the information is enough or not

so its less time consuming, you'd take around 15s for each question and not more than that

so lets understand the 1st question, now the

important aspect to keep in mind is your answer options present, the option

remain the same throughout all of them

so if i look at them, we have option A that says only statement 1 is sufficient, option B that says only statement 2 is sufficient

option C that says either statement 1 or 2 and 4th is neither options are sufficient and the last one is both are required together

so you have to see that these options are going to remain the same throughout the questions

now each question understand and see if the option is enough or not

taking the 1st question, it says what are the values of X and Y?

the statement given to me is X is an odd integer, Y is even and X is greater than Y

so i can have N numbers coming in this category

if i say X is 5, Y could be anything like 2

so only 1 is not enough then in that case

definitely we are not going to have A or C as our answers so we're left with

B, D & E as options, now looking at next statement that says product of X and Y is 30

if i write the product of X & Y i have 4 options

15 and 2, 5 and 6, 3 and 10, 1 and 30 so again 2 alone is not enough so B is ruled out

now lets see if i combine the statements would i get the answer or not

from these 4 options if i say X is an odd integer okay, yes X is an odd integer, Y is even in all of them

and X is greater than Y if its true that fits in one category which is 15 & 2, so if both the statements are considered yes im getting my answer

so the answer is E, both are sufficient and are required to get the answer

so i need to read the questions and i did that to make you understand that where it should be going

but it did not take much time so that how these questions are, lets take a few more questions to understand the same

this is an interesting questions, you'll get a lot of age time factor based questions

so here the question is that is raj older than karan

from the 1st statement i know priya is 4 years younger to raj and 2 years younger than karan

that means priyas age plus 4 years gives you raj's age and priyas age plus 2 years gives you karans age so definitely

raj is elder than karan so statement 1 is sufficient so A can be the answer

looking at 2nd statement, it says the average age of raj and karan is 17 years

just on basis of average i cant say whos elder

so 2 is no sufficient so that means my answer is A, only statement 1 is sufficient it just took 30s to do it

when you've got a hang of it in the exam you dont have to explain it to anyone, you'll finish it in 10-15seconds

lets make sure we save our time doing these DS questions

coming to next question is that what is the speed of train A in Km/Hrs

the statement 1 given to us is that length of train A is 2x that of B and the speed of train B is 100m/sec

just by knowing the length and speed of one can i know the speed of the other? No

so A and C cannot be the answers

2nd question: train A crosses B in 10s, length of train B is 100m, now i know the difference of time between their crossing

i know the length of train B, but alone i cannot it cannot be done now using both of them together can i get the answer?

youll have two equations right?

and two variables its easy to find but in this case it is not, you've to be very careful because you've to make sure your concepts are clear

if you look at the statement they've not mentioned in which direction the trains are travelling

are they travelling in the same or opposite direction so thats very important

its a fundamental thing that is missing in the statements so the minute you realize they've not spoken about directions

you need not delve into it, your answer becomes D, neither of the statements are sufficient

so you've be very sure of your fundamentals, trust me DS questions are going to be a very no brainer

its very easy provided your fundamentals are clear

so make sure you revise your basic book formulas and go before the exam for sure

lets take one last example to understand this concept

this is based on your cost price, selling price, so its profit and loss basically

so what is the cost price of the article, after selling the article a loss of 20% was incurred on the cost price

just by doing the percentage of loss can i get the cost price?

no. So A cannot be the answer

the selling price is 4/5th of the cost price

now in the ratio between the two can i get the absolute value of the cost price?

no, so A, B & C are ruled out

now if i combine the two statements, yes i have two equations

with two variables and we can solve them simultaneously and get the answer

so that means the answer is E, both statements 1 and 2 are sufficient and required together

i dont have to find the cost price, i just have to tell you that the statements can give me the answer or not

so this is DS which is very easy to score and very time friendly so you can use that time in DI or RC questions that are very

lengthy, alright so make sure you attempt these 5-10 questions and make sure you do them correctly

so i hope the entire session of the past 5-10 minutes has helped you understand what DS is and how you can score in that

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