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Consumer behaviour is changing.

Consumers are spending more time

researching their next vehicle online.

Assessing affordability is playing a larger

and earlier part in their buying process.

Influencing which dealer they contact.

This is where Indicatas Lead Generator adds value to your business.

Lead Generator provides your customers with access

to Indicatas market leading appraisals, directly on your website!

Customers can instantly discover how much their trade-in vehicle is worth and move closer to their next vehicle purchase.

Whilst based on Indicatas accurate market pricing,

you remain in full control of your profit margins

and pricing strategies!

In addition, you decide if your customers receive

an exact valuation or a price range.

Indicatas new brandable Plug and Play solution

needs no redesign of your website,

for fast implementation at minimal costs.

Alternatively, with Indicatas valuation engine,

you can design your own, fully customised solution.

Every valuation delivers a new lead

by email or direct into your DMS or CRM system.

Indicatas Lead generator can double your website conversion rate,

resulting in more leads for your sales people!

Contact us today for more information.

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