Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Waihuena Farm - Volcom Pipe Pro 2015

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This is a life project for us.

Theres nothing better than knowing where your food comes from

and learning about how to be a producer rather than a consumer and how to build a community around that.

(Meleana Judd-Cox, Owner, Waihuena Farm) Waihuena Farm is a twenty acre parcel where we primarily run our community-supported agriculture or CSA program.

We also do workshops and events, fitness, yoga, childrens programs, and live on farm internship programs.

The North Shore is a magical place, and whether youre a tourist or youre a local, or youre hosting a large surf contest, youve got to think about your impact.

This is the third year weve worked with Volcom as their compost site for the Volcom Pipe Pro.

It's been great to be their composting site and help them divert waste and turn it into food for our community.

I grew up in a family where my parents started a solar business back in the seventies,

so my awareness of environmental issues and the destructive nature of fossil fuels were heightened at a really young age.

When I went away to college on the mainland, I became aware of how destructive the mainstream industrial agricultural model really is.

And I was looking for alternatives to that. We found this property eight years ago and here we are making steps toward our dream

of having a place where people can connect with nature through organic agriculture as a foundation and all of the other fun things that go with it.

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