The definition of 'glossiest' & the word 'glossiest' in example sentences or phrases

Adjective satellite
(of paper and fabric and leather) having a surface made smooth and glossy especially by pressing between rollers
  1. calendered paper
  2. glossy paper
reflecting light
  1. glistening bodies of swimmers
  2. the horse's glossy coat
  3. lustrous auburn hair
  4. saw the moon like a shiny dime on a deep blue velvet carpet
  5. shining white enamel
superficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense
  1. a glossy TV series

Synonyms of the word 'glossiest' & Antonyms of the word 'glossiest'.

Adjective satellite
Synonymsglossy, calendered, glistening, glossy, lustrous, sheeny, shiny, shining, glossy, showy,