The definition of 'bigest' & the word 'bigest' in example sentences or phrases

Adjective satellite
  1. graduation was a big day in his life
very intense
  1. a bad headache
  2. in a big rage
  3. had a big (or bad) shock
  4. a bad earthquake
  5. a bad storm
loud and firm
  1. a big voice
  2. big bold piano sounds
conspicuous in position or importance
  1. a big figure in the movement
  2. big man on campus
  3. he's very large in financial circles
  4. a prominent citizen
  1. big spender
  2. big eater
  3. heavy investor
exhibiting self-importance
  1. big talk
feeling self-importance
  1. too big for his britches
  2. had a swelled head
  3. he was swelled with pride
(of animals) fully developed
  1. an adult animal
  2. a grown woman
marked by intense physical force
  1. a big wind
generous and understanding and tolerant
  1. a heart big enough to hold no grudges
  2. that's very big of you to be so forgiving
  3. a large and generous spirit
  4. a large heart
  5. magnanimous toward his enemies
given or giving freely
  1. was a big tipper
  2. the bounteous goodness of God
  3. bountiful compliments
  4. a freehanded host
  5. a handsome allowance
  6. Saturday's child is loving and giving
  7. a liberal backer of the arts
  8. a munificent gift
  9. her fond and openhanded grandfather
in an advanced stage of pregnancy
  1. was big with child
  2. was great with child
above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
  1. a large city
  2. set out for the big city
  3. a large sum
  4. a big (or large) barn
  5. a large family
  6. big businesses
  7. a big expenditure
  8. a large number of newspapers
  9. a big group of scientists
  10. large areas of the world

Synonyms of the word 'bigest' & Antonyms of the word 'bigest'.

Adjective satellite
Synonymsbig, big, bad, big, big, large, prominent, big, heavy, big, cock-a-hoop, boastful, bragging, self-aggrandising, braggy, crowing, braggart, self-aggrandizing, big, vainglorious, swelled, big, full-grown, adult, grown, fully grown, grownup, big, big, large, magnanimous, big, bighearted, giving, liberal, bounteous, handsome, openhanded, freehanded, bountiful, big, great, enceinte, heavy, expectant, large, gravid, with child,
Synonymsbig, large,
Antonymssmall, little,