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( v ) To be excellent, outstanding. Leather rules when it comes to car interiors.

( adj ) Drunk, intoxicated. We pounded a case of beer last night and, man, was I ruined.

( n ) A small child. I’m just not ready for a steady job and a house full of rug rats.
( np ) Small child. Pam is married now, with two rug rats.

( n ) A toupee, a wig. Is that a rug on his head?

( n ) One of the large, new US bills. I got a rubin at the ATM yesterday.

( n ) Money. I have to stay home tonight: no rubes.

( n ) A clumsy, unsophisticated person from the country. I must have looked like some rube when I signed the contract to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

( n ) A loser, a jerk. Why you being such a rubber?

( v ) To kill. Several members of the competing gang were rubbed out.

( np ) A great destructive unfair act. He got the royal shaft from the principal for cutting so many classes.

( v ) To play rough. OK, you guys. No roughhousing in the living room.

( n ) A person with an excellent car. That dude she goes with is a rough rider with a really slick rod.