The definition of 'gismo' & the word 'gismo' in example sentences or phrases

something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known
  1. she eased the ball-shaped doodad back into its socket
  2. there may be some great new gizmo around the corner that you will want to use
a device or control that is very useful for a particular job

Synonyms of the word 'gismo' & Antonyms of the word 'gismo'.

Synonymsdoodad, doojigger, whatsis, thingmajig, thingumajig, thingummy, widget, gimmick, thingumabob, doohickey, thingmabob, thingamabob, gizmo, whatchamacallit, thingamajig, whatchamacallum, gubbins, contraption, convenience, gadget, gizmo, contrivance, widget, appliance,