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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My Dog Mastered The Egg Challenge

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- There is a challenge online where there are dogs

that are holding eggs in their mouth.

Like, their mouths are so soft

and they're such sweet puppies

that they will hold an egg without breaking it.

Basically, you're challenging your dog to hold a raw egg

to see if they have a gentle mouth.

So, then you start seeing a lot of golden retrievers

doing this egg challenge and passing it.

But then a bunch of other dog breeds were doing it.

There are a lot of gentle pups out there.

Are you one of them?

(barking) (rock music)

Alright, Lucy, we're gonna try this.

This is an egg, can you take it in your mouth?

She's just licking it, okay.

Open your mouth, aah.

No, you're not gonna do it, okay.

Maybe we need to practice with something else.

Get the lemon.


No, you're gonna crack it.

Ready, open your mouth.


Can you be gentle and pick it up?

No, don't bite.

No, it's not gonna happen.

Obviously my dog's not gonna be the one

that's gonna be picking up an egg any time soon.



Why are certain dogs able to do this and does it really mean

that they're just nicer more gentle dogs?

A lot of dogs fail it.


- [Man] He won't take it.

He wants nothing to do with the egg.

- [Woman] Here you go.

Ah, ah, ow, ow, no.

- I still wanna know why Lucy can't do it

while all these other dogs can.

So, I decided to sit down with a veterinarian

to find out what's going on with this egg challenge

and what does it really mean?

- The egg challenge is owners trying to find out

if their dogs are capable of holding eggs

in their mouths without breaking them.

- It started with golden retrievers.

- [Man] What's this, how about an egg?

- They have what's called a soft mouth.

Take the egg.

- Golden retrievers are amazing.

That's what made me become a vet.

They are just known to be gentle dogs.

Your structure should determine your function,

and if you just look at the structure of their body,

their mouths are kind of shaped in what we call

a dolicephalic shape.

It's basically an elongated mouth.

So, it's bigger and longer and it's more capable,

I guess, of holding eggs.

- There are so many Instagrams

of all these different types of dogs being able to do it.

- But how you look isn't gonna determine

whether you're a gentle personality or not.

I think a pitbull could totally do this.

They're super gentle.

- But if your dog can't do this...

- A dog can be the gentlest, most amazing dog ever

and still not be able to hold an egg in her mouth.

They might not be as intelligent, perhaps.

(record scratching) - Oh my God.

- Because it might be a matter of just general training.

- I could train. - Yeah.

- He can be trained to do it. - There could be potential

for anything, don't worry.

- I just don't want you to call my dog stupid.

Because I wanna prove

that she is a smart puppy and also gentle,

I wanna try the egg challenge again with Lucy.

I have to sanitize the egg because...

- Salmonella can live outside or inside the egg.

I've seen videos of an owner washing the egg

three seconds under running water.

I don't know if that would do anything.

If you put poop under running water,

it's probably still dirty.

This is what will get me the most likes on Instagram,

I'm gonna wash it with soap before giving it to my dog.

- So, I'm gonna clean it with sanitizer and rinse it off.

I've got a sanitized egg

and now we're gonna try it on Lucy.

Take. (growling)

Take, take.

This isn't gonna help.

Lucy, do you wanna try holding the egg?

I don't think she wants to do this anymore.

I've been having a lot of trouble.

It's not because she's stupid, it's because I'm stupid

and I'm bad at training.

Do you want it? (gasps)

Oh, (bleep).

I don't need to prove that Lucy's a gentle and smart dog

because I know she is,

but I'm going to prove that I'm smart enough

to teach her to do the egg challenge.

Why won't you take my egg?

So, training is not going so well.

She's like frenemies with the egg right now

and I need to make her just friends.

- Start with treats.

I feel like if you can't do it with a treat,

they probably can't do it with an egg.

- So, see if they can just hold a treat without eating it?

I'm spreading doggy peanut butter on the egg.

Lucy, you interested in it now?

You gonna lick it?

Don't you wanna pick up the egg?

Lucy, take the egg.

She just licked the peanut butter, so my plan didn't work.

She's avoiding me and hiding in her doggy teepee.

New strategy, I am going to try to get her used to the egg.

You feelin' better about the eggy?

So, we're getting close.

Can you take it and hold it?

You put it down right away, okay.

Yay, you did it kind of.

Lucy's now able to hold the egg,

but she drops it right away.

Oh, Lucy, you broke it immediately.

Getting the dog to hold it is one thing

and to keep it in their mouth is another,

probably because she doesn't want an egg in her mouth

because who would want an egg in their mouth?

Hold it, oh God.

Okay, alright, we're getting close.




Oh, that was so good.

We finally got Lucy to pass the egg challenge, like barely.

She heard a sound outside and got distracted,

so she got too distracted to drop it.

You did it.

I'm proud of you, you actually did the egg challenge.

You know what, Lucy's not good at the egg challenge,

and if she's dropping it it's because

she's doing it on purpose 'cause she's smart.

And we know Lucy likes to play basketball,

so we're gonna see if Lucy can basketball with the egg.

She can win her own challenges.

Take it.


Oh, that was all so perfect.

Alright, Lucy just...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, that's raw egg.

Maybe she couldn't quite pass the egg challenge,

but she (bleep) nailed the egg basket challenge.

Look how perfectly that split in half.

I still can't believe it.

We're gonna celebrate by giving Lucy some eggs

because she deserves it because she cracked it

and she's so smart and I'm so good at training.

Take that, vet.

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