Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Britain's Got Talent 2018 Micky P Kerr Hilarious Comedic Musician Full Audition S12E06

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It's time to college instead never after well looking to do this full-time, you know me. I'm a drama school teacher

Yes a

Big Baker. I'm a part-time

Primary school teacher requires academic that clever 311 there's no man get your over 11 many of that's quite a bit wrong

RTGS 5 & 6 poor things have got to do exams. You know, I mean, so I'm there to help it's amazing

What a good job. Well

The kids are gonna have a bit of shock if I don't get through and this goes on TV, oh my god, mr. Kair, I

Lived in Leeds all my life. I've never left. Why would you I live with my partner

I'm a little dancer Isabelle a lot of spits

For you Bobby you'll be on a woman

Change your life don't change you. I'm still a daft idiot

I'll just sing with a guitar and tell jokes. That's what I do in a nutshell body's sold over

If you may schedule Ursa Major and a moment to be on deck

It's all yours

Good evening. Good evening. What's your name? I'm Mickey Mickey. Yeah, where you from darling?

I'm from the beautiful city of Leeds

How old do you Mickey I'm 36, do you have a day job or is this your full-time job?

I am a part-time primary school teacher

In Johnny food

Yeah, you got away, you know

The stage is yours Nikki go for it. Thank you very much Cheers

This is called the absolutely amazing song. Yes

About travelling around Europe. Oh

that rhymes

I'm after Paris in a Yaris this next song I

Know this is supposed to be a comedy routine, but I've I've suffered loss recently

So I just want to get this off my chest I am

Joel I'll play the song so that I've got a bit emotional talking about it dude. I

Can't believe I've lost you I

Can't believe you've gone I

Need you to know that

You did nothing wrong

First time I saw you

Just hang in there the checkout lady said do what I buy. What are these and I said

You were my


You cussed almost 10 pence and I only go still twice

The other bags I use compared to you wash luck

I always feel that the handle strap is gonna

Happen to you as well

But very much

Well done Mickey Simon, what did you make about it was silly but it was fun. I liked the first song in particular

Oh, thanks. I'm the quick one, but

very very very funny very observational and I was particularly choked up but the beggar

Feliciano it's all for my controller. What was really funny was seeing him and having to explain to Simon what bad?

1981 I got it in the end

You don't need me to tell you how funny or I do actually

You are brilliantly brilliantly funny and if you carry on like this I can see even the final of Britain's Got Talent

And I'd love to hear more from you McCain is a yes for me

Love you, it's a yes for me, but

You know what unlike some acts who are kind of like not funny then are funny you are always funny

Even at my expense so you've got a yes

That was funny by the way, very

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