Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FIRST TO DRIFT & CRASH ON A BRAND NEW TRACK IN JAPAN!

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what is good guys and welcome to today's video this is seriously epic like the

most specialist video I think I've ever uploaded on the channel and that is

because we are at a brand new circuit here in Japan and I am amongst the very

first people to be allowed to drift on this circuit the first time ever

oh it's kind of snowing a little bit that's insane anyways so I'm here today

because of Okachan

good morning we're both pretty kinky but we're also a little bit stressed because

of the rainy today's rainy lady Benja danger very danger so yeah we're

hoping for safe driving today no accidents or anything like that so

hopefully everything goes according to plan but the course looks epic let me

show you a printout so here is the course layout and I am so excited about

it you can obviously drive in either direction

I think the first session we're going out in is this direction but I'm so

excited about this because look at this huge straight coming into a big sweeping

corner a lot of speed can be obtained here big angle massive entry coming in

through to some kind of like I guess monkeys through to another deep corner

with a lot of angle that you'll be able to throw in there coming around a nice

big sweeper again all the way back around and to the straight again

this circuit is so cool I can't wait to get out there so enough talking let's

get out there and give it a go and hope that I don't come off tracking total my

car because they still haven't finished all like the safety run away zones and

yeah obviously there's some pretty gnarly drops out there in certain

sections and if I was to gum off they're probably gonna lose a sump so anyways

that aside let's get out there and have some fun we're about to head out on the

track to just do like a slow loop around and just try and like you know get the

hang of the course layout this is so exciting here we go there's also

obviously no helmet because we're just cruising around the moment we start

drifting helmet and gloves I needed always

this is so cool brand-new circuit the first to be drifting on this however is


Wow Man I'm so like nervous about drifting in the wet

I'm really surprised at how much we got a jump up track for a bit

Johnny's to check out his car but this thing is it's surprisingly really

gripped up honestly so we now back on the track but in the

opposite direction personally I think I'm gonna like the other direction more

but let's just get the hang of it and see what it's like

yo this is hard this direction is insanely fun I wasn't expecting that

a bunch of a wet like that waterfall

now Wow Sokka John's car doesn't have any interior vent so we're spraying on

this anti fog stuff like after every run to try and stop it from fogging up we're

gonna go jump in the car with him now and he's going to show me the best line

to run for this particular layout because I'm kind of struggling in my car

to get like a good layout and a good run with this layout but it's still

definitely really fun


oh yeah Michael Rowena

it's the boss all right so we're waiting first in line to head out and we're back

to the original direction from when we first went out and the rain has stopped

so I'm pretty pumped about that because that means we might be able to get a bit

more grip and I could not feel comfortable going a bit faster if it's

super patching there's a lot of wet spots and and whatnot then I'm probably

gonna play it safe again but it looks pretty good right now it looks like it's

pretty gripped out so let's just go out there have some fun relax and try to be

smart and not crash that'd be great you know oh yeah we got this place to

ourselves no one's in line behind me haha

let's see oh it's so gripped up now

oh yes

this thing is sorry gripped up now

so let's try like that Scandinavian flick my entry into this No

oh yeah that's funny ass alright so your Scandinavian flakes work will work

really well for an entry that no God please no

don't want to try that again no no sofa cover third let's give this shot


I know I just took off my whole front bumper I hope everything's okay

just limp it back well Murphy's Law guys if something's bad is gonna happen it's

gonna happen when you I guess the most prepared for it

and when I say most prepared I mean I literally just finished making this car

perfect Scott girl's livery the whole thing and

now BAM we crashed it I'm not even upset hey I'm actually like like finally we

did like obviously it's not it's not like something I wanted to happen but it

happened and it's okay and honestly we got away very very lucky my radiator

support seems to be like not even tweaked at all just looking over I don't

see any kinks or anything I think we got away with that super lucky unfortunately

though the blue headlight I don't know if that's gonna be able to be fixed it's

a nice big cracking it's all broken in there now so I think that's done

intercooler probably gonna need a good clean-out and it's potentially broken um

I don't know though like this is definitely kinked up but there's no

holes in there so we should be able to get this thing home mainly though it

just looks like it's full of dirt and stuff it looks like we looked like it

got pushed back in in but it didn't do any damage we're really really lucky

honestly like best-case scenario for what just happen like super lucky we

just seemed to rip off the whole front bar and mess everything up even like my

oil cooler and stuff is totally fine even though it's in a position that I

really don't want it in because that's like danger zone just check it out how

much dirt is any hang on come on Kevin you can show the people how much dirt is

in here please oh my gosh come on there we go look how

much dirt is in this thing it is just like man we can create a couple trees in

there we plant some pineapple plants in there only the oh jeez know about that

oh I forgot my GoPro is in here she's still running that would be funny if it

caught the crash but yeah we got away super super lucky I was expecting way

more damage the way it felt from inside the car

I'll have a quick look under here yeah it looks like we completely didn't do

any damage down here either very lucky luckily it's all soft from the rain I

guess no hits or dents to the sump either man so lucky so yeah it looks

like oh we're gonna be in for is a new bumper because this is like cracked and

split in so many different places but we'll be able to zip tie that on and

then just new headlight well we'll probably do a pair because I did want to

get rid of the blue but I was just finally happy with the blue because it

matched the livery the best thing about it too is all I need to get reprinted

for the livery are these side stick is and just the PS Tucker logo is in the

front like you couldn't be any luckier man seriously we're you literally got

out of this really lucky all right I'm ranting on about how

amazed I am that we didn't do any more damage but literally we're just gonna

need some more of these pieces like this is all like look that that literally

broke off the bumper was bolted in sorry well the fiberglass told the metal look

at that that's great

this side we might be able to bed back into shape but you might as well just

replace them they're super cheap they're like twenty dollars from from Nissen so

not a big deal so I could chance here now and I figured

we'd ask him what is exactly does he think about me wrecking my Silvia saw

that there I really screwed up I

panicked because I thought the rear end of my car was gonna smash it to the bank

so then I kind of like went to spin and because I thought I would had it in gear

and yeah man mistakes happen but it's okay so before we start fixing anything

up one of the best things about this place is because it used to be an old

rally track they have these high water pressure cleaner things here so we're

gonna be able to clean all the mud off and then we'll be able to start zip

tying things together and you just put like a couple hundred yen in there and

then you got full access to a full proper high-pressure cleanup so let's go

do that clean this thing up bet I'm gonna go over the footage later when I

get home and then I'll film a clip then we'll talk about it but I know I made a

bunch of mistakes there and trying to recover that and I panicked because I

was worried about the rear of my car hitting the wall hitting the embankment

and then that's what made me kind of like naturally spin even further and

yeah is not a good time didn't also help that I completely was in neutral and not

in any gear and I was going to clutch dump it and just it bounced off a limit

up for a little bit there these things happen so let's clean this thing up get

all the mud out of here and then we'll zip tie things together and then we're

probably head home

so I got the s15 karna back together you can see things are just not right there

we got zip ties hanging out everywhere we're just gonna run with it I'm not

gonna even cut them off Yolo I assume that's so much fun today even

though we kind of been in the front of the Sylvia it's still all good and I

learned a valuable lesson every time I make a mistake you learn a lesson

unfortunately I seem to be the type of person that always learns the hard way

but honestly I'm fine with that because I have way more fun learning things the

hard way and I think I feel better relationships

like that as well anyways I'm gonna keep packing up and then we'll continue the

video ever man 4 on the top of the little Bay's that they have here it's

kind of an epic view just to give you like a really good idea of just how big

this circuit is hopefully the drone footage I got before it really shows it

literally like this place is so cool I'm so pumped to come back here when it's

like properly dry and sunny and hot man so good and obviously not been it up in

the corner out there like I did before

you know at first I thought anti-clockwise I preferred that I think

I prefer clockwise now I don't know just from like driving the two today I think

overall I enjoyed clockwise more than anti-clockwise I don't know we'll see

we'll see how it goes on like a nice hot sunny day if my car feels incredibly

different today - it's so much more grouped up it's insane

absolutely love it well it's time to head home hopefully my zip tie repairs

hold up although I'm sure they will because there are cars literally held

together with zip ties such a fun day literally such a fun day

quick PA stop for a snack and a coffee

I got all cash on an American dog American dog it boys she can't take the

kid out of the oven so taking another little break at another PA because I

forgot to put gas in my car luckily we've got the what are they

called all I can think of as a Japanese where's Kaioken Jerry can a little Jerry

can a container of gas in the back 20 liters so I'll pop that in now but one

thing about sunrise circuit and natsu is that it's a little bit further than

Nicko probably another 30 40 minutes or so so when I Drive from Yokohama it

probably with no traffic I could probably get there in like two and a

half hours which really isn't that bad of a driver if I was to be honest

because of all the PAS along the highway you get to stop at Starbucks and things

like that it's really not that bad anyways I'm gonna put some gas in the in

the car but since we just said Starbucks I think it's time we did an isomer

coffee time because it's been a while

yeah went for a mountain emerald emerald man

you know what I'm saying well you guys saw me buy it at the last BA I just

forgot to drink it so good actually it's still warm too actually I just wanted to

say the phrase I'm gonna coffee time now that I've had my ice about a coffee time

stopper this car to get some air some our coffee time so survey says guys

let's have a look how much did that 20 liter Jerry can give me in gas gonna

give me half a tank ya know tee's we were pretty empty good it out

there so I just got hired and I was looking over the in-car footage at the

crash and it looks like I literally just kind of panicked and froze as well as

just made some really bad mistakes in that moment which is fine I I still

haven't like had a lot of those experiences to try and stay calm and

collected and really know what I did I didn't put it into gear I left I put it

into neutral instead of second gear and then when I went to clutch kick to try

and like get the wheel spinning and keep me from going backwards I just bounced

off limiter and then my steering I didn't correct and to keep going back

straight I kind of kept it held lock and then turned it a bit which encouraged

the car once the weight shifted behind to then spin me around so yeah a bunch

of mistakes but pretty normal I think for someone who's only been driving as

much as I have and still needs a lot more experience clearly in those

situations so live and learn that is what it is and with that guys I think

I'm gonna wrap up the video here I really hope you enjoyed it but before

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