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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Immunizations Making Peace" - practice English with Spotlight

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welcome to spotlight I'm Liz Waid and

I'm Joshua Leo

spotlight uses a special English method

of broadcasting it is easier for people

to understand no matter where in the

world they live


it was 1994 the place was Afghanistan

people were fighting in a terrible war

in November each fighting side agreed to

stop fighting for one week for seven

days there would be peace both sides had

agreed to peace because each side had

the same important goal they wanted

health workers to give Afghani children

vaccines vaccines are medicines that

prevent terrible diseases such as polio

health workers freely gave the vaccines

to the people who needed them most

mothers and children for seven days

there was peace in warring Afghanistan

health workers vaccinated hundreds of

thousands of mothers and children people

across the country learned about

vaccines and health care doctors and

health care workers of the country

learned new important skills Medical

Center's received new medical equipment

the vaccination effort succeeded and

peace continued for two months


can giving vaccines help a country find

peace even in the middle of a conflict

some people believe it can today's

spotlight is on mass vaccination

campaigns and days of tranquility you

may have heard other spotlight programs

about vaccines if a person gets a

vaccine he can avoid getting a

particular sickness vaccines help the

body to create immunity to harmful

viruses and bacteria the harmful viruses

and bacteria do not infect vaccinated

people in the past vaccines have helped

to stop horrible diseases like smallpox

and many experts believe that vaccines

will soon stop polio but conflicts

around the world make it more difficult

to stop these diseases health workers

are not safe traveling through war areas

governments invest in weapons and

services needed for war so there is no

extra money to buy and provide vaccines

many resources of a country in conflict

are wasted because of war and many

people suffer because of it health

groups must be able to avoid the dangers

of conflict

while they take vaccines to the people

one answer to this problem

is a mass immunization campaign

immunization is another word for

vaccination and a mass campaign is a big

plan to help thousands of people mass

immunization campaigns or M ICS

sometimes have other names for example

people call them National Immunization

days however it is difficult to organize

a mass immunization campaign in a war

area so health officials and governments

organize special days of peace these

also have different names they are often

called corridors of peace or days of

tranquility whatever name we use they

all have the same purpose they aim to

stop fighting and give out vaccines


during an MC government's international

health groups and other concerned people

organize temporary breaks in fighting

they persuade each fighting side to stop

fighting for a short time usually these

times of peace lasts for a few days

health workers use these days of peace

to bring vaccines to children and

sometimes to mothers these are the

people who need vaccines the most

organizers of the mi sees clearly

Elayne that they plan to vaccinate

people from all communities they explain

that they will be fair they will not

help one fighting side more than the

other fighting sides must agree that

health workers will be able to travel

safely through the country they must

also agree that local people will be

able to travel safely to the schools

hospitals health centers and community

centers to get the vaccines each

fighting side must be fully devoted to

the cause they must agree on peace even

if it is for only a short time they must

agree to work together after all sides

have agreed to peace they must now

spread the message to the people who

need the vaccines people need to know

where when and how to get the vaccines

they must know that getting the vaccine

is important many groups and individuals

devote time and money to spreading the

message of an m.i.c communication is one

of the most important goals of an mi see

the World Health Organization may

produce large posters and information

papers in local languages this

informational literature tells people

when where how and why to get the

vaccines radio and television programs

also give information about the

vaccinations even religious leaders

often encourage their people to be

vaccinated then m.i sees need a way to

provide the vaccines to the people

governments organizations and people

provide money to pay for the vaccines

some health workers give their time to

train more health workers inside the

country health workers go to as many

places as they can to vaccinate people

sometimes even the military forces of

both sides get involved in a helpful way

militaries can provide airplanes to fly

vaccines to Far Away areas


usually mi sees succeed very well

they have many good effects the mi sees

build community but they also help to

keep people healthy when people are

healthy they can work this helps to

reduce poverty

this helps areas develop when people are

healthy they have hope for a better

future for themselves their families and

their communities mi sees also encourage

longer peace in areas of conflict

usually people on different sides of a

conflict do not communicate with each

other but mi sees depend on

communication mi sees show people that

communication between fighting sides is

possible organizers believe that when

fighting sides experience peace one time

they will probably want to experience it

again people begin to demand peace from

their governments they begin to resist

any other people or governments that

encourage war


mi sees in areas of conflict help to

make a country a stronger community in

itself and in the world warring sides

may have different ideas but many still

know that helping children makes a

country stronger a good future depends

on healthy children and adults

Babita Bisht

is a peace building expert she works for

UNICEF she explains how days of

tranquility and mass immunization

campaigns can influence a country

immunization is a very important bridge

for peace in situations of continuing

conflict and unrest there is a great

amount of mistrust and hostility between

different groups and community members

immunization prepares the whole process

of people helping each other they go

door to door Street to Street village to

village that really helps bring

communities together that really helps

pass different messages that really acts

like a bridge between communities


the writer and producer of this program

was Liz Waid the voices you heard were

from the United States all quotes were

adapted and voiced by spotlight you can

find our programs on the internet at





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