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- Where you choose to place yourself

for a part of a day or a whole day

to work in a business is going to be an important decision.

I looked at how we can leverage the best

of where co-working has evolved.

A place where you feel comfortable,

you have all the amenities that you need

to be successful and put those together.

One of the initial things that germinated into BECU

is a true shared value as community.

BECU is successful, I believe, because they get involved

in the communities in which they work with.

And that is an exact same shared value

that we have listed in our five core values.

- That humanity that BECU has,

that's culture driven throughout our organization

is what starts to set us apart.

I think why BECU was perfect fit for Atlas was

the relationship that Bill and I had built

from the very beginning.

Making sure that our values were shared.

- [Bill] They utilize all the different technologies

to make sure that my experiences is great.

You know, I remember having a particular

banking need as an entrepreneur.

Like I needed to make sure that funds were available

on a particular day and the time was tight.

I texted Andrey. He's on vacation

and he's sending me back and said, "No worries, it's done."

I mean that was fantastic.

- [Andrey] At the end of the day I'm Bill's business banker.

And if Bill needs something,

I wanna make sure that, he gets what he needs

so that Bill can focus on what he does on a day-to-day

and that's growing Atlas.

We live and breath values of our members first.

What that does for BECU as a brand, as an organization,

builds a lot of trust.

But also too is that people are part of something

that's greater than themselves.

You may hear it in our branding or our marketing.

You know, people over profit.

But it does bring truth throughout the organization.

- [Bill] We're bringing in the best if you will

in class of, what's going to enhance

the experience for our members.

So it makes me feel really good about

recommending and putting BECU as a brand next ours.

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