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b2b here this morning and able to give

you just a nice English lesson on the

seasons I will be mostly talking about

the seasons in Canada but I do know that

around the world there are different

seasons the beauty of Canada is we get

to have four distinct seasons it's

really really nice

let me just check to make sure

everything's working in Canada we get to

have all four sounds like everything is

working well I'm very happy about that

so I'm going to talk about the seasons

but first I wanted to talk about time

change so you might have noticed

depending on what country you're from

that the live lesson this morning is an

hour different but what happened is that

Canada has what we call daylight savings

time so in the fall we put our clocks

back an hour and in the spring we put

our clocks ahead an hour so in Canada

it's still 7:30 a.m. Eastern Standard

Time right now so it is the same time

for me but for some of you it is one

hour difference so hopefully you noticed

that when you saw the live lesson pop-up

but we are here welcome to this lesson

on the seasons we're gonna start with

what I always think is the first season

which is spring so spring is a beautiful

time of year especially I think if you

live in a country where you have winter

because you go from a very very cold

season to a very very beautiful season

the transition from winter to spring

when we go from winter to spring in

Canada and I think in a lot of northern

countries or countries in the far south

is a very so the far south would be

opposite let me just talk about the door

third atmosphere because that's what I

do about when we transition from winter

to spring it's a beautiful time of year

the days get warmer the Sun starts to

shine more

and it's just a nice time of going from

a lot of white because of the snow to a

lot of color I'm just gonna go back and

say thanks again and welcome everybody

to this lesson about the seasons we are

talking currently about spring which I

consider the first season but you can

probably start anywhere in the spring

the trees start to get buds on them so

these will become leaves eventually but

in the early spring in Canada one of the

first signs of spring is that you will

see trees will start to have buds on

them so you can see these little buds

here it's a really cool time of year

because as the days get warmer you see

the buds on the trees and you know that

things are about to green up that means

things are about to get really green and

again those buds eventually open and

turn into leaves and probably my

favorite time of spring is when the

trees have leaves and you can start to

have a little bit of shade under the

trees sitting under a shady tree or

standing under a shady tree is a nice

way to experience a day outdoors in the

spring so buds turn to leaves I want to

say welcome to everybody again hey if

you're new here I'm Bob the Canadian I'm

teaching English you should click the

subscribe button over there and join my

channel and you'll be notified whenever

there are new lessons hey sometimes the

buds don't turn into leaves sometimes

the buds actually are sometimes turn

into blossoms so blossoms are small

flowers on trees or bushes so it's not

the same as a flower that grows out of

the soil a blossom is usually on a tree

like a cherry tree many of you if you

are from Japan you have very beautiful

cherry trees in Japan in the spring in

fact one time I visited Washington DC

and there are cherry trees in Washington


see that I think we're a gift from Japan

so they're very cool

so blossoms are beautiful small flowers

usually on trees and they smell really

really nice it's really fun to smell

blossoms in the early spring you also in

the spring have a lot of blooms so

flowers start to bloom

we call this a flower but you can also

call this a bloom so everything's in

bloom when you go around flowers are

blooming so a flower blooming looks like

this it opens up and you can see the

beautiful flower so spring is a really

cool time to see a lot of blooms to see

a lot of flowers and the flower that you

normally see in the spring in my part of

Canada is either a tulip or a daffodil

so these are tulips these are a very

popular flower in the spring in Holland

in the Netherlands and in Canada we also

have da sorry they're popular in Canada

too in Canada we also have daffodils

these are one of the earliest flowers

and tulips a little bit later in the

spring but when you see daffodils

blooming you know that it is spring by

the way if you are wondering how this

lesson works you can ask questions using

the form that Todd will post in the chat

Todd is usually there I know he's there

this morning he's posted the link a few

times already I'm going to take some of

the questions from the chat oh there's a

lot of them okay I didn't realize that

you guys were asking so many questions

so quickly popular topic that's awesome

let me get the first question first

question is from a Jeanine hi a Jeanine

how are you doing yeah janae the Indian

I like that agitates good Bob do you

have monsoon season in Canada like

have in India it's monsoon season in

India from mid-june to mid-september it

really rained a lot this year so we

don't have monsoon season in Canada we

have a very distinct winter spring

summer fall and I know in other parts of

the world you have monsoon season you

have the rainy season we in Canada it's

just the normal old Four Seasons that's

really it by the way isn't the Four

Seasons is that a hotel I'm not sure

anyways next question is from Apollo

great crush mm sorry great question a

Junaid oh thank you very much

Apollo says hello I'm from Vietnam hello

I have a good night what do you usually

do in the winter what is the lowest

temperature in your area so in our area

it's generally in the winter about minus

5 Celsius sometimes as low as minus 10

Celsius and every once in a while we'll

get a cold snap or a cold spell where it

goes down to minus 20 Celsius or

thereabouts for a few days so it is cold

in Canada what do we do we go to work we

play outside

I mean snow is actually a really fun

thing to play in so Canadians do a lot

of outdoor play with their kids we build

snowmen we go skiing we just go for

walks outside in the cold crisp air so

believe it or not if you're dressed

appropriately cold weather can be

wonderful it can be a wonderful time of

year let's see here Demetriou has the

next question hi Bob this is Demetrio

from the Ukraine hi Bob is it is it true

that sometimes in Canada you might have

weather from all the seasons during a

single day by the way it's pretty warm

in the Ukraine these days up to plus 50

yes so we have that every once in a

while we'll have a day where like today

when I woke up it was minus 3 degrees

Celsius so very wintry a little bit of

winter sorry a little bit of snow on my

van when I drove in this morning minus 3

I wore my winter coat it's actually over


can't really see it it's kind of on that

chair I wore my winter coat so it was a

little wintry but right now it's

actually sunny outside and I think it

will be a little bit warmer later today

so we might have a day like that today

where it kind of started feeling like

winter it's a little more like fall in

the middle of the day it might feel like

summer maybe it'll rain this afternoon

and feel like spring and then tonight it

will go back to being quite cold so

anyways great question to meet you a

great question second question one

Demetrio I wonder if you could tell us

what is the your favorite thing about

each season please for instance for

example I like autumn colors I like

winter for snow because I can go skiing

things yes definitely I like spring

because everything starts to turn green

I like summer because my crops grow

really well on the farm and our flowers

grow I like fall for the same reason as

you I love the colors and I just like

winter because I'm often warm as a

person day-to-day I'm a warm person so I

like it when it's really cold outside

it's it's fun for me

hey one more question from Henry and

then we'll get back to the lesson Henry

from Taiwan says hi Bob hi Henry the

live lesson in my area started at 7:30

but it starts at 8:30 today how would I

say the time difference from 12 to 13

hours because of the change of season so

simply put it is because in Canada we

have what's called daylight savings time

and that means that we change our clocks

in the fall usually in the end at the

end of October beginning of November we

change our clocks and then again in the

spring we change our clocks back the

other way so for me it's still the live

lesson still started at 7:30 a.m. but

possibly for you if you're in a country

where you don't have don't change your

clocks it would have been different so

oh let me go back here we're talking

about spring

what else happens in the spring well in

Canada in the spring I know some of you

have a rainy season if I was to say when

does it rain the most in Canada

generally in the spring we get a lot of

spring rains okay in the month of April

we get a lot of showers they actually

call it April showers so in April we

have a lot of spring rain it's generally

quite wet outside

it it rains quite a bit more I think in

the spring than it does during the rest

of the year

although it does rain quite a bit in the

fall here as well but anyways in the

spring we get a lot of rain and then the

last thing about spring on our farm

spring is a time when our animals have

babies so you can see a lamb here we

have sheep and goats on our farm and

generally in the early spring is what we

call lambing season because our sheep

usually have babies which are called

lambs and our goats usually have babies

which we call kids so one of the things

you will see in the spring is on a farm

is you will see a lot of new life so

anyways hello to all the 389 people

watching always amazing to me to know

that that many people are watching the

lesson hello to everyone in the chat

thank you for the kind words that you

leave in the chat and thank you for

having little conversations with each

other it's awesome so anyways I'm Bob

the Canadian this lesson is on seasons

we've done the season of spring we're

gonna do three more we're good do all

four seasons but don't forget to click

that subscribe button if you're new here

the next season is summer this is my

least favorite season because it's too

hot for me and I know some of you will

laugh when I tell you that 30 degrees

Celsius for me is a very hot day and I

know for some of you a normal day in the

summer it'll be 35 or 40 or or maybe

higher if you're in the Middle East but

for me I do

like heat I don't like hot days I do

like summer because my crops grow so you

could see here a field of corn I think

it's some of your languages you would

call it maize but here is a crop of corn

on my farm

Jen and I grow flowers we grow soybeans

we grow wheat and we grow corn and in

the summer we have lots of sunshine so

you can see a bright sunny day there's

no actual Sun on this picture but in the

summer there is a lot of sunshine and

all around Canada crops are growing in

the fields so in the spring as a farmer

we plant our crops and in the summer the

crops grow so it's really neat to see

crops grow Ronnie Peterson in the chat

says it's 35 degrees in Brazil right now

so see I wouldn't enjoy that that would

be a really hot day for me I would need

to be inside where it is nice and cool

because there are air conditioners so

you can see this building has a lot of

air conditioners in the windows I love

air conditioning so as much as I like it

that summer makes my crops grow I love

being inside where it's air-conditioned

I like going to the mall where it's

air-conditioned I like being in my house

where it's air-conditioned my classroom

is not air-conditioned so it can be

pretty warm in here but in the summer in

Canada we don't have school so I don't

actually teach in the summer so that's

pretty good so you will see a lot of

buildings that have air conditioners and

we would say that the building is air

conditioned so you say things like oh is

the building air conditioned yes

the building is air conditioned that

means it has air conditioning or you

would say a/c so the short form for it

is AC like Oh does your car have AC yeah

I have AC in my car so let's see here

trying to see your seen extreme weather

oh I'm just seeing a question in the

chat have you ever seen any extreme

weather in Canada we do have some

extreme weather tornadoes once in a

while in Western Canada

not very many earthquakes in Canada

though so those I don't know if an

earthquake is weather tornado definitely

is but anyways in the summer many people

in Canada in the summer spend time

outside so one of the most common things

for people to do is to go camping

so camping is a very very popular

activity for people to do in the summer

and I'm gonna pause for a second check

the questions I've forgotten and now the

list is gigantic sorry everybody

sometimes I get talking and then I

forget next question is from Gaga let's

see here

Oh Lally thanks for the super chat

you're awesome thanks you Lally says

thank you for your help Bob the Canadian

you're welcome Lally and actually Lally

thank you as well you are one of the

regular people in the chat so I know you

are learning English on YouTube from a

lot of different English teachers I

think your dedication is amazing anyways

Gaga says anyways thanks Lally for the

super check Gaga says I'm glad I didn't

miss the live stream again in Vietnam

there is no snow in the winter so the

activities are still as usual what will

you do in the winter you can plant

flowers so in our country you can't do

anything in the winter you can go

outside and play in the snow so you can

buy a snowmobile and you can go

snowmobiling but most of the time in the

winter in Canada you do things like

either ski or play outside or you're

inside reading books sitting in front of

a fire those are the kinds of things

that we do next question is from Jessie

the Canadian hike Bob the Canadian your

live stream really helps a plethora of

people learning English my question is

what is the difference between season

and climate so I think climate is just a

general term for where you live like

Canada we live in an or

during climate so that would mean that

because we live in a northern climate we

have four distinct seasons so I think

climate is more of a general term for

the kinds of weather an area can have


lalla has the next question hi bob

what's the difference between buds and

blossoms so that's a good question the

buds are like the little the first

picture I showed you I'm digging through

my file here so the bud is like just

that little green bud is the best way to

describe it and then a blossom is what

you would see this will either open up

to be a leaf or it might open up to be a

blossom so the bud is like the little

thing that you see beforehand next

question let's see okay I'm only going

to answer questions about the seasons

okay so I might skip your question

because it's a general English question

by the way tomorrow evening I will do a

live stream from the farm and you can

ask questions about the English language

during that live stream it's at 7:00

p.m. Eastern Standard Time so let's see

here I'm just gonna jump through and

find questions about the season so next

one from Demetriou do you usually use

the article with season names I just

noticed you say it both ways so in the

spring in the summer in the fall in the

winter we almost always say that I'm not

sure I would use any other article in

front of it like when I was a kid I

played outside in the winter when I am

old and retired I plan to do a lot of

walking outside in the spring so it's

almost always the if I used a different

article at one point I'm sure it was

correct but that is the most common way

to talk about the seasons so the spring

the fall you could say a winter day a

spring day an autumn day a fall day a


so in that way I'm modifying the word

day so that would be an example where

you would use ah

so Kenny says hi Bob how are you I'm

good actually it's really nice week for

me so thanks for asking why is the fall

called autumn or why is the autumn

called fall I don't know we have two

games for it we have fall and autumn

mean the same thing to be honest we use

fall a lot more than autumn autumns just

hard to say and fall is a little quicker

so we right now it's fall it's a

beautiful fall day outside so I wouldn't

normally say it's a beautiful autumn day

autumn is more of a word you would use

in writing maybe or something like that

so let's see here I'm going to some

people are getting a little ahead of me

so your mom wants to know hi Bob what

kind of fruits do you harvest in Canada

in the fall so mostly apples and pears

in the fall those are the two fruits

that are fall fruits in Canada we

actually have a lot of summer fruit in

my area and I'll talk about that in a

minute so anyways let's get back to the

lesson this is a very common occurrence

in Canada in the summer and it's

something called a family reunion I

don't know who these people are I just

found this picture on the internet but a

family reunion is something that happens

for most families in the summer where

they go and they meet at someone's house

and they meet with their uncles their

aunts their cousins their grandparents

their in-law like it's a very popular

activity we go to at least one family

reunion each year sometimes - but a

family reunion is usually a day-long

event on a weekend and usually there's a

barbecue it sometimes is at a park but

some most of the times it's just at

someone's house and it's a time like I

have uncles and aunts because my family

is really big

that I only see once a year maybe and I

usually see them at a family reunion I

have a lot of cousins and I don't see

them regularly but I usually see them

every couple years at a family reunion

it's usually a pretty fun event you play

outdoor games you have a barbecue you

get to talk with people that you haven't

seen for a while so this isn't my family

by the way this my family actually Jen's

family is way bigger than this and my

family is probably bigger than this to

so um I don't know if I got together

with my dad's side of the family so

that's how we refer to our family so I

have there's my mom's side of the family

that would be my mom's brothers and

sisters and there's my dad's side of the

family so that's my dad's brothers and

sisters my uncles and aunts so another

thing we do in the summer is we go to

the beach a lot I don't actually go to

the beach lot it's really hot at the

beach but we live in this part of Canada

we live close to the Great Lakes and we

have local beaches many Canadians on the

west coast in British Columbia live

close to the Pacific Ocean and they

would go to the beach or to see the

ocean in the summer and people on the

east coast of Canada live close to the

Atlantic Ocean and they would go to the

beach as well earlier we had a question

about fall fruit and I said we eat are

in the fall we harvest apples and pears

in the summer I actually live close to

one of the biggest peach growing areas

in this part of Canada so in the summer

we have a lot of summer fruit we have

peaches we have plums

we have nectarines there's early in the

season we have cherries we have sweet

cherries and sour cherries I live in a

really nice part of Canada because even

though it's a really cold area in the

winter we do have warm enough seasons

that we can grow fruit

in our area so it's really really nice

to live close to an area where you can

buy fruit because it's straight from the

farmer there are a few areas in Canada

where we can grow fruit so even though

we are a northern country there are

places in Nova Scotia where you can grow

fruit the province of Nova Scotia there

are places in Ontario where you can grow

fruit that's the province I live in and

there's places in British Columbia where

you can grow fruit so it's really fun in

the summer to buy fruit and eat fruit

which is healthy but we also eat a lot

of ice cream in the summer it's a pretty

common thing to eat in the summer we eat

too much ice cream in the summer but it

is a hot time of year so it's nice to be

able to go out and buy some ice cream

this person is eating an ice cream cone

they are licking their ice cream cone

with their tongue but yes ice cream is a

very common treat in the summer oz ping

77 has given us a super chat here or

giving me a super chat thank you very

much oz ping that is very very generous

of you that's awesome thank you very


for those of you that gives super chats

Joey the fly is back by the way that's

why I'm waving my hand remember we named

him Joey last week so and now I can't

hit him with the flyswatter because I

gave him a name so anyways oz ping thank

you very much I appreciate the super

chat and Miroslav thank you very much

Miroslav you don't need to donate and

thank you for all that you have donated

in the past mears love that has been

awesome sorry I haven't responded to you

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appreciate the super shots very awesome

um let me jump over and do a couple

questions let's see here let's see here

next one is Ivan from Spain says do you

make jokes about the word game the

seasons are the C's Suns it's a poetic

idea maybe that this Earth's Suns the

see Suns are also sons of the sea no I

haven't heard that

wordplay before but that's interesting

because season looks like CSUN right so

that's pretty cool I will remember that

I actually have not made that connection

before Michael San Jose has the next

question good morning Bob and Todd what

is your favorite season so you'll have

to ask maybe Todd will answer my

favorite season is winter I love winter

let me see here I'm just going to answer

questions that are related to the season

so please I apologize if I skip your


Paulie says hello Bob this is Paulie

from Hong Kong I noticed you're wearing

a shirt and just wondering isn't it

winter in Canada currently yeah so when

I'm inside in the winter I still wear a

short sleeve shirt because I'm just

always warm so I do have my my winter

coat I do have my so when I came in

today I was wearing my winter coat but

usually when I am inside in the winter

in Canada I wear a short sleeve shirt

many Canadians in the winter when

they're inside will wear a sweater or a

long-sleeve shirt so let's see here

lolly has a question that's kind of

related so it says hi Bob the Canadian

it's time for me to turn over a new leaf

can I say that if I start a new job yes

so when you turn over a new leaf here's

our leaves when you turn over a new leaf

it means that you are starting something

new so I hope your new job goes well

lolly if that's what you're doing that

would be cool hey folks I'm going to

continue with the lesson we have two

seasons to get through the third season

if we count spring as the first season

is fall or autumn again generally in

Canadian English you will hear the word

fall for this season probably a lot more

than autumn we do use both but fall is

just shorter and working

one of the things people will do in the

fall is they'll just get outside to go

for a hike or a walk

usually in nature because the leaves

just look beautiful Joey don't fly by me

right now because the leaves look

beautiful so oftentimes people will get

out to see the fall colors when they do

that what they wear changes slightly

generally in the fall I will wear a

jacket in fact sometimes we even call it

a fall jacket you know oh I'm gonna wear

my fall jacket today oftentimes in

Canada people will have a different

jacket for fall versus spring fall

jackets are usually warmer because fall

can be quite crisp and spring jackets

are usually a little more like raincoats

so my fall jacket is a very cozy jacket

that keeps me warm my spring jacket is

out actually a little more of a

windbreaker and a little bit more

waterproof okay so you wear a jacket

this just happened on my farm a couple

days ago this large machine called a

combine came to harvest my soybean crop

I was at work so I didn't get to see it

I really wanted to take a picture of it

and make a short video but I wasn't able

to but in the fall you will see farmers

harvesting a lot of different crops as I

mentioned apples pears soybeans corn or

what you might call maize all of those

crops are harvested in the fall

which is why we have the holiday of

Thanksgiving in the fall it originated

from giving thanks for all of the crops

in Canada you will have a lot of

pumpkins and garden vegetables and we

call these root vegetables there's

potatoes and onions and sweet potatoes a

lot of the root vegetables the

vegetables we're the part that you eat

is underground

so potatoes sweet potatoes onions

carrots a lot of those types of


are harvested and we have a lot of

pumpkins and a lot of squash so this is

a pretty common vegetable in Canada in

the fall squash a lot of people make

squash soup out of it squash soup is

super yummy by the way one of my

favorite soups for sure let me to first

of all just why I say welcome again to

the 538 people watching I really hope

you're learning a little bit of English

I hope this is good listening practice

for you we're talking about the seasons

today so I'm glad that you're here to

learn a little bit about the seasons and

if you are new hit the subscribe button

it's it's a good way to stay connected

and learn English on a weekly basis oh I

was gonna do some questions we have one

season to go let's do from Powell

so Powell says do you fit winter tires

on your vehicle we say on your vehicle

in the winter do all Canadians do it

most Canadians do it in some provinces

you have to do it like it's the law but

yes we put winter tires on our car

actually we say winter tires there's two

ways to spell tires we spell it the

American Way TIR es winter tires are a

softer material that grip the road

better at low temperatures and they also

have deeper grooves to get rid of snow

so I don't have the winter tires on my

van yet but I will soon be doing that

let's see here trying to find the next

question how old are you that comes up a

lot II I should just start wearing a

badge that says my age on it but so

Madhi from Saudi Arabia here's the next


Madhi says hi Bob the Canadian in my

country minimum degree is minus 4

Celsius but dry I think you have wet

cold more than yes we definitely have

when it's minus 4 it can be quite dry

outside but usually we have a lot of

snow on the ground which if it warmed up

be a lot wetter so let's see here I'm

just picking questions that relate to

the seasons Manuel can chino says hello

from mexico Bob the Canadian do you know

where I can buy cheap clothes for winter

I don't usually in Canada you try to

spend good money you usually try to buy

more expensive clothes especially coats

and hats because the more money you


usually the warmer the clothes are

usually when you buy cheap winter

clothes they're not as well-made they're

not as thick and they're not as warm so

so I don't let's see here

I'm going to find Fernando has the next

question about seasons Fernando says

good morning Bob how are you I'm good

Fernando there are how many seasons in

Canada what is your favorite season so

there's four there's spring summer fall

winter and winter is definitely my

favorite season let's see I'd like

that's it so this is from English as fun

says Matt English TV so mark over at mad

English TV he's another youtuber he's a

different youtuber from Calgary he

complains a lot about wintry conditions

already in september/october looks like

the east where you live is much warmer

right so mark is in Calgary and that is

in Western Canada and it is several

degrees cooler in Calgary year-round

where I live is between two big lakes

Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and the big

lakes the water actually moderates the

temperature where I live a little bit so

in the fall it stays warmer a little

longer because the the Great Lakes are

big lakes and that water helps keep this

area a little warmer in the fall so yes

I know mark made a video a few weeks ago

where that was snowing already and we we

don't have snow really yeah

there was a tiny bit last night let's

see here

Alma's says hi Bob and Todd do you like

the winter kind of sports for instance

mountain skiing is so fun I do like to

ski but I haven't been skiing for a very

long time I do really need to pick that

sport up again okay when you pick

something up again it means you start to

do it again so

oh hey Shaun's here I didn't realize

that I thought I saw you early Shaun so

let me just say showed up - Shaun hope I

spell his name right there's a couple

different ways to spell Shaun by the way

Shaun also has an English channel on

youtube if you want to check it out

winter my favorite season I can't wait

it's almost winter here I love getting

up in the morning and cleaning off my

van I love snow I love it when it's cold

I even like being inside in the winter

because it's really cozy to sit in a

nice warm house but this is by far my

favorite season my family is originally

from northern Holland from the northern

part of the country called the

Netherlands or Holland and I think it's

just in my blood I think my family grew

up in wintery conditions and I just I

love winter I love snow like to me this

picture is an awesome picture of a road

with snow on the sides snow on the road

this this to me is just an awesome this

would be an awesome day for Bob the

Canadian so let's see here so I love


I love ice I like seeing ponds and

rivers freeze ice is very beautiful

when the water freezes I like skating I

don't get outside to skate enough I

should skate more but snow and ice are

just awesome and we talked earlier about

snow tires so both of my vans I own a

second set of tires for my vans let's

see I'm just reading Sean just says mark

from MADtv just took off to go to

Thailand for the way

so in English we would say he can't hack

it when someone can't hack something it

means they they don't like it so they

leave so I think maybe mark couldn't

hack the winter I hope he doesn't if he

watches this I hope he's not thinking

I'm insulting him marked from that

English TV does an amazing job but

apparently he's ditching us that's

another word when you leave someone you

ditch them for the winter

anyways snow tires this makes your car

safer to drive in the winter it helps

you stop better it helps you stay on the

road when you have icy or snowy

conditions so that's the bonus there

Shawn you get snow right you're in a

part of Canada where you you have a

pretty good winter let us know in the

chat Shawn maybe Shawn and I we should

each do a video about what it's like in

the middle of the winter we'll do that

later this year or something like that

but just let me know Shawn I'm pretty

sure you must get some kind of winter

although if you're on the East Coast it

might be a little warmer definitely

you're gonna wear your winter hats your

winter gloves your winter coat I didn't

put on you're gonna wear a winter coat

for sure that is something that changes

in the winter and sometimes what we say

is we wear a lot of layers okay so right

now I have one shirt on a lot of people

in Canada will wear many layers they'll

wear an undershirt their normal shirt

and then they'll wear a sweater over top

so they'll have three layers on when you

go outside in the cold for those of you

that don't have winter where you live

it's good to wear a lot of layers okay

it's just a good thing to do in the pace

of it of most Canadians houses you have

what's called a furnace because Oh Shawn

says we got our first snow last night

but it'll be gone by tomorrow yeah we

had the same I was driving home from

work last night in a like a mini

snowstorm but then it's it was all gone

within a couple hours most Canadians

actually all Canadians have a furnace in

their basement this is something that

gas or oil sometimes wood and we use

this to heat our homes it's very

important that you have a good clean

functional furnace in your home because

you need heat in the winter all of our

homes are very well insulated so the

walls are thick and there's lots of

insulation in the walls that keeps your

house warm but the furnace burns gas or

burns oil or wood

usually natural gas is the most common

some people use propane but that's you

need a furnace for a hundred percent the

way you control your furnace is with a

thermostat so this is where you set the

temperature in your house honestly 23

Celsius is a little warm for me in the

winter we usually don't have our house

that warm but you have a thermostat on

the wall in a common area and you set

the temperature and the thermostat turns

on and turns off the furnace so it's an

automatic thing hi rachel ting you're

not late well you're kind of late but

you can always rewatch it later it's

good to see you though and then

sometimes the furnace doesn't keep all

the rooms in the house as warm as you

want so some Canadians will have a

little electric heater this is a heater

that you can plug into the wall and it

uses electricity to keep that little

part of your house warm some people

where I work they'll have a little

heater by their desk because our school

has heat and it is nice and warm in here

but there's some areas where it's just a

little chilly okay so you can definitely

find little heaters and they're very

awesome to have let me see here Mike San

Jose says I subscribe to free 99 English

because of you well that's awesome you

should just go and watch Sean's videos

and just enjoy them enjoy the Canadians

who are taking the time to teach English

on YouTube so that's a heater by the way

did you know I have

I should just show you did you know I'm

on tick-tock okay this is something I

thought is very interesting but if you

go to tick-tock and you search for Bob

the Canadian I actually have a whole

bunch of little videos up there and a

lot of people like them so I don't dance

or sing on Yukon tick tock like other

people do but if you're interested if

you are a younger subscriber here on my

youtube channel and you want to see me

some shorter content search for Bob the

Canadian on tick tock if you are

interested you don't have to let me do a

couple more questions and then we will

roll out into our day let me see here I

just okay Elvina says hi Bob is it true

that Americans don't turn off the air in

the AC the air conditioning when they're

sick do Canadians do the same I don't

know we turned our air conditioning off

months ago in the summer we generally

don't get very sick in the summer like

often in the winter I should have

mentioned that in the winter is when you

get a cold stuffed-up nose cough right

and the flu that happens more in the

winter so I'm not sure but certainly for

us our air conditioning has been off for

a couple months we turned it off at the

end of August let's see here

Miroslav says an affinity for one of the

seasons often depends on the job we work

isn't that right because I am a driver

I'm not that crazy about winter and snow

morning Bob and thanks guy and Todd

thanks guys yeah no problem you're slow

that's probably true when I was younger

I worked outside for my summer job in

doing construction helping my uncle

build houses and when I came home from

university in December for my break I

worked for him outside in the winter and

then I didn't like winter okay

I was outside for nine hours straight

and really really cold weather so

yeah this problem is a good point

Miroslav depending on your job you could

either like or dislike a season I think

if I was a driver and I didn't have air

conditioning I wouldn't like summer all

fall says hi sir Bob do you use winter

home fires or a heater during the winter

so we use in our home we have what we

call a furnace we have an oil furnace so

it burns oil which is very similar to

diesel fuel that's what we use to heat

our home let's see here

Oh Michael I should have talked about

this Michael San Jose says good morning

Bob and Todd do Canadians have any

special food for any of the seasons

here's what I'll say in the summer we

barbeque a lot in the winter I

personally eat a lot of soup and a lot

of stew I like really nice hot food in

the winter so there are probably a whole

lesson could be done on the food of

different seasons and then Mehdi has a

related question hi Bob do you have any

specific drinks for each season Thanks

so one of the things I would say is the

people drink more beer in the summer and

they drink more alcohol in the winter

people drink more cold drinks in the

summer and people drink a lot more

coffee and hot chocolate and tea in the

winter in fact I I switch from drinking

cold drinks to usually having tea or

broth at night in the winter let me do

one more question let's see this is Rosa

not related to seasons but she says hi

Bob it's not related to seasons I want

to know about how many students are in

each room so in my classroom I teach a

class of 26 students then I teach a

class of 25 students and then I teach a

class of 30 students so by our standards

fairly full classrooms that might seem

small to you but to me that's about a

normal sized classroom let me see here

try to do a few more of these

oh yeah you got to be careful with this


Zacharias this hi Bob I have a question

please can you say beach beach because

some people say to me what did you say

oMG are you sure they think that I said

so there's a word bitch which is a bad

word and Beach so let's be clear about

the two pronunciations it's really fun

in the summer to go to the beach beach

okay I know people with certain accents

when they say the word Beach it sounds

like they're using the word bitch which

is a bad word which you shouldn't use so

be very careful of the two beach Beach

good word bitch bad word okay

got it there practice that pronunciation

and then avoid using the one now gets

the last question Mao says our schools

closed if in case of heavy snow yes we

call it a snow day is a day when school

is closed due to bad winter weather

students love snow days snow days are I

think a very Canadian tradition so

anyways so Sean says the B word I used

isn't always a bad word yeah that's true

I just want to be careful with how

people learn new words and when they use

them so Sean you should do a video on

bad words that would be a great video

it's the two and how you can sometimes

use bad words and it's not bad right

anyways I'm popular Canadian I'm gonna

wrap this up we've been doing it for 45

minutes that I do need to start my


don't forget tomorrow if there were

parts of this lesson you didn't

understand there will be subtitles

tomorrow it's always a good idea to

watch a lesson

twice for your listening training please

use this to also practice your

pronunciation so go back and play

segments of it and

say the same things as I say out loud

and start to train your ear and practice

your pronunciation so do watch this

video again tomorrow and use it as much

as you can to practice your English

thank you for all the questions I'm

sorry I wasn't able to answer the

questions that weren't on topic but

tomorrow night 7 p.m. Eastern Standard

Time live lesson ask me anything

literally tomorrow 7:00 p.m. Eastern

Standard Time I was going to say oh

don't forget go watch this week's

previous video if you haven't watched it

yet and be sure to have a good day I'm

Bob the Canadian you're learning English

with me don't forget if you search I'm

going to show this again where was I at

like 15 thousand people on tick-tock

that's pretty fun so search for Bob the

Canadian on tick-tock if you are a

person that uses that but other than

that thank you very very much for


Sean says he might just do that now that

I suggested it so let's see if Sean

takes me up on the challenge it's tricky

on YouTube to make a video to teach

people bad words because it can get

banned or demonetised so Sean see what

you can do with that topic it's it's a

tricky one right anyways thank you so

much for watching have a great day 624

people that's amazing you guys are

amazing thank you for being subscribers

and have a great weekend I think it's

going to be nice I actually only have to

work half a day today so I'm looking

forward to in about four hours I will be

done work and I get to go home early

my boss is awesome so anyways bye to

everyone I'm just going to type a few

things in the chat live lesson tomorrow

at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time don't

forget to watch this week's video lesson

let me just find that for a second here

let's see my lesson this week was I'm

going to just do a search

right there and oh yeah this week I lied

that's what I did this week there we go

so don't forget to watch this week's

lesson I was gonna say something else

and I can't remember so I'm rambling now

I'm gonna push this button and stop the

livestream have a good weekend everybody

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