Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Giving Birth Across Time

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Molly: I head you had a doozy of a delivery, Hester!

Laurel: Oh, it wasn't that bad.

Nothing like the old days!

Megan: Is it true you had a real doctor?

Laurel: Not quite.

When my time drew nigh I sent Jebediah to fetch the doctor, but he got stuck in that

blizzard for 3 days.

So I just laid on the floor of our log cabin and pushed for 42 hours, fainting many times

before young Edward arrived.

I cut the umbilical cord with a scythe, and besides a raging infection that will likely

kill me, all is well!

Megan & Molly: Awwwww!

Megan: Say, I hear your delivery was pretty spiffy, Barb!

Molly: Sure was!

I delivered in a hospital!

Laurel: Nice going!

Thank goodness we're through giving birth at home!

Molly: Holy mackerel, you don't say!

Donald even participated!

Megan: Donald your husband?

Molly: That's right!

He came to the hospital and waited in the smoking lounge while Dr. Evans strapped

me down and gave me the gas.

Then 6 hours later I woke up, and 4 days later I got to hold tiny Linda for the first time!

Laurel: Isn't that the cat's meow!

Molly: I'll say!

Molly: How was your birth, girl?

Laurel: Amazing. We did it at home.

Megan: Oh, cool. Hospitals are so nasty!

Laurel: Right? My doula, midwife, husband, and I created a 5 page birth plan:

No drugs. Water birth. We had the Hamilton soundtrack on the playlist.

And at the last second we decided to stream it on Facebook Live.

Molly: Oh, duh, of course! I watched the whole thing with my co-workers!

Megan: Me too!

My favorite part was when you rushed to the hospital for the emergency C-section.

Laurel: Right? Hashtag YOLO!

Laurel: You can do it, @M29!

Molly: Just one more push!

Megan: (grunting sounds) Ah!

Laurel & Molly: Awwwww!

Molly: Ew. Could you change the eye color to violet?

Megan: Oh yeah. Totally.

Laurel: So much better!

Megan: You guys, giving birth virtually is the best!

Can you believe women ever did this for real??

Molly: How primitive.

Megan: You guys want some virtual placenta?

It's bacon flavored.

Molly & Laurel: Oooh, yeah! Mmm-mmmm.

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