Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Förnuft & Känsla: VW ID.4 vs Volvo V90 (ENG SUB)

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It's the first electric family car in a reasonable price bracket.

I'm glad it doesn't look like the BMW i3.

Why do you want gasoline to be better?

For me to think the electric car to be better would mean the death of the gas powered car.

It has no driveshaft tunnel, so it's better for three passengers.

Turn the auto pilot on and come sit in the back.

We're putting these two top-selling favorites through a barrage of tests.

- Psyched? - Super psyched.

- That's why I didnt get away. - That's your own fault. Volvo, 1-0.

Don't stay on the throttle, like some tests say. Stomp on the brakes.

- The turning circle test. - That's what you value most in a car.

The pile of snow is in the way!

Full throttle. I'm going backwards!

- It's so noisy. - Well, it's an engine.

Put your --- notes away. Welcome to "Sense and Sensibility".

- It's time for a duel, Alrik. - This is the most Swedish thing possible.

- A Volvo estate car. - V90 petrol.

The all-time top-seller, synonymous with Sweden.

- I had one of the first ones in Sweden. - We will show a photo of it.

It looked like the STCC car. What's this, Alrik?

This is the future, the Volkswagen ID4.

It's the first electric family car in a reasonable price bracket.

- I'm glad it doesn't look like the BMW i3. - I bet you are.

It's a bit different from VW's boxy cars.

- It doesn't look too bad. - No, it looks good.

This is the summation of today's biggest trends: crossover and electric.

This is the summation of yesterday. I doubt if Volvo...

Hold your horses. The duel hasn't started yet.

I doubt if Volvo will make another estate of this size. It's selling that badly.

It's selling poorly? I don't get it. After this test, sales will increase.

I'll make sure it wins this duel. What tests will we put the cars through?

- We'll drive them on the track. A new track. - So exciting.

- Where are we going? - Eskilstuna, GTR Motor Park.

The racing center of Sweden, in a moment. We'll look closer at it.

We're having an acceleration duel, panic braking.

A modern version of the outdated elk test, so to speak.

- What else are we doing? - Your favorite exercise, the turning circle.

Which one is more comfortable and modern.

- I have ten points to score them on. - I don't.

- The magazine will have all the facts. - Whatever.

- Let's go. - Let's get in the Volvo first.

- Are you okay? - Sure.

- Full power. - This is front wheel drive, did you know?

I felt it when I got on the throttle.

We're in a V90 B4.

B? I don't like that they call them B. It sounds second-rate. Seriously.

I agree. And you have to ask if it's a B4 petrol or a B4 diesel.

They're B4's, no matter what.

Brake, you bastard! There.

- We're in a really safe car. - His was smaller, so we just went.

He had to brake, he would be worse off.

We're crowning the best car for the slightly wealthy family.

Are they expensive?

The VW starts at 51 400 Euro, this is about 10 000 cheaper.

10 000 cheaper?

Then, we remove 7 000. From April first, there's a 7 000 Euro bonus on the VW.

Then, there's a 4 000 Euro difference.

The tax on the Volvo will be over 800.

- In three years, the price is the same. - The same price, I get it.

The VW is equipped with some things that this doesn't have. They cost the same.

So this is the ultimate duel of petrol versus electric.

It doesn't get better than this. The Swede's favorite car above almost all.

- How was the seat adjustment? - It wasn't even --- electronic.

How can it not be electronic?

This is the cheap model, even though it has tons of equipment like a sun roof.

- But no electronic seat adjustment. - It has tons of options.

I want to like this. You're the electric car guy and I'm the petrol head.

- I want this to win this duel. - You do. But why?

Why do you want petrol to be better?

Because I don't like electric cars.

Here's the deal.

For me to think the electric car to be better would mean the death of the gas powered car.

Right? Get it? I have such influence on the car industry!

- It would go like this. - It would change overnight.

Guess how many percent of cars sold last year had some kind of electric motor.

Someone asked me that yesterday, just because I'm a car reporter.

Within quotation marks.

- I just said: "I have no idea." - That's a great answer.

- Cars with any kind of electric motor. - Like hybrids and ---?

- Then, it's 53 percent. - 70 percent.

- 70? You're counting electric windows? - Nope.

To help with propulsion. This has an electric motor with 16 bhp or something.

- That's just ridiculous. - It's for tax reasons, and still it's 800.

They had a lot of bugs in the beginning, but I thought it was a fantastic car.

I mainly think it looks good. This color is a bit dull.

But the V90 can look really good.

The interior looks good, I like the design.

But I can tell you one thing for sure; Volvo's seats have gotten worse.

- I agree. - The V70 seats were way better than this.

They were softer. Do our butts need softer seats now?

Are you saying that it's us? I'm quite sure about it.

I've had five or six V70's and XC70's.

The XC90 is the same, they're uncomfortable. This seat is way too hard, I don't like it.

Pilot Assist is on, the wheel is green. It's playing ping-ping, it's worthless.

If you've used Tesla's auto-pilot, this feels bad.

- It's too ping-pongy. - I'm so negative. I should like this car.

Maybe I slept badly. This might be a rascal episode.

- You might bring the mood down. - I just might.

- We have candy. - Are we driving off the road today?

It was so thirsty! That --- Volvo has such a high gas mileage!

It was... Maybe over 10 liters per 100 kilometers.

It was almost 10 liters per kilometer with the D4 diesel.

Crazy fuel consumption. They blamed me for running the heater. Everyone does that.

That's interesting, it has a petrol pre-heater.

- Really? But I had the diesel. - Even better. No emission control.

- Maybe it was petrol? - No, it was a diesel. Whatever.

But it was cool to look at. It still has that vinyl wrap.

It's using 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers. That's a lot.

It is. We're doing 110 kmph. It's winter conditions.

- So what? - How cold is it?

Three below and sunny. It's beautiful day.

We're so lucky to be alive in these times, Alrik.

We're so lucky.

"Which one would you choose for a trip through Europe?" asks Mr. C.

Here's the thing. I'm warming up to the electric cars, the better they get.

- I can't avoid it. - You can't go against your instinct.

But I would still, without a shadow of a doubt,

if I knew I was going on a long trip,

going to a ski resort and so on, I would not choose an electric car.

But going between home and work or taking the kids to school, short trips,

I could pick an electric car. But not on long trips, it doesn't work.

We took the Tesla on a trip to re. It went well, we stopped a few times.

But on the way home, the display says: "You'll make it to Sundsvall."

Halfway there, it turned off the heater and everything else to save energy.

- We were stupid not to charge it. - No, because it said there was enough.

- There was enough battery power. - Because we almost froze to death.

- I had to drive it. - No one else wanted to. I took the Bentley.

--- Apple Car Play, which you can't use with kids in the car

if you've made a profile.

Your girlfriend calls you and her photo comes up.

- What does the photo look like? - It pops up. So do text messages.

One time in the car, the Apple thingy started reading a text aloud.

- That's good. - It's not good sometimes.

I didn't like it.

It's quiet, but in the city, it has no power. When you start it, it sounds like a diesel.

The four-cylinder petrol engine sounds like a diesel. I don't like it for city traffic.

There it is.

This is such a pointless car.

And you want this car to win. How are you going to manage that?

- This costs 39 990 Euro, it says. - Like this, or is it the base price?

- Base price. Then come the add-ons. - Cars are so --- expensive.

40 000 Euro base price for this. That's a lot of money.

You have to add 5 000 to get a decent car.

Volvo has good package deals. So do Mercedes.

- Who doesn't? - Someone, I bet.

I hate it when safety features are add-ons. All safety features should be included.

If you drive 20 000 kilometers in a year, the fuel will cost 2 000 Euro.

- The charge for the VW will cost 600. - 20 000 kilometers, that's a lot.

You have to take so many charge breaks. You're divorced, because you got fat.

- Your economy's ruined by all the food. - Is this our exit?

Is it? Let's take the exit and switch cars.

- Is this front or rear wheel drive? - Rear wheel drive.

Volvos used to be rear wheel drive, it's front wheel drive.

VW haven't had rear wheel drive since the Beetle, almost.

VW give you water in a milk package.

We're in an electric car, which is causing static in the microphones.

Let me set the seat up. If it's not good, I'll be --- annoyed.

This seat isn't that comfortable either.

- It's my first time in it. - It's not better than the Volvo, is it?

A bit softer.

- Mr. director, a Coke? Or a candy? - I'll have one of those, thanks.

- Let's see. Deactivate. - The infotainment system pissed me off.

Setting the temperature was so cumbersome.

- Let's see. Set the speed. - What are you doing?

- I'm setting it to 110 kmph. - You have to look there. Now don't touch it.

That's 110. Can we reset the...

Can we? Nothing's happening.

"Driving stats reset." I've done it. I can fix things.

I like this type of arm rest. I actually do.

- I feel like a boss. - Or a captain.

- There are different height settings. - This candy is so good.

The heads-up display is really good. It has argumented reality.

- It flashes and so on. - What did you just say?

- I said argumented reality. - It's augmented reality.

- Augmented? - You said "argumented ralty".

I've never heard those words.

Anyway, it shows you things...

It uses images and moves around. It's really nice.

- I can't see it through my sunglasses. - That is really annoying.

Why is that? Is it because of polarization?

I can't see ---. It's like it's not even there. So weird.

- It has more road noise than the Volvo. - It sure does.

That's objective. It's noisy. It's very noisy.

- From the front. - It's road noise. I agree.

- Thats not good. - It's surprising. I agree.

A lot of road noise. A great amount. For real.

The Volvo wins the road noise duel. That's part of the contest.

- What's that? Flashing blue lights. - There's a police car across the road.

Take your foot of the throttle.

Press the brakes, so you don't have to do a stupid --- maneuver.

Something happened. What happened? A police car has blocked the entire road.

Accident. Someone... Let's have a short discussion about that.

When you're in the car and arrive at an accident...

9 out of 10 say: "Oh no, we're stuck in traffic!"

- "Get your cell phone!" - That's a different issue.

You get stressed and feel bad for yourself. You know what?

Someone got hurt! Show some compassion.

Stay calm in traffic and hope that the person who had the accident is fine.

Don't just think about yourself, you --- bastards.

I agree. And people slow down to look.

The --- who film it should get punched in the mouth. --- them.

- They upload it to... - Let's not film that.

That's not okay, but neither is getting stressed about it.

- Someone got badly hurt. - Someone's life just got worse.

Their life might be altered and you're complaining that you're late for lunch.

I have trouble saying Volkswagen. Sometimes I say "Volkwagen".

Volkswagen. Is that what people say? "Do you have a Volkswagen"?

- A VW. - That's wrong. That's the Beetle.

- I saw the sketch for the new electric... - The electric version of the old van.

- That's so cool. - Let's cut to a picture of it.

Before we forget.

On the B-roads, the power consumption was about 26 kWh.

If you recalculate it to the energy levels of petrol,

it's almost 2.6 liters per 100 kilometers. That's how effective electric cars are.

How about the Volvo? 7.7 liters. The energy consumption is vastly different.

But 7.7 liters for the Volvo, that's a lot.

Just standing still. No, just going straight on. Not standing still.

- Standing still at 110, that's 7.7 liters. - I meant no acceleration. Flat speed.

The ID3 had a lot of problems with the infotainment. It was laggy and weird.

So far, this feels better and more stable.

It doesn't have over the air updates yet.

It can't download new software, like the Tesla, but it will.

"Over the air"?

From the internet. The car downloads new software.


To me... That's a bit scary.

I'm not that --- old, but it's a bit scary that everything's run by software.

There's no mechanical backup. You're still in a car.

"There's a software bug that makes the car suddenly turn left"

"after four kilometers, when you drive 79 kmph and turn the turn signal on."

And turn up the heat.

- Tell us more about the car. - Say something reasonable about the car.

This car will be made in Europe, the US and China.

This will be Volkswagen's... is Volkswagen's first international electric car.

"This car is for the millions, not the millionaires", according to Volkswagen.

Right. That's good, I guess.

- What do you say to that? - It's good.

That they're making a car for the millions, not the Millionaires, who dont buy VW.

Keep going straight, to get on the main road.

It has no driveshaft tunnel, so it's better for three passengers.

- I can say that without trying. - Turn the auto pilot on and come sit here.

- This autopilot is also better. - Take the exit for Eskilstuna.

I think this autopilot is better. It's not as bouncy.

- It feels more modern. - Yes. --- Volvo.

I think the ground clearance is 16.5 centimeters, a bit more than a regular car.

We just passed a solar panel farm. That fits an electric car.

---, that's a lot of solar panels. ---!

This first edition are specially equipped.

You can't add any equipment. Volkswagen want to speed up production.

"We're making two versions, take it or leave it."

They will make 27 000 of these in Europe.

Later, you can order your car to your own specs.

- How many cars are sold in Sweden a year? - About 300 000.

- Can we try... - Just push a --- button. Let me do this!

Absolutely. Push them. Come on.

"Classic climate." "Air care", what the --- is that?

- They purify the air a bit. - That's so silly.

- It's the big 12 inch... - That's air care.

This is the 12 inch screen, the cheaper version has a 10 inch.

I'm enjoying "air care" while drinking water from my paper container.

It's... Explain this! How can you drive a car for 80 kilometers, and on the 90th,

it's like someone lit a fire under your ass, even though you didn't change the heater?

You never experienced this? The temperature changes. Get it?

My butt hurts, all of a sudden! And I can't turn it off!

- This makes me mad. - You said "I've got this."

- Turn my seat heater off. - I have a lot of steering to do.

Turn the seat heater off. Turn it off!

No, turn off the seat heater!

I can't, I'm driving. I can't figure it out right now.

Nothing's happening. It's so hot! I'm serious!

Feel this! Stick your hand down my ass!

Whoa, that's too hot.

"Vehicle", no?

No... is there a "climate" section?

- The entire car is too hot. - You can't turn it off!

Of course you can!

Seat heater! What the ---?

- There. Maybe that's my side. Go up. - This is the worst --- thing I've ever seen.

- You can go back. - This lowers my score by four points.


There. You had to be in "classic climate" to turn the seat heater off.

- Well, of course. - This ---...

"Will the ID4 outsell the ID3?" Let's count to three and answer at the same time.

- One, two, three. Yes. - No.

- I think so. - As a company car, it will sell way better.

As a private car, the ID3 will sell better. We don't know how this year will be.

People think less company cars will be sold, because taxes will go up.

Didn't we drive the ID3? I don't remember it. That's how big of an impression it made.

That's interesting. This is a bigger, more proper car.

The big difference, apart from the space, is that it has a tow bar as standard

and also rails, which you can't get on the ID3.

I like this question: "Can you leave the ignition or the AC on when you get out?"

"Is there a dog mode?" Great question.

I love dog mode. That you can leave the dog in a 20 degree car.

- It's a Tesla thing. - It's --- great.

Why don't car manufacturers get that a lot of people have dogs?

None of them have an air outlet in the back.

- Don't they? - No, in thebackback.

Seriously, why not? There should be an add-on dog package.

Loads of people would buy that. An air outlet in the back, so you can leave the AC on.

I would pay a lot for that.

Tesla have a dog mode. In sleep mode, you can camp out in the car.

The car will keep the temperature and not steam up.

This doesn't have that, but you can set the temperature in an app.

- Doesn't every --- car have that? - Not petrol cars.

Just turn on the heat. Some cars have AC, too. The top-tier Mercs do.

- Without the engine running? - I think so. The S class.

- The engine has to be running. - I don't know, but I think so.

"Is the sense of quality greater than the ID3? Is it bigger than the Tiguan?"

The material choices feel better than the ID3.

I haven't tried the backseat, but it's spacious.

It's spacious enough for a mid-bracket car.

"Are there different battery recycling levels?" asks Artur.

There's a B mode. You have to choose it. It doesn't turn on automatically.

But in one-pedal mode, I think it can regenerate 2.5 G.

It brakes automatically, but the one-pedal mode isn't as good as Tesla's.

You have to brake sometimes.

How are they too --- stupid to make better cars than Tesla?

They want to make cars that are easy to live with. Teslas aren't.

It brakes hard.

- "Aren't rear drum brakes a step backwards?" - It's cheaper.

They claim that the drum brakes will survive the car's lifespan without replacement.

"Tesla's sales pitch is acceleration and its big charging network. How about the ID4?"

Price, comfort and that it feels normal.

"Which one of these cars would you pick for a long trip through Europe?"

- I'd pick the Volvo. - I think this one is more interesting.

But you're weird. "Except towing caravans and range, is the Volvo better at anything?"


- That's a tough one. The Volvo looks better. - It's more of a classic look.

The Volvo doesn't impress me much.

- Darn, look at this. - Look, stuff is happening.

This is so cool. This will be a track, one hour from Stockholm.

When it's done, it will be four kilometers, that's longer than Mantorp.

A race track, one hour from Stockholm.

We're putting these two top-selling favorites through a barrage of tests.

We're at GTR Motor Park outside Eskilstuna, soon to be Sweden's coolest track.

Now hosting our super challenge.

This is the acceleration test. The red light test. Who gets away faster in winter?

This does 0 to 100 kmph in 7.9 seconds, this one in 8.5.

It's so slippery. It's a barrage of challenges, like I said.

- Rear wheel drive versus front wheel drive. - Let's stop talking and get started.

Time is of the essence, time is money!

- Sports mode, nothing else turned off. - A level playing field, both in sports mode.

I'm so anxious.

This B4 Volvo has to defend the honor of every petrol powered car.

- Both are on Nordic friction tires. - Fingers crossed.

- Psyched? - Super psyched.

I'm so charged. I have anxiety. I'm tingling.

The petrol anxiety!

- Full throttle, right? No silly stuff. - Of course, full power. Like at the lights.

Full throttle, like at the lights.

- If we crash, who pays the deductible? - We'll do it like this.

- We split up there. - So I go in the wall and you... Alright.

Each person pays their own deductible.

--- it.

What the ---!

1-0 for Volvo. So easy!

Set, go!

He got a way better start. Can I catch up?


--- turd.

I won so easily.

This feels like a Volvo victory.

I'm surprised, do you have better tires? Continental. What do I have?

Scorpion. Pirelli. But your tires are wide.

- You have 235's in front. - That's not good.

Wide tires are bad.

What do you have in the back? 255. That's sports car width.

You shouldn't do silly stuff like that. It's wrong.

That explains it. If I lose, we know why.

We're crowning the new people's car. No --- excuses.

- I'm so nervous. This decides it. - No argument afterwards.


Come on. There we go! What a --- difference!

- I didn't get away. - There we go.

Thank you, little Volvo.

- What's the difference? - I couldn't get away.

Why is that?

Quite a clear victory for petrol, I'd say.

I guess routine kicks in.

I had the throttle and brake pressed, to transition quickly.

- That's why I didnt get away. - That's your own fault. Volvo, 1-0.

Let's do the brake test. Let's get up to speed through the corner, side by side.

Slam on the brakes at the cone to see who stops first.

- Your tires are better. - I had a 47.

I had a 50. Your tires are better.

- Why are you whining? - I'm not whining, it's just a fact.

Aren't those the tires that VW deliver the --- car with?

Right? Let's go again.

Come on. I can't get up to speed.

The Volvo claims another victory.

- 2-1 for Volvo. - A clear victory for Volvo.

We're going up a nice hill.

- Ready, set, full throttle. - ---.

- I'm going backwards! - Me too!

We can't do it!

Whoever gets up there first!

I'm going to have him.

Come on, fight!

3-0! 3-0!

- You're in the lead, aren't you? - I am, it feels good.

This next test is important, for real.

This is a modern elk test, the way it should be done.

- You get scared and have to swerve. - So you stomp on the brakes.

You drop the anchor, as people say.

In today's modern cars, you can take evasive action while fully on the brakes.

That's the point. They're built for it.

If it happens, don't stay on the throttle, like some tests say. Stomp on the brakes.

- Then take evasive action. - Keep steering and braking.

Until the car is at a stand-still. Then evaluate and proceed.

We're going to pit the cars against each other. It's a --- interesting test.

The systems decide the result.

Let's start at 50 kmph and see if they pass. Maybe they won't even do it at 50.

- If they do, we raise the speed to... - And this is super slippery.

Great test conditions. They're perfect. You know where you saw it first.

The moment of truth. Will the... What's it called?

I'll grant you this. If this does it at 50, we're even going to the track.

Instead of 3, it's even. This test is important.

I'll agree this is more important than the other three.

40. You're already above 50. 50, perfect.

Piece of cake. That was so easy. What's the deal?

- You did run over the cone. - Maybe I should do it again?

- Wait, calm down. - That's 53.

Way more controlled, I'd say.

That was 53, almost 55.

The front wheel drive Volvo faces the challenge.

I wonder if it's a benefit to have a lot of weight to the front.

- Logically, it should be. - For steering, it should be.

But without a lot of weight in the back, maybe the back goes light.

- Maybe we'll have a nice little skid. - I think we will.

45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50.

- That didn't go too well. - Not well at all.

It didn't steer at all.

That' wasn't as good. Catastrophe.

We'll do another. The car is lethal, return it.

One million Swedes have to return their cars.

47, 48, 49, 50! There it is!

Whoa, the... The...

There's a significant difference. Seriously.

- Try it at 45. - We'll go slower, until it passes.

For the sake of the Volvo owners, we have to try it going slower.

It can't do it at 50.

The VW dominates in this test, which is a --- joke.

It must be its lower center of gravity and that it's a more modern car.

Whatever. Let's try at 45.

42, 43, 44, 45. 45, 45, 46, 46.

There! It jerks...

Full lock and the --- car keeps going forward.

Not even at 45. Let's try 40.

40, 40, 40... There.

It can't do anything!

Ready, set, go.

Another blazing start. It's so --- bad.

Should I prepare for the corner?

Nice. You can't take that much better.

Round this one. We have to name the corners. Perhaps the viewers can help us.

Suddenly, there's grip, which is confusing.

And another turn. Great.

Keep the throttle even. And... No.

- It's not that easy. - If it was, any --- could do it.

- Let's slow down. - Great. Now full throttle.

Last time, I tried a Scandinavian flick, which didn't work at all.

I'll try to take it wide instead. Dive into the apex.

"Second! The apex!" Any tears coming?

This never happened before!

Two, three, four... There! 1.04.5.

- Of course. - Sure. Ready, set, go. Full throttle.

- Another great start. - I'm glad you think so.

Aren't you... Listen to the noise. It revs a lot, but nothing happens. It's weird.

I ended up going wide. A bit of understeer, but still in control.

- There's a lot of grip. - It feels like it grips better than yours.

I agree.

- I think I'll slay you. It feels like it. - You might.

- I'm also an excellent driver. - Youve been doing lap times for a year.

- I'm loving the understeer. - A bit of trouble, just through that corner.

- Entering this corner, you were at 50. - That's right, 50.

50 already? Then I'm behind you. It felt like I was faster.

- It doesn't like this corner. - It's standing still at full throttle.

- I don't think it will be a good lap time. - I've got the pedal to the metal.

1.07.87. You're three or four seconds behind.

Let's try the "escape traction" thing.

How does it feel?

- How about that? - What a skid!

The pile of snow is in the way! It's time for Peder's favorite, the turning circle test.

That's your biggest criteria for buying a car.

That's Volvo's prime selling point. It turned tighter than any other car in city traffic.

It was great, how much they could turn their front wheels.

A little under a meter. Your track is here, his is here.

About a meter's difference.

We're in the backseat.

- It's a good height. - But the angle isn't that good.

It's a bit.. You sit a bit too upright.

- No, the seat should be a bit more... - Really?

You're high, like at the movies.

You can see well, you sit higher than in the front seats. That's good for the kids.

This is a bit simple. That's a pity.

- But if there's three of you... - For --- sake!

Move over!

- At least the legroom is good. - Sure, this is really cosy.

There's loads of space. It's a nice, high seating position.

- Whatever. - Let's try the Volvo.

We're in the backseat of the Volvo. Your leg position is nice.

The... The leg angle is way worse, you sit way lower.

- The vision is worse. I'll sit beside you. - For --- sake, Alrik!

This is way worse. I could sit shoulder to shoulder, now I have to sit like this.

- You're sitting on me. - I know.

- Does this feel luxurious? - No.

The VW wins the backseat round. That's it.

- There. - I hate this! I hate cars that have this!

It should go in all the way! This is so stupid, I could puke!

The space is longer, but lower.

What about here? This is great, to strap shopping bags in.

- Great. - It is. There's more stuff under here.

- What do you think about the trunk? - I have nothing to say.

You seem a bit tired. Let's look at the VW.

- How about this? - It's shorter, but way bigger.

- Well, it's... What's under here? - Or way bigger? I don't --- know!

Your favorite thing, the liters, say that the Volvo has a few liters more.

- This is usable, because it's higher. - Here's a problem. You want the cable here.

But if you packed the trunk, the cable is really hard to get out.

- What if you packed it drunk? - I don't know. You might be clumsier.

This is worthless, too. You shouldn't have these permanently mounted.

It will have four wheel drive and another motor. It should have a frunk.

This is so --- ugly! It doesn't look finished.

- I agree, it doesn't look good. - They could at least cover it with a sheet.

There. It looks better, but it makes a lot of noise.

- Well, it's an engine. - It makes noise with the engine off, though.

I've compiled the results.

Interior space, ID4. Trunk space, ID4. Driving, ID4.

- Comfort, it's harder. - I'd say the Volvo.

- Because of the road noise. - The VW has better suspension and seats.

Okay, it's a tie.

Reliability, I'd say the Volvo. It's tried and tested.

It had tons of problems on release, but this is new and as such untested.

Economy, the ID4 takes that.

Infotainment... I'd say the ID4, because it has way more new technology.

It may have a few bugs, but they will iron those out.

The Volvo will never get better.

- Environment, the ID4 wins. Range? - The Volvo.

Build quality?

I don't know. I think it's a tie.

- That's a compliment to the Volkswagen. - So, what's the standing?

- One, two, three, four... - No. One, two, three, a tie.

...four, five, six, seven.

Seven for the ID4, one for the Volvo and two ties?

Two for the Volvo.

Seven... Six, two and two.

It's six, two and two. Six for the ID4, two for the Volvo and two ties.

Plus our rounds. Acceleration, Volvo.

- What's the score? 6-2? - Add the scores up. It's 8-4.

8-4, then. Acceleration, Volvo. 8-5.

- Braking, Volvo. 8-6. - Alright, then.

- What's next? The Volvo won one more. - The uphill struggle. Driver's mistake.

But the Volvo won it. 8-7.

- Two rounds left at 8-7. - Three. The turning circle.

The turning circle. 9-7.

Then, there's the lap. 10-7.

- And the elk test. - I think that's two points.

- 12-7. - You've been outperformed.

Is this a world-changer? What's happening?

I want to backpedal and say this:

So you lied?

This Volvo doesn't impress me whatsoever.

- So you want a rematch? - With a better car. I'll think about it.

But Volvo against the ID4, the ID4 wins.

Hands down, unless you need more range or need to tow heavier things.

- It's just that simple. - It's cut and dry. Let's score them.

You mean my regular sensibility score?

I give the Volvo a three,

and to show how big a man I am, I give the ID4 a four.

- That's big of you. I give it... - No, that's too high.

You'll give it a high score, the average gets too high and it passes the RS6.

Are you being tactical now?

I'll give them two and three. Two for the Volvo and three for...

- They'll end up at the bottom of the list. - Okay, then. Three and four.

- You can use half points. - Okay, 2.5 and 3.5.

No, I stand by three and four.

- Do you want to do a retake? Are you done? - The yapping is fun.

You just ruined it with your comment.

Here's my score.

The Volkswagen is the best family car you can buy today. I give it a 9.5.

No! You tricked me into raising my score!

That thing is not passing a --- Taycan or something! --- no!

You boosted my score and then gave it a super high score. I change mine to two and three.

- Two for the Volvo, three for the ID4. - I give the VW a 9.5.

There may be better cars coming, but right now, it's a 9.5.

- The Volvo gets a straight five. - Isn't it more sensible than that?

Not compared to the VW. It gets creamed.

- You can't give the V90 a five, can you? - I'd say it's reasonably good right now.

Okay. 9.5 and 3 for the ID4, 2 and 5 for the Volvo.

On that bombshell, that's all from us.

- The earth keeps spinning, just the same. - I have to go home and recuperate.

The most important thing is that we go have lunch, I'm starving.

- We have to return the car. - We have to bring it back in 30 minutes.

I'll drive.

Translation: Emil P.W.S Holmgren

The Description of Förnuft & Känsla: VW ID.4 vs Volvo V90 (ENG SUB)