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This bone cleaver from Dengjia was a very pleasant surprise!

Figure out why in this video!

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Before we start with the review, I want to go over some disclosures.

The Dengjia Bone Cleaver was gifted to me by Dengjia.

However, Dengjia is not paying me to make this video or to include their knife in a


No one will get a chance to preview my footage or thoughts before the video goes up on youtube.

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Now with the disclosures away, let's start with the review of the Dengjia Bone Cleaver.

The Bone Cleaver from Dengjia comes with a debossed logo on both sides of the blade.

The knife also has unique striped hammered patterns and a blacksmith finish to prevent


The handle is a full-tang handle made from wood.

The 5cr13 from Dengjia sits between 55 to 57 on the Rockwell scale.

It is an excellent hardness for bone cleavers.

It adds extra durability and greatly reduces the knife's stress fractures while giving

the knife decent edge retention.

The knife is sharpened at a 45 to 50-degree angle per side.

This angle drastically increases the knife's edge durability.

There will be less bending and chipping while you cleave through thick bones.

Dengjia's choice for a high angle of 45 to 50 degrees is to accommodate the bone cleaver

for home use.

To cleave through thick bones, you need a knife with a hefty weight, and the Dengjia

with a weight of 700grams has it.

They manage to make the cleaver compact but still heavy due to a very thick spine of 5.4mm.

The spine can also be used as a hammer to break very thick bones for your bone broth.

For the optimal grip, you grip the knife at the handle, and the balance point will be

front heavy.

The handle grip provides enough grip and generates enough force to go through thicker bones.

Dengjia also thought about the blade profile.

The front area has an aggressive curve that prevents the tip from digging into your cutting


It also keeps the front area sharp since there is no impact.

The knife handle is nice and thick for comfort and grip even when you reverse the blade to

use the spine like a hammer.

The Dengjia Bone Cleaver has my recommendation; it has everything I expect from a bone cleaver

for home use.

It is compact, heavy, and very durable.

However, you must know that this is a dedicated cleaver to chop through thick bones or to

cut through thick skin.

It is not suitable for vegetables since it will split and tear the fibers.

To maximize the usage and minimize any damage, you also need a dedicated thick cutting board.

While this bone cleaver is sturdy, you should never use it to cleave through frozen bones.

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