Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tekla Warehouse - Part 6: Modify content

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In this video, you will learn how to modify the title of a content item,

its thumbnail image,

and its search criteria.

To make any changes to a content item or collection,

you must switch on the Editor mode.

We can begin by modifying the title of the content item.

To do so, click "Edit title, move or delete".

You can also move the content item to another collection,

or delete it from Tekla Warehouse.

If you dont want subscribers to get a notification

about the changes you are making,

select the Minor update check box.

Click Save to update the name.

Next we can modify the thumbnail.

Click Edit.

You can either add a new thumbnail for the content item,

or delete the current one.

Let's replace the current thumbnail with a new one.

First, click Add new.

Choose which type of thumbnail file you are adding.

Then click Select file.

Select the image and click Open.

Then click Add.

You can select which image you want to use as the default thumbnail.

Lets set the new image as the default thumbnail.

We can delete the previous thumbnail image.

Click Close to save the changes.

You can also edit information on the different tabs of the content item page.

For example, on the Versions tab,

you can modify version names, content, and compatibility information.

Lets modify the search criteria that helps other users to find the content item.

Go to the Properties tab.

Click Edit search criteria.

Here, you can modify information about product availability,

the available languages and measurement units,

as well as edit tags and keywords.

Again, you can check the Minor update check box

if you dont want subscribers to get a notification about the changes.

When you are ready, click Save.

You can also modify plenty of other details

on the content item or collection page.

Feel free to explore your options

and edit the information to meet your needs.

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