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From where I started, I'm in a great place.

Are you?

BREYON: You know, things have been well between Sundy

and I. The trust level's there.

She feels protected.

She's 110 in, and I'm there too, so.

INTERVIEWER: OK, there is a whole big old world

out there full of people and other distractions.


INTERVIEWER: How will you not let those distractions

interfere with this momentum that you guys are

creating between each other?

I will say, just continuing to communicate with each other.

This is the most--

although we spend a lot of time together,

we're always with other people.

This is a moment where it's kind of like, it's just us.

You know?

It's been working.

If I look in on you this time a year from now,

where am I going to find you guys, hopefully?

BREYON: Hopefully, if I had it my way

to be married, white picket fence, probably a kid--



And a kid.


INTERVIEWER: You want to marry Sundy?

Yeah, I do.


Does she know any of that?

No, she doesn't know anything.


BREYON: I'm just ready to settle down, do all the right things,

and just be the man that I know that I am.

I haven't been that man, but I know that's where I want to be.

INTERVIEWER: That is awesome.

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