Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introduction to the Virtual Choir

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>> ERIC: It all started with this one young girl who sent me this video of herself singing

one of my choral pieces, and I was just struck so hard by it - the beauty, the intimicy of

it, the sweetness of it, and I thought it would be amazing if we could get 100 people

to do this and cut it all together and make a virtual choir. So I then went into the studio

and I conducted in total silence, and I could only hear in my head, and I loaded all of

that up to YouTube, and I sent out a call to singers across the world and the response

was totally overwhelming. We had 185 singers from 12 different countries. It was all about

connecting these people all over the world and these individuals alone, together.


When we did Lux, then I think we really started getting it, so this time we're going to go

back, do Sleep for real. Just the way I always imagined it would be. For me, singing together

and making music together is a fundamental human experience, and I love the idea that

technology can bring people together from all over the world and get people to participate

in this transcending experience.


The Description of Introduction to the Virtual Choir