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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NTA UGC NET:JRF June 2019 English Exam Analysis, Literature & Linguistics

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hello welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute

I'm professor AB Michelle and today I'm

going to do deep analysis of NTA UGC net

GRF English exam June 2019 I'm going to

go in detail of every question so this

is this video is not just only for the

people who have appeared but also for

the students who are preparing for the

forthcoming exams you would be

understanding the question and the

answers in reading I'm not just going to

tell you that this is a or B is the

correct answer but also why this will be

the correct answer so let's take up two


question number one in which of the

following paired turns the relationship

between the active and passive forms of

a sentence can be best established so

there are various choices and they're

asking the terms which can have the best

of relationship between them as the

relationship of the active and the

passive form the correct answer here is

deal structure and surface structure

because signifier signified you have

studied insignia ology metaphor metonymy

are totally defriend their literary

terms and

symptomatic and paradigmatic is they're

also not paired as the pairing of deep

structure and surface structure these

are two Greek terms and cinematic is for

linear horizontally that means one after

the other the straight line in a

sentence and paradigmatic is vertical

okay one above the other or one below

the other when we see the example like

Rahm is playing cricket so Shaun is

playing cricket so Rama's can be

replaced by sure

so this replacement underneath is

paradigmatic so let's discuss the right

answer that is deep structure and

surface structure and this can only be

studied in linguistics which is the

scientific study of the language you

have various parts in linguistics like

syntax semantics and phonology and

various types of dramas like traditional

grammar prescriptive destructive grammar

structural grammar phase structural

grammar generative grammar

transformational grammar etc etc so how

do we find the structures in a sentence

there are many grammatical theories and

frameworks the study about all this this

arrangement and the meaning in the

sentence will give us the different

structures that is deep structure and

surface structure now suppose we take

this example John broke the glass this

is an active voice and when we make a

passive voice of it it will be the glass

was broken by John so different surface

structures can be made in a sentence but

there will be a common deep structure a

linguist kit in 1958 talked about these

two structures he was the first linguist

to mention surface structure and deep

structure and Noam Chomsky who's often

referred as the father of linguistics in

1962 gave the basis of linguistic theory

he explained the differences by the help

of different types of grammars and

analysis he said that face structure

grammar gives the deep structure whereas

transformational grammar gave the

surface structure the logical basis of

linguistic theories was are so deeply

derived by him and the icy analysis and

face structure grammar the tree diagram

help us to find out this deep structure

in a sentence so if you want to learn

more about linguistics about how did you

get the right answer here you can join

us act miracle at your earliest to have

the deep knowledge of link lingual

States and of course literature as well

let's take this second question from

which one of the following reasons in

Oscar Wilde's novels the Picture of

Dorian Gray green breaks down when he

sees his finished portrait

Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite author

you can watch my detailed analysis on

the same novel Picture of Dorian Gray in

my books and reading section I've given

you the complete story there with the

complete details so this is a very

interesting one it isn't normally it is

not a very big novel you it is about

selling your soul to the devil

here Dorian Gray gets a picture painted

his own picture and when he sees the

picture the picture is very beautiful

and he gets the idea that he will get

older but not the picture so he

exchanges his age his growing up with

the picture so picture is always covered

because it shows the science of his

growing up his maturity and even his

sense which he comments during his

lifetime but he remains the same for the

next twenty years and there are so many

incidents here you can watch the story

it is very interesting Oscar Wilde was

genius invents and Kazem and you know

all those inner meanings

he had studied life so deeply that he

comes out with whereas comic and

intellectual sentences intelligent

sentences so the answer here is distort

by the fact that this beauty will fade

while the portrait stays beautiful was

the correct answer here question number

three by a bridge two of the following

processes according to Mitchell fuku

does bar operate now you have to find

two things here he talked about the pot

and knowledge you know width bar comes

to knowledge and with knowledge comes to

power they are very nicely integrated

they complement each other power and

knowledge so here the two correct

answers are being seen so be seized by

normalization rather than me law there

are so many exam still have to make the

society normal function normally before

imposing any laws

suppose you are imposing D monetization

so oh the bank's all the ATMs older the

internal technical structure should be

normalized when you announce such a big

thing so similarly the second one it

says that I control the vanquishment

that is also important all these great

cases the society demands for a very

strict punishment of course we all want

that the culprits should be punished

severely so that no one dares but before

that the control over the crime is more

important punishment comes later but to

make the society safe and secured is

more important than punishment so in his

essay he talks about these two things

where the sectional the

a choice B and C are the correct one

question next identified the two names

from falling who are associated with how

many objects now you need to read this

in detail the logics of many attics the

interpretation of this rule before that

you have to read phenomenon logic and

before that didn't have to read all that

you retain structuralism

post-structuralism deconstruction post

Mormonism there are so many theories

attached to that and then comes

phenomenology how do you interpret this

word how do you interpret the place or

novels you read how do you interpret

your own life on day to day life there

are so many thoughts beliefs ideas

simultaneously present in your mind so

the interplay of these thoughts ideas

beliefs they all play the vital role in

understanding this world so hermeneutics

is all about the interpretation of the

literary text and the interpretation of

this world

so Edmund Husserl he talked about

phenomenology he gave the term

phenomenological reduction and heavy

girl talked about hermeneutics he gave

this social theory where he said that

the reader must experience the inner

life of the text in order to understand

it that means when we read a text we

have to be like one of the character in

the text to understand the communication

to understand the relation between the

different characters and the things

spoken in it

that means the reader is in the world of

the novel being in the world there's a

technical term called jason-- jason--

means being in the world


SEI n being there being in the world the

reader and the text they both are

interconnected therefore this this

particular relationship helps reader to

interpret the text there is much more to

it and this cannot be done in this video

so you need to attend the classes to

understand to increase your deep

understanding about the literary

theories the deep analysis of the

questions and answers it makes the video

long and people don't watch long videos

much so I'm cutting it short here I will

be back with more questions in my next

video so stay tuned and also try your

best to come for the classroom coaching

because here we do all the things in

detail relating it to life as our motto

is treat literature in its true spirit

it is very closely related to life so it

becomes much easier to understand thank

you so much


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